Social Work Educators and SL

Social Work educators Drs. Bob Vernon from Indiana University (SL: Gabrielli Rossini), Darlene Lynch from Ball State University (SL: Helene Stransky), Paul Freddolino from Michigan State (SL: Raoul Congrejo) Lorrie Gardella (SL: Sunny Bamaisin) from St. Joseph College and Susan Tenby from Techsoup (Glitteractica Cookie) presented a panel discussion on using SL with social work students at the Council on Social Work Education’s conference on October 28th. “Avatar 101” issues were discussed, along with the potentials for using SL to teach diversity, behavior, field, research, ethics, policy, justice and risk, and practice. The basic (no movies) PowerPoint can be viewed at Even though the session was in San Francisco on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the room was packed with social work professors from across the country!

Written by: Gabrielli Rossini