Transcript of the Nonprofit Commons Meeting with Keisha Taylor of TechSoup Global for June 29, 2012

Unabridged Transcript

Nonprofit Commons Weekly Meeting

June 29, 2012, 8:30 AM SLT / PST

Plush Nonprofit Commons Amphitheater

8:30 AM Introductions
8:40 AM TechSoup Announcements
8:45 AM Mentors Central
9:00 AM Big Data for Development with Keisha Taylor of TechSoup Global
9:30 AM Open Mic / Announcements


[08:31] Zinnia Zauber: Welcome everyone to the Nonprofit Commons Weekly Meeting!
[08:31] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you for joining us!
[08:31] Zinnia Zauber: I am your Cruise Director, Zinnia!

[08:32] Eliza (eliza.madrigal) smiles

[08:32] Zinnia Zauber: I mean, Community Manager.
[08:32] Zinnia Zauber: Let’s start our meeting off with introductions.
[08:32] Zinnia Zauber: Please share your name, org, location, and
where we can find you on the web.

[08:32] Buffy Beale: Buffy Bye, Bridges for Women, Victoria BC Canada, @bridges4women

[08:33] Gentle Heron: Virtual Ability, Inc.

[08:33] Chayenn: Monique Richert., Protect Yourself 1, Inc.,
Baltimore, Maryland, PY1.US , , @PY1US

[08:33] Carl Solutionary (carlicann): Carl Icann For Rockcliffe U, Etopia, &
Feed-A-Smile: At 8am slt every Sunday, I lead Humane Education Drum
Circles – Now with Poetry!

[08:33] alebez: Ale Bezdikian, Online Community Coordinator, TechSoup,
SF, Ca. @TechSoup, @alebez

[08:33] Brena Benoir: Brenda Bryan, Preferred Family Heatlhcare,
Kirksville, Missouri,, @brenabenoir

[08:33] Adalace Jewell: RoSa Library Brussels, Belgium @adalace

[08:33] Zinnia Zauber: Renne Emiko Brock-Richmond, Sequim Humanities
and Arts Alliance, Sequim, Olympic Peninsula, Washington. @renneemiko

[08:33] Panny Bakerly:; @FrptHisSoc

[08:34] Magic Pathfinder (any1.gynoid): Magic Pathfinder
(any1.gynoid), Faculty at New Citizens Inc (NCI), Teaching hands-on
Artificial Intelligence and Pathfinding in Second Life – More Info:

[08:34] Eliza (eliza.madrigal): appreciator of amazing folks here,
sociology esearch assistant, kira institute volunteer, Miami, FL,

[08:34] Ethelred Weatherwax: Dave Dexter, Neenah Historical Society,
Wisconsin USA

[08:34] Zinnia Zauber: Welcome everyone! More introductions?

[08:35] bulaklak: Michael DeLong, Senior Manager Online Community and
Social Meida, TechSoup Global, San Francisco,,
@MichaelDeLongSF @TechSoup

[08:35] Buffy Beale: hi jac 🙂

[08:36] Zinnia Zauber: I bet we have more. 🙂 lease share your name,
org, location, and where we can find you on the web.
[08:36] Zinnia Zauber: missed my P there!
[08:36] Zinnia Zauber: Please!

[08:37] Glitteractica Cookie: Susan Tenby, Online Community Director,
TechSoup Global, San Francisco, CA USA @suzboop @techsoup

[08:37] Zinnia Zauber: Super!
[08:37] Zinnia Zauber: Here is today’s Agenda…
[08:37] Zinnia Zauber: AGENDA
8:30 AM Introductions
8:40 AM TechSoup Announcements
8:45 AM Mentors Central
9:00 AM Big Data for Development with Keisha Taylor of TechSoup Global
9:30 AM Open Mic/ Announcements
[08:38] Zinnia Zauber: More introductions?

[08:38] Dancers Yao: Kara Bennett, Elder Voices, Los Angeles, CA
Health Care and Human Rights

[08:39] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you everyone!
[08:39] Zinnia Zauber: Get ready for the big list of links!
[08:40] Zinnia Zauber: Here are the many ways to can get involved with
the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life:

Nonprofit Commons blog:



Google Group:

Google Calendar:


About TechSoup:

Join us inworld:

Nonprofit Commons Weekly Meeting: Fridays, 8:30 – 10 AM Plush
Amphitheater Plush Nonprofit Commons (88,126,26)

Nonprofit Commons Mentors Meeting: Fridays, 10:10 – 11 AM Plush
Amphitheater Plush Nonprofit Commons (88,126,26)

[08:40] Zinnia Zauber: Weekly Networking Event: Tuesdays, Wharf Ratz
Tuesday Night Extraordinary Dance Extravaganza, Preferred Family
Healthcare, 7 – 9 PM SLT Aloft Nonprofit Commons (160,229,23)

Monthly Networking Event: 3rd Thursday, CommonGround, Aloft, 5 – 7 PM SLT
Aloft Nonprofit Commons (84,64,25)

TechSoup Announcements

[08:40] Zinnia Zauber: Okay! Let’s Get going with TechSoup Announcements!
[08:41] Zinnia Zauber: bulaklak take it away!

[08:41] bulaklak: Hi, folks!

[08:41] Glitteractica Cookie: hi bulaklak

[08:41] Buffy Beale: yay bulaklak

[08:42] bulaklak: A few quick TechSoup announcements today.
[08:42] bulaklak: TOMORROW is the last day of our fiscal year, and
therefor the last day for many of our programs during which you can
order your 2011 allotment of software.
[08:42] bulaklak: It starts over on July 1, so don’t worry.
[08:43] bulaklak: But you just may be able to get MORE by ordering
both before AND after that date.
[08:43] bulaklak: Our tech writer Patrick Duggan explains it all here
[08:43] bulaklak:

[08:43] Ethelred Weatherwax: I’ve placed my order!

[08:44] bulaklak: In case you ever wanted to know how to get more out
of TechSoup — there’s a lot we can do for you! — we have a helpful
free webinar coming up.
[08:44] bulaklak: Called none other than How to Get the Most out of TechSoup
[08:44] bulaklak:
[08:45] bulaklak: That is on July 12
[08:45] bulaklak: So you may remember over the last few weeks me
mentioning the Microsoft Local Impact Map
[08:46] bulaklak: I introduced you to our newest teammate Bea Dominguez
[08:46] bulaklak: You probably remember that she was having some
serious rezzing issues!
[08:46] bulaklak: We’re still trying to work those out so she can be
more than a floating head in water.

[08:46] Glitteractica Cookie: her avatar name is trichetriche

[08:47] bulaklak: Anyway, she is gathering stories for the Local
Impact Map which demonstrate all the ways social benefit orgs use
technology to fulfull their missions
[08:47] bulaklak: We’ll have her do a full presentation soon, but in
the meantime, be thinking about stories you might want to share with

[08:47] Zinnia Zauber: Will she be interested in the stories we just
showcased at SL9B?

[08:48] bulaklak: You can also check out this article about the tool
we are using to present the stories here
[08:48] bulaklak:
[08:48] bulaklak: Microsoft wrote about it on their Corporate Citizen blog
[08:48] bulaklak: Zinnia, I am sure she would be.

[08:48] Glitteractica Cookie: yes, Zinnia

[08:48] bulaklak: We will also be launching a community newsletter, so
there’s places for lots of stories.

[08:49] Zinnia Zauber: Super! “Wishes Granted” is an ongoing project
for us at the Nonprofit Commons.

[08:49] bulaklak: Well I think that is it for today.

[08:49] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you!

[08:49] bulaklak: Did everyone see Glitter’s new outfit?

[08:50] Eliza (eliza.madrigal) zooms

[08:50] alebez: omg, yes. looking good, glitter.

[08:50] Zinnia Zauber: Stunning!

[08:50] Glitteractica Cookie: This old thing??

[08:50] Glitteractica Cookie: 😉
[08:50] Zinnia Zauber: lol

[08:50] Magic Pathfinder (any1.gynoid): Let’s go belly dancing! Eeep!

Mentors Central
[08:50] Zinnia Zauber: Okay, Mentors Central!
[08:51] Zinnia Zauber: First, a reminder that we have the Mentors
Meeting after this meeting to help you out!

[08:51] Eliza (eliza.madrigal): haha

[08:51] Zinnia Zauber: Second, many thanks to everyone that supported
the SL9B exhibit for the Nonprofit Commons!
[08:51] Zinnia Zauber: Who got their new wings there?

[08:51] Brena Benoir: /raises hand

[08:52] Zinnia Zauber: Yay!

[08:52] Gentle Heron: It was fun taking people around all the exhibits.

[08:52] Zinnia Zauber: These grid wide community events are very important.
[08:52] Zinnia Zauber: Even a great learning experience, right Gentle?

[08:52] Gentle Heron chuckles

[08:52] Buffy Beale: nice job Zinnia it looked great

[08:53] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you, Buffy!
[08:53] Zinnia Zauber: Our goal is to keep added more books to the
“Wishes Granted” project.
[08:53] Zinnia Zauber: So, I hope that you will join us in the future
and share your story of positive impact.
[08:54] Zinnia Zauber: Third, last week Jen mentioned our goal to have
more workshops.
[08:54] Zinnia Zauber: We all know that you have to lead by example. Right?
[08:55] Zinnia Zauber: So we are putting together a list of those
ideas and instructors.
[08:55] Zinnia Zauber: What would be wonderful is if you send me or
any of the Mentors a notecard with ideas and contacts.
[08:56] Zinnia Zauber: Here are some ideas that were brought up.
[08:56] Zinnia Zauber: How to create a nonprofit
How to create a tax exempt in the US
NPC Office Operations
NPC Community Development
Nonprofit Governance
Doing Presentations in SL
Marketing Your Organization
How to create an event
[08:56] Zinnia Zauber: Some of these we have covered during past
Mentor Centrals.
[08:57] Zinnia Zauber: So, that leads to today’s lesson!

[08:57] Glitteractica Cookie: it would be great if we could start to
bring in topics we’ve done webinarson at TechSoup and have an extended
workshop here… for example social media marketing of events comes to
[08:57] Glitteractica Cookie: What do you think, Bulaklak and Alebez?
[08:57] Glitteractica Cookie: just an idea
[08:57] alebez: i think that’s a good echo

[08:58] Zinnia Zauber: Great, Glitter.
[08:58] Zinnia Zauber: We have discussed having some sessions other
times, so those might be the right fit for sure.
[08:58] Zinnia Zauber: And, it would give more Techsoup staff access
to Second Life.

[08:58] Glitteractica Cookie: nice, let’s discuss the logistics later

[08:58] Zinnia Zauber: Super!
[08:59] Zinnia Zauber: Okay, so how to create a notecard.
[08:59] Zinnia Zauber: How many of you know how to create a notecard?

[08:59] Gentle Heron nods.

[08:59] Panny Bakerly raises her hand

[08:59] Coughran Mayo raises hand

[08:59] Eliza (eliza.madrigal): yes

[08:59] Zinnia Zauber: Why is important to use notecards?

[08:59] Gentle Heron: Because the message persists!

[08:59] Zinnia Zauber: Right!

[08:59] Coughran Mayo: durable communication

[08:59] Panny Bakerly: I cant rely on my memory…

[09:00] Zinnia Zauber: lol Penny

[09:00] Gentle Heron: Very good point, Panny.

[09:00] Coughran Mayo: consistent instructions

[09:00] Zinnia Zauber: How many of you use notecards in your offices
or comm with others?

[09:00] Panny Bakerly: I do

[09:00] Gentle Heron does.

[09:00] Coughran Mayo: yes
[09:01] Coughran Mayo: notecard giver scripts are valuable

[09:01] Zinnia Zauber: Excellent!
[09:01] Zinnia Zauber: very!
[09:01] Zinnia Zauber: What can you put into a notecard?

[09:01] Gentle Heron: in addition to text, you can insert stuff like
landmarks, objects, other notecards…..

[09:01] Zinnia Zauber: Right!

[09:02] Gentle Heron: can’t insert calling cards, I found out.

[09:02] Zinnia Zauber: So, a notecard is more that just text.
[09:02] Zinnia Zauber: It will not get capped, like so many IMs and notices do.
[09:02] Zinnia Zauber: I find that I use notecards to keep notes for
myself, like Panny.

[09:02] Magic Pathfinder (any1.gynoid): the objects must be full perms
before you can copy to notecard… fyi

[09:03] Zinnia Zauber: I also use them to communicate with others.

[09:03] Buffy Beale: We have a notecard giver at Bridges too

[09:03] Gentle Heron nods to any1

[09:03] Zinnia Zauber: Right, Magic!

[09:03] Zinnia Zauber: Full Perms!
[09:03] Zinnia Zauber: I am always chanting Full Perms to my students.
[09:04] Zinnia Zauber: So, very quick, now that our speaker has arrived.
[09:04] Zinnia Zauber: when you open your inventory
[09:04] Zinnia Zauber: you will see the little plus at the bottom
[09:04] Zinnia Zauber: You click on that and choose New Notecard
[09:04] Zinnia Zauber: You can title it right away

[09:05] KeishaTaylor: Hi everyone

[09:05] Zinnia Zauber: If you missed a chance to, it will just be
called New Note.
[09:05] Zinnia Zauber: Welcome Keisha!
[09:05] Zinnia Zauber: Let’s get you started, please have a seat.

[09:05] KeishaTaylor: I think I am still loading 🙂

[09:05] Zinnia Zauber: okay
[09:05] Zinnia Zauber: Please push the stand button at the bottom of
your screen.
[09:06] Zinnia Zauber: Then you can aim to sit up here with me.
[09:06] Zinnia Zauber: So, once you have a new notecard, start typing!
[09:06] Zinnia Zauber: Remember to save!
[09:06] Zinnia Zauber: Okay
[09:06] Zinnia Zauber: That is it!

Big Data for Development with Keisha Taylor of TechSoup Global

[09:06] Glitteractica Cookie: Welcome Keisha! How’s the weather in
London for you this evening?

[09:07] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you for joining us Keisha!

[09:07] KeishaTaylor: Well it started off cold and rainy, but now the
sun is shining 🙂

[09:07] jacmacaire Humby: I’m really sorry to go already.. I have to
run.. A very nice week-end to all..

[09:07] Zinnia Zauber: I posted two of your websites you gave me up on
the front.
[09:07] Zinnia Zauber: Take care Jac!

[09:07] KeishaTaylor: ok Thanks Zinna

[09:07] jacmacaire Humby: Thanks Zinnia.. Bye

[09:08] KeishaTaylor: Hi everyone

[09:08] Gentle Heron: Hello Keisha.

[09:09] Dancers Yao: welcome

[09:09] Buffy Beale: welcome Keisha 🙂

[09:09] KeishaTaylor: Today I am just going to talk a little about
‘big data’ and what this means for nonprofits. Do you know what ‘big
data’ is?

[09:09] Serene Jewell: Data that won’t fit on my little computer?
[09:10] Serene Jewell: 🙂

[09:10] Buffy Beale: lol Serene

[09:10] KeishaTaylor: @ Serene – that is where the cloud comes in!

[09:11] Serene Jewell: Honestly, I hear the term all the time but have
never thought about exactly what it means. I assumed it means big

[09:13] KeishaTaylor: well big data refers to digital data which can
come from the sensors on products you use to your gps, mobile phones,
social media data
[09:13] KeishaTaylor: apologies my computer is a bit slow. I wish i could talk!
[09:13] KeishaTaylor: 🙂

[09:13] Panny Bakerly: do you mean multi-media data?

[09:14] Zinnia Zauber: We are all supporting you here, Keisha.

[09:14] Eliza (eliza.madrigal): 🙂

[09:14] Glitteractica Cookie: You are doing great keisha

[09:15] KeishaTaylor: that an much more. You are contributing to big
data right now

[09:15] Magic Pathfinder (any1.gynoid): I am reading the wikipedia
page… I think big data means data sets that are much larger than a
single database on a single system can feasibly run…. so big data
must run in a different architecture… entirely… parallel and
distributed… like Google uses to do instant searches of the entire

[09:16] Glitteractica Cookie: interesting… thx for reading that to us

[09:16] KeishaTaylor: your mobile phones are saying where you ar. i
recommend reading Mc Kinsey’s report on big data for a better
[09:17] KeishaTaylor: though it is not nonprofit specific it does
delve into what big data is.
[09:17] KeishaTaylor: big data can be used for development because
when all this data is gathered over time it can help in understanding
what is need and where and by whom.
[09:18] KeishaTaylor: do you kbnow Ushahidi?

[09:19] Gentle Heron: no

[09:19] Panny Bakerly: I don’t.

[09:19] Magic Pathfinder (any1.gynoid):

[09:19] KeishaTaylor: they have developed technology which is being
used to track what is going on in real-time and respond to disasters

[09:19] Buffy Beale: I know of it yes, a tracking site for stats in a
way, such as an emergency

[09:20] KeishaTaylor: @magic then there is also Google flu trends.
that uses big data (in this case from Google to look at if there may
be a flu outbreak
[09:21] KeishaTaylor: at the internation level the UN Global Pulse is
also looking into working on data philanthropy. they want
coorporations to give data that they gather when people use their
technology to solve global and community problems

[09:22] Magic Pathfinder (any1.gynoid): yes, that’s right… data such
as purchases of over-the-counter drugs are tracked and analyzed.. for
disease outbreaks… similar apps in agriculture … BioSurveillance

[09:22] KeishaTaylor:

[09:22] Panny Bakerly: Are there any privacy issues there?

[09:22] Gentle Heron: HAHAHA sure Panny, but “they” know you asked that!

[09:23] KeishaTaylor: @panny – there are privacy issues

[09:23] Eliza (eliza.madrigal) laughs

[09:23] KeishaTaylor:…

[09:23] Magic Pathfinder (any1.gynoid): most of the public data sets
are de-identified… all privacy info removed

[09:24] KeishaTaylor: a supermarket sent information to a girl who was
pregnant before she even told her parents because the track purchases
and target customers based on this

[09:24] bulaklak: I remember that story.
[09:25] bulaklak: They sent her diaper and formula coupons.

[09:25] KeishaTaylor: @magic a lot of it is de-identfied – but there
is a possiblity that the more people provide data t more easily it is
to reidentify people

[09:25] Panny Bakerly: guess they lost a customer

[09:26] KeishaTaylor: which is why nonprofits need to start small and
engage with their communities. find out what problems they want to
solve and then work to get data which can help them address it

[09:26] Magic Pathfinder (any1.gynoid): some companies are taking
voter records and matching them with di-identified data… to
re-identify you… theoretically … they can always do that.. it’s
the “statistical database problem”

[09:27] Eliza (eliza.madrigal): wow

[09:27] KeishaTaylor: for sure there will be a lot of use of data for
the upcoming US elections
[09:28] KeishaTaylor:…

[09:28] Serene Jewell: Is there a set of big data that allows regular
people to track the companies that are tracking us?

[09:28] KeishaTaylor: this now brings me to open data

[09:28] Buffy Beale: good question Serene

[09:30] KeishaTaylor: there are tools that can be used to gather and
track big data, but not really to track the companies that are
tracking us

[09:30] Magic Pathfinder (any1.gynoid): there are about 20,000
Internet tracking companies…. huge industry…
[09:30] Magic Pathfinder (any1.gynoid): invisible… muwah

[09:31] KeishaTaylor: the open data movement is aiming fo r as much
transparency and openess as possible though. Governments have started
releaseing data in downloadable formats so people can do interesting
things with it.
[09:32] KeishaTaylor: you can have a look at what data is available
from your government online. Have a look here for some resources

[09:32] Magic Pathfinder (any1.gynoid): Wikipedia.. about Open Data

[09:33] KeishaTaylor: you can take the opportunity to find out if
there is information there that can help you. that you can combine
with your own data to visualise and tell compelling stories
[09:33] KeishaTaylor: some of the apps that you might use are being
built from the governments open data
[09:33] KeishaTaylor: and from crowdsourc
[09:34] KeishaTaylor: crowdsourcing
[09:34] KeishaTaylor: do you know what crowdsourcing is?

[09:34] Magic Pathfinder (any1.gynoid): wikipedia is example

[09:34] Gentle Heron: “the wisdom of the crowd”

[09:36] KeishaTaylor: yes people can sometimes find things to do with
your data that you never could have dreamt about.
[09:36] KeishaTaylor: i think i am out of time now. i only just
scratched the surface

[09:36] Magic Pathfinder (any1.gynoid): are there cloud resources
available to nonprofits? like hadoop installations?

[09:36] Buffy Beale: interesting topic Keisha thanks

[09:36] KeishaTaylor: ican send you some stuff on this

[09:37] bulaklak: I think the challenge for a lot of nonprofits will
be to have someone on staff who can wade through all the data the
gov’t releases and parse it, know what is valuable, and figure out how
to make it useful.

[09:37] KeishaTaylor: and if you send me any questions. Hadoop is one
popular toole

[09:37] Serene Jewell: Thank you for the links, Keisha, they are very

[09:37] KeishaTaylor: @bulaklak that is true

[09:37] bulaklak: that will likely become a new track within nonprofit
communications careers.

[09:37] Magic Pathfinder (any1.gynoid): yes great talk… I learned
alot… thank you!

[09:37] bulaklak: yes, really enjoyed this talk, Keisha!

[09:38] Magic Pathfinder (any1.gynoid): <— may want to teach a class
on this some day!

[09:38] Buffy Beale: yay a1 that would be great

[09:38] bulaklak: You are welcome to come back here any time and give
us more information as it becomes available.

[09:38] Gentle Heron: Thanks Keisha. How do you anticipate nonprofits
using this massive amount of data?

[09:38] KeishaTaylor: i will send you some information ia Zinnia

[09:38] Zinnia Zauber: Perfect
[09:38] Zinnia Zauber: We can post that on the blog with links.
[09:38] Zinnia Zauber: There is so much! Right?

[09:39] Ethelred Weatherwax: Buklak — the challenge for many
non-profits is that they have no staff, much less a dedicated IT

[09:39] bulaklak: @Magic that would be great. I think a lot of us
nonprofits communications professionals would like to know more about
how to read and use data effectively but don’t know where to start.

[09:39] KeishaTaylor: they have to think small i think, and make sure
that the data they need is part of the big data landscape

[09:39] Buffy Beale: how true Eth it sure is in my case

[09:39] Gentle Heron agrees with Ethelred.

[09:39] KeishaTaylor: i can also send a list of free visualisation tools

[09:39] Zinnia Zauber: great!

[09:39] bulaklak: We’ve been trained in how to influence the media but
this is a whole other ballgame.

[09:40] KeishaTaylor: andme other practcal information. I think my
time is up. but if you have any final questions let me know

[09:40] Zinnia Zauber: Keisha is a wealth of data herself!

[09:40] bulaklak: Yes!

[09:40] Zinnia Zauber: Any questions before we go to Open Mic?

[09:40] Serene Jewell: Thanks so much for the info, Keisha.

[09:41] KeishaTaylor: Thank you guys for listening! I really enjoyed
it. It is my first time too!

[09:41] Glitteractica Cookie: Keisha, please come back to a future NPC meeting

[09:41] bulaklak: Yes, thank you, Keisha. And please do come back
again. We’d love to hear more whenever you would like to stop by.

[09:41] Zinnia Zauber: Super!

[09:41] Buffy Beale: yay Keisha come join the fun here too at the gatherings

[09:41] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you very much Keisha!

[09:41] Dancers Yao: thanks…very helpful

[09:41] Zinnia Zauber: She did great just starting yesterday in SL.

[09:42] Glitteractica Cookie: amazing

[09:42] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you so much!

[09:42] Zinnia Zauber: Okay!

[09:42] Buffy Beale: lol I’ll say, even sitting can be difficult so
well done Keisha!

[09:42] KeishaTaylor: @buffy it did take a while to sort out how to sit!
[09:42] KeishaTaylor: at least i still have myclothes on

[09:43] Buffy Beale: lol me too when I started.. sitting I mean

Open Mic / Announcements

[09:43] Zinnia Zauber: Who has an Open Mic Announcement?

[09:43] Buffy Beale: Hand up

[09:43] Zinnia Zauber: Super, Buffy! Go for it!

[09:44] Buffy Beale: thanks Z
[09:44] Buffy Beale: I think the NPC is coming up to our 5th
anniversary and wondered if we would like to have a grand, the
grandest of all events?
[09:44] Buffy Beale: or is it 6, I forget now
[09:45] Buffy Beale: just putting it out there for discussion as the
time goes quickly

[09:45] Zinnia Zauber: Good idea

[09:45] Buffy Beale: that’s all I wanted to say but it would be nice
to mark the celebration

[09:46] Zinnia Zauber: Yes, when would that be?

[09:46] Buffy Beale: I think it’s in August?

[09:46] Brena Benoir: Sounds right Buffy
[09:46] Brena Benoir: Maybe a ball or something?

[09:46] Zinnia Zauber: Yes, a big ball.

[09:46] Buffy Beale: sure that would be fun

[09:47] Zinnia Zauber: It would be important that everyone be part of it.

[09:47] Buffy Beale: we can talk about it at the mentor’s meeting

[09:47] Brena Benoir: are there others that would interested in being
part of the team to make that happen?

[09:48] Zinnia Zauber: Yes, it needs to be a team.
[09:48] Zinnia Zauber: Anyone want to join Buffy on this important event?

[09:48] Buffy Beale: any1 did a great session once on how to organize an event

[09:48] Brena Benoir: TEAM=Together Everyone Accomplishes More

[09:48] Buffy Beale: maybe we could get a repeat of that
[09:49] Buffy Beale: The NPC is what we make of it not just show up
and sit our avatars for a few hours once a week

[09:49] Brena Benoir: I would be willing to be part of a team to help
put a celebration together

[09:49] Zinnia Zauber: Yes, let’s get some words and dates figured out
and make a call for help.

[09:49] Buffy Beale: and it always seems to be the same people so it
would be great if we could see some new faces helping

[09:50] Zinnia Zauber: Glitter, don’t you think this would be a boom
for marketing TechSoup?

[09:50] Buffy Beale: ok Z sounds great

[09:51] Glitteractica Cookie: sorry, missed that

[09:51] Buffy Beale: maybe we could add this to the MOU… participate
on at least one team for an event lol

[09:51] Zinnia Zauber: Yes, good idea

[09:51] Brena Benoir: I think that sounds like a good idea Buffy

[09:51] Zinnia Zauber: We are discussing celebrating NPC’s birthday in August.

[09:51] Buffy Beale: I do understand time is hard for a lot of folks,
me included lately so no pressure

[09:52] Zinnia Zauber: I think it would be a great marketing moment
for the orgs and TechSoup.

[09:52] Brena Benoir: It’s also a great opportunity to forge more
networks and friendships as well

[09:52] Zinnia Zauber: Just checking, does anyone else have an announcement?

[09:52] Glitteractica Cookie: We could talk more about the idea later,
and look into options. I’m not sure about timing with all the other
stuff we are doing in August right now, but i’m open to looking into

[09:52] Zinnia Zauber: Okay, great!

[09:53] Buffy Beale: we could make it in September, the idea is not to
let it pass without celebrating it

[09:53] Zinnia Zauber: yes we could

[09:53] Eliza (eliza.madrigal): Thanks Zinnia, everyone :::waves::::

[09:53] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you Eliza!

[09:53] Buffy Beale: bye Eliza

[09:53] Eliza (eliza.madrigal): bye for now

[09:53] Zinnia Zauber: take care
[09:53] Zinnia Zauber: Okay
[09:54] Zinnia Zauber: Let’s go with our links to connect and events to attend!

[09:54] Chayenn: i would love to be part of but for now PY1 is
preparing to be part of the world aids conference July 22 to 27

[09:54] Zinnia Zauber: Here are the many ways to can get involved with
the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life:

Nonprofit Commons blog:



Google Group:

Google Calendar:


About TechSoup:
[09:54] Zinnia Zauber: Join us inworld:

Nonprofit Commons Weekly Meeting: Fridays, 8:30 – 10 AM Plush
Amphitheater Plush Nonprofit Commons (88,126,26)

Nonprofit Commons Mentors Meeting: Fridays, 10:10 – 11 AM Plush
Amphitheater Plush Nonprofit Commons (88,126,26)

Weekly Networking Event: Tuesdays, Wharf Ratz Tuesday Night
Extraordinary Dance Extravaganza, Preferred Family Healthcare, 7 – 9
PM SLT Aloft Nonprofit Commons (160,229,23)

Monthly Networking Event: 3rd Thursday, CommonGround, Aloft, 5 – 7 PM SLT
Aloft Nonprofit Commons (84,64,25)

[09:54] Zinnia Zauber: This was a great meeting!

[09:54] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you everyone for being part of the discussion!
[09:55] Zinnia Zauber: We have the Mentors Meeting after this.
[09:55] Zinnia Zauber: Does anyone have anything else to add?

[09:55] Glitteractica Cookie: ok, bye all!
[09:55] Glitteractica Cookie: thanks

[09:55] Zinnia Zauber: Take care!

– end of line –

Written by: Zinnia Zauber

Big Data Use For Development with Keisha Taylor of TechSoup Global for June 29 Nonprofit Commons Weekly Meeting

This Friday, June 29, Keisha Taylor of TechSoup Global will be joining us at the Nonprofit Commons to talk about the use of data for development by charities and TechSoup Global’s recent seminar “Transforming your charity by bringing your data to life with the Guardian”… . And, its related Guardian Report – Getting to grips with Big Data… , as well as some issues raised in the Guardian Activate Summit in London

Nonprofit Commons Weekly Meeting

June 29, 2012, 8:30 AM SLT / PST

Plush Nonprofit Commons Amphitheater


8:30 AM Introductions

8:40 AM TechSoup Announcements

8:45 AM Mentors Central

9:00 AM Big Data for Development with Keisha Taylor of TechSoup Global

9:30 AM Open Mic/ Announcements

About Keisha:

Keisha’s interests lies in the use of ICT and data for development, data communications, digital inclusion and data privacy and protection. She is a Communications Manager at TechSoup Global, and for its GuideStar International programme in London. She has studied Internet Governance and ICT Policy through the IGCB Programme hosted by the DiploFoundation and has actively participated in the UN’s Internet Governance Forums (IGF). Other programmes she has worked on included a web based project, which encouraged community groups to think of resources as more than money by using an asset based community development approach. She has an MA in International Relations from the Universiteit van Amsterdam in the Netherlands and a BSc. in Sociology from the University of the West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago.

Written by: Zinnia Zauber

Join Us for TechSoup Global Summit Panel: Wednesday April 29, 9:30 – 12 PM SLT

Donor Day at TechSoup Global Partner Summit

9:30 – 12 p.m. (PDT) Wednesday April 29

The Donor Day Program

The overarching theme for the day is a “modest” one: Building the technology infrastructure for social
change: An end-to-end perspective.

The agenda:

9:30a – 10:45a Pacific (16:30 – 17:45 UTC) Opening Plenary Panel: Core Issues, Hurdles and Opportunities
Panelists: David Barnard, Rufina Fernandes, Doug Jacquier, John Fung and, moderator, Daniel Ben- Horin

We will ask four of the most experienced nonprofit capacity builders in the world to paint a nuanced and candid picture of the issues impacting the deployment of technology for social change in diverse areas of the globe.

11:00a – 12:15p Pacific (18:00 – 19:15 UTC) Opening Plenary (continued): Response through Three Expert Lenses
Panelists: Clara Miller, Joaquin Alvarado, Rebecca Masisak and, moderator, Daniel Ben-Horin

We will ask Clara, Joaquin and Rebecca to reflect on the morning’s discussion through the prisms of • the Social Capital Marketplace, • the Next Generation of Internet technology and • the Experience and Plans of the TechSoup Global Network.

See here for for further details on the event and panelists

This gathering is being held as a part of a 3-day Summit that is bringing our 50 global partners together.

How You Can Participate:

See and hear the panel live
To view the panel live, you will need Apple QuickTime installed on your computer. If you do not already have QuickTime, you can download it for free.

Once you are ready to view video and audio of the live panels, go to the Nonprofit Commons website where a live link for the panel will be available.

All you need to do is click on the link and you will be able to see and hear the proceedings.
Here is how you can make comments and ask questions that will be relayed to the panel moderator.

Submit comments/questions to the panel by email:

Send an email with “TSG Summit Panel Question” in the subject and your question, your name and your organization in the body of the message to

Chat live with other viewers and submit comments/questions:

If you have difficulty sending email or wish to expand your options, you may join a web chat of other people watching the panel live. No registration is required.

When asking a question for the panel, we ask you start your question with a “?” question mark so we can see it easily.

View the panel and submit comments/questions in a 3D virtual world:

We will be live streaming the event on Second Life, so you can view and submit comments/questions there.

You can teleport directly to the event with video and discussion. Push play on the bottom of the screen to start video.

Please direct your comments/questions via text chat or IM to Penguin Kuhn, and include your name and organization.

Written by: Beth J. Bates