How Does SL Help the Blind?

Interested in accessibility and disability issues? Ever wonder how Second Life can assist people with disabilities?

Join us this Friday, June 11th at 9:30AM SLT for a special presentation by Jolie Mason, the first blind person to ever join Second Life.

She will talk about the personal value she has found in SL, along with Helen Keller’s philosophy on the discussion of ideas to bring about change and awareness. The event is called “Diversity: Why Helen Keller is a Dangerous Hero” and will be held at the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life, accessible here:

Written by: sparker2

We’re a Finalist for the 2010 Linden Prize!

UPDATE:: The winner of the 2010 Linden Prize is the Tech Virtual Museum, set to receive an award of $10,000 USD. Check out the Winner’s Announcement!

Nonprofit Commons in Second Life was recently chosen as one of ten finalists for this year’s Linden Prize, which recognizes outstanding innovation in improving the lives of people both inside and outside the virtual world of SL.

Each Finalist gave a video interview to Treet TV, and we encourage you to view ours here. Watch Our Video Interview with Treet TV for the Linden Prize. TechSoup Online Community Director and Nonprofit Commons Founding Director, Susan Tenby, (avatar name: Glitteractica Cookie) explains the purpose of Nonprofit Commons in Second Life: “We want to lower the barriers of access to this kind of technology, and allow nonprofits to showcase their mission in a way that they can’t do with the 2-D web.”

Thank you to all who have helped to build this community–your hard work has been recognized in a big way! Be sure to check out The Official Second Life Community Blog for coverage of our 2010 Linden Prize nomination. To learn more about the Winner and other Finalists, click here.

Written by: sparker2