Tagging Tutorials, Part IV, REVVER

REVVER is a video site similar to YouTube.  The company is quite a bit smaller than YouTube.  The number of videos on REVVER is much smaller than on YouTube.  While it is a little guy, REVVER is my preferred video site. 
The small guy is more likely to try and work with content providers.  You can post messages to the forum on REVVER and get a response very quickly.  The REVVER staff are quite likely to email you directly if you have something you need/want to have resolved.
Posting to REVVER is very similar to posting to YouTube.
What are the steps?

  1. You need an account.  Accounts are free.  Go to http://one.revver.com and click on "register" in the top left corner.
  2. Once you have an account, log in and click on "Upload".
  3. REVVER takes the process in reverse of YouTube–first you choose your file (and you can upload mov, mpeg, mp4, asf, avi, DIVX, 3gp and 3g2).  Click on the "Browse" button and after you have selected your file, choose "Upload".
  4. That opens up a "Title", "Description", TAGS, Web Page, Credits, and Age Level.  Click "Save This Video".
  5. Do NOT leave this page until your file has completed uploading.

You can tag during this process or after you have saved your video.  The Nonprofits in Second Life Group are using "NPSL".
One thing to note is that REVVER is highly sensitive of copyright.  They will not post a video that they suspect contains any copyrighted materials.  Background music can cause a video to be rejected.

Written by: Creech

Free non-profit booth space available for Education Conference May 25

Stacy Hasselbacher (Lyra Hammerer in SL) sends along information about an opportunity for non-profits to put up a booth for an upcoming education conference:

As some of you may already know, on May 25th there will be a 24-hour conference: the Second Life International Education Conference: Best Practices in Teaching, Learning, and Research. Nonprofits may each have a 6X6 booth with a 25 prim allowance for free. You need not staff your booth for 24 hours; notecard givers are perfectly acceptable ways of communicating information about your organization.

I am the nonprofit liaison for the event, please feel free to respond if you have any questions or would like to sign up. There is also information on the event’s wiki, located at: http://slbestpractices2007.wikispaces.com/

Written by: rikomatic

How do I find non-profits in SL?

I often get asked "How do you find out what non-profits are active in Second Life?" There is an enormous variety of non-profit, socially conscious, humanitarian and activist actions going on every day, but they are not always easy to find. Given the wide range of activities, there is not one definitive list of non-profits available as far as I know. That's how big Second Life is.

Here are some suggestions of where to start though:

  • Get the TechSoup Non-profit HUD (Heads Up Display): Put on this handy in-world device and you can do your own self-guided tour of the dozens of non-profits that have provided information to TechSoup. This is not comprehensive… yet. But it's definitely a good way to get a snapshot of what's being done out there. You can find it at the TechSoup space on Info Island (teleport SLURL.)
  • Use the SL Event Search function: I like the web version, versus the in-world one. The category "Charity/Support Group" is particularly helpful at narrowing the hundreds of events going on each day.
  • Join the Eventful Group "SL Non-profit Events": I created a group on the calendar website eventful.com that aggregates non-profit events going on in-world. The advantage of eventful groups is that you can subscribe to it as an RSS feed, and download the events to your own Google or iCal or Outlook calendar.
  • Join the SL Non-Profit Email List: This is kind of hard to find on the SL website, but there is a listserv for non-profits active in SL. You can ask questions on the list to others who have year's of experience and tons of non-profit contacts in SL.

I'm sure I've forgotten a few other resources for finding out about non-profits in SL. But these are good places to begin.

Written by: rikomatic