Great online tools for Non-profits: an intro

This is my first blog post for the NPC. In Second Life, I am Laura24 Kiranov, and in real life I am Laura Jones, the Director of Public Relations for HorseNet Horse Rescue. Though I am between full time jobs, I also work as freelance consultant with small businesses and non-profits.

I am always looking for great tools to help with online marketing, social media, PR ,productivity and design. Since our rescue is entirely volunteer run, and our marketing budget is practically non-existent, cost is often just as important as effectiveness to me. I’m sure we aren’t the only non-profit with that concern!

I have been building quite a list of great tools, most of which are free or very low-cost. I’m going to start sharing some of my favorites on the NPC blog – I hope you’ll find something interesting, and share some of your favorite tools too.

I’m hoping to help other NPC tenants with my recommendations, and would love to hear from you if you have questions or want me to cover specific topics. Everything I write is my personal opinion, and it would be great to get others feedback about their experiences using these tools.

Next week I’ll be posting about free tools to help with public relations and media promotion.

Written by: laurajones24