Addictions Treatment in VR

“Are services in the virtual world near?” is an article in this months Addiction Professional Magazine, highlighting Preferred Family Healthcare’s work in Second Life. Addiction Professional is the addiction treatment and prevention field’s premier trade journal.

The article focuses on Dick Dillon’s (Coughran Mayo) work at NPC and his organization’s plans for delivering behavioral healthcare and substance abuse treatment in world. It’s a positive article that will reach lots of healthcare leaders and professionals. Click here to read or here

Thanks Coughran for mentioning the National Council! That helps us put a shining light on Second Life and NPC for our members, and helps us all. Yay to the power of networking!

Written by: gale.beckwith

Citizen Government

The recent extraordinary death of a mentally ill person in a Brooklyn psychiatric hospital emergency room is quite ordinary in some ways. Many of the mentally ill on the streets of major cities are ignored. Things are slowly changing however. The public wants to protect Medicaid, care for veterans and give parity to mental healthcare and is taking notice and action.

Perhaps for the first time, thanks in part to electronic communication, we have true democracy. So use your power – the power and potential of “citizen government” – to make comments, write letters and engage with others on the Internet.

On a brighter note (really, you gotta laugh) look at this new machinima video. It’s a reminder that regardless of of age or ability or disability, we once were little, laughing and loving children.

Little Pink Hearts from Gale Beckwith on Vimeo.

Written by: gale.beckwith

Life Happens


Memorable things often happen without planning. Like on March 24 Ludwig van Beethoven died at the age of 56 in Vienna, Austria. Oh yeah, that was in 1827. Something else momentous happened this past Monday, March 24 … and it was LIFE! It was life at NonProfit Commons Aloft. We had a party.

I’m not sure if someone organized it or if the energy just demanded it. Everyone was so excited. I arrived late and the party was really rock’in with AVs flying all over, chatting it up and just having a great time. Anika was positively bubbling over and Kurt was doing an imitation of Top Gun buzzing the tower. In Kenzo even made an appearance and from her attire it was obvious she was not working (hehe). I only wish I knew everyone and could mention their names. Manifest Destiny was there. There was also a handsome cowboy (smiles).

So what brought all of us together? Well, after a dismal week of news out of Tibet, Iraq and uncertainty with the upcoming U.S. elections we were all ready for something silly. What?

FIREWORKS! And it was glorious. Sadly, Kurt Vonnegut and Phillip Dick weren’t there. But for all you live AVs run-n-round Second Life it’s rumored that a second act will follow. Be there.

See video here: YouTube Video 1
and here: YouTube Video 2
(sorry, better quality vids later)

Written by: gale.beckwith