“Virtual Vision 2020 – a community plan for Second Life” with Pam Broviak / Pam Renoir for August 17 Meeting

Nonprofit Commons Weekly Meeting
August 17, 2012, 8:30 AM SLT / PST
Plush Nonprofit Commons Amphitheater

On Friday August 17, Pam Broviak / Pam Renoir is going to discuss Virtual Vision 2020, an initiative to develop a plan for the Second Life community. Pam is a licensed professional engineer with 30 years of experience in public works, most of which was spent working in local government. Since joining Second Life in late 2006, she has been exploring how to leverage virtual world technology in delivering engineering and government services. Recently she has been facilitating plans for virtual communities by applying planning concepts traditionally used for physical spaces.



8:30 AM Introductions

8:40 AM TechSoup Announcements

8:45 AM Mentors Central

9:55 “Virtual Vision 2020 – a community plan for Second Life” with Pam Broviak / Pam Renoir

9:30 AM Open Mic / Announcements


Written by: Zinnia Zauber

“Dropping Knowledge: How Virtual World Educators are Changing Real Lives” This Monday, November 17

On Monday, November 17, from 3-5PM PST, come to the first virtual conference sponsored by RezEd.org, the social network for virtual world educators, taking place in the Justice Center (click here to teleport). The event will feature a panel discussion of leading educators and researchers working in virtual world education, a “birds of a feather” breakout session, and social mixer for letting our virtual hair down!

Head to RezEd.org for updates and more info!

Written by: rikomatic

New Report! Nonprofits in Second Life: Promoting Causes Inside Second Life for Real World Impact

Techsoup.org has just published the latest study on the benefits, impact, challenges and opportunities of nonprofits in Second Life at: http://npsl.wikispaces.com/Validation-+Nonprofits+in+SL

Written by Anika Pastorelli (Sandy Bettger) of GCN, this report represents a collaborative effort among 12 nonprofits, TechSoup and NPC volunteers in capturing, analyzing and presenting the benefits and impact of nonprofits in a virtual world. We hope the study will help all nonprofits in SL to strengthen their rationale and strategy, promote their causes and achieve greater impact.

Below is the abstract:

Nonprofits across the globe have successfully established a virtual community in Second Life (SL) via Nonprofit Commons (NPC), a two-island community managed by TechSoup and populated with almost 80 nonprofits. While NPC is but one of 11 identified “nodes” or centers of nonprofits operating in SL, it is the largest and most prominent in SL, so it is the focus of this study. A recurring concern of nonprofit boards, members and other stakeholders is to determine the benefit of participating in a virtual community environment and the ultimate impact of that participation on their real-world missions and causes. Based on interviews with NPC nonprofit representatives, this study examines the benefits and impact of operating in just such a virtual nonprofit community. The findings are that benefits exist for nonprofits, and that the impact of participation spans more than 10 areas of relevance to nonprofit real-world missions. The results include quantitative data that ranks the relative value of different impact areas on real-life missions and that captures fundraising achievements to date as well as qualitative outcomes and anecdotal examples of impact. The author takes one step beyond the study findings and explores the challenges and future opportunities for nonprofits in SL positioning themselves with respect to technological trends and their new audience (the younger “digital” generations), cost savings and environmental benefits. These research results and future considerations provide a strong rationale for the participation of nonprofits in a virtual community.

Comments/Questions: IM Anika Pastorelli in-world or email sbettger1@msn.com

Written by: GCN

Vote for the Nonprofit Commons crew with Second Life Homelessness Mash-up, Transitions project for Mash-up challenge

Today, in the Nonprofit Commons weekly meeting, a group of Nonprofit Commons members (entire project team was not at meeting, but it is: In Kenzo, Ozma Malibu, Rhiannon Chatnoir, Kali Idziak, Amulius Lioncourt and others) discussed their Mash-up Challenge project. I am voting for this project, and I am endorsing them.

The Transition project’s mission is to combat homelessness and to help those in transition envision a real life situation where they will have a home. To that end, the homeless participants will build their virtual homes, the 40 virtual world participants will be able to tell us whether they feel closer to being able to design a real-life reality that includes a home. The mash-up will work with Second Life and other web tools to create a homelessness resource portal for finding local service providers quickly, a widget tool flexible enough to import and embed across webspaces and virtual worlds.

Their findings will help determine whether virtual worlds like Second Life are an appropriate tool for people to use in redesigning their lives. Starting from the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life, the Transitions team will be mentoring new residents in lifeskills and building new homes along through the website A Place for Dreams, , where new opportunities will emerge. They plan to offer full life-skills trainings, business tools and microloans, one-click services.

Here is the chat transcript from the meeting, where they describe their project and their experience with the Mash-up Challenge. They participated in the Google Hackathon last week, and had a very productive learning experience (there are 8 members of the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life on the team, and it is led by Evonne Heyning and Sandy Andrews, both Nonprofit Commons members).

Below, is the chat transcript from their presentation about their very cool mash-up:

[8:59] Ozma Malibu: ok, the transitions project will provide resources to displaced/homeless/in transition folk, on several levels
[8:59] Ozma Malibu: one of which is in SL
[8:59] Ozma Malibu: AND last Friday, Amulius and I attended the Google hackathon and got so much help!
[8:59] Manifold Destiny: can you explain what that means? homeless in SL?
[8:59] In Kenzo:
http://www.netsquared.org/2008/conference/projects/transitions is the document we have started to help the community get onboard with this project
[9:00] In Kenzo: Looking at RL homelessness through an SL lens, seeing if we can make a positive impact thru SL and other web tools created especially for those “in transition”
[9:00] You: google hacjkathon was a techsoup/netsquared event
[9:00] In Kenzo: We have applied for the mashup challenge with Netsquared
[9:01] Ozma Malibu: Volunteer engineers from Google were at the hackathon along with Netsquared, and after being guided to think things out we got to work with each attending engineer to see how their expertise would fit with our goals
[9:01] In Kenzo: To build web tools that will provide easy one-two click searches for those who need basic living care
[9:01] In Kenzo: and a portal that will encapsulate our collective work, as each of the group leaders here has contributed a vital piece
[9:02] In Kenzo: Community VoiceMail, Bridges, Floaters all serve this community already, we are consolidating their services and other data from around the web to make it easier for people to find what they need and move forward
[9:02] In Kenzo: At this point, we would love you to visit the website at Netsquared and give us your vote, make comments and ask questions there
[9:02] In Kenzo: http://www.netsquared.org/2008/conference/projects/transitions
[9:02] Carmen Gray: /great idea Kenzo 🙂
[9:03] In Kenzo: We need lots of public support, and others here re welcome to join us if you see a programmatic link with your nonprofit work
[9:03] Jani Myriam: That *so* rocks!
[9:03] In Kenzo: we will be doing an SL pilot soon!
[9:04] Buffy Beale: Yes please everyone take a minute and vote for us
[9:04] In Kenzo: we will rock the vote today, come and help us gain a little momentum for this work. ozma and the team here has put a lot forward to build an SL pilot project, helping those in transition build new lives here
[9:05] You: and help these avatars win the big prize for teh net squared contest
[9:05] In Kenzo: We are REALLY EXCITED about this opportunity, and opening it up for people to start new businesses and lives through this imagination space….we will provide mentionship and grounding, tools and resources together and we invite you to join us
[9:05] In Kenzo: for the web space, for SL, for this community and most of all for those looking for a new life, we are building aplaceofdreams.org and will gather these elements on the web in the coming months. thanks for your help.
9:06] In Kenzo: http://www.netsquared.org/2008/conference/projects/transitions

Written by: Glitteractica_Cookie