Belgian media watchdog group Zorra opens new office with “Gender & Advertising” exhibit August 17

On august 17, 2007 at 11:30AM PST, the Belgian media watch ZORRA opens its virtual doors in Second Life (teleport SLURL). ZORRA, known for its Public Award for the the most woman-friendly and/or role bending advertisement, has organised its exhibit building on Gender Square in Second Life. The exhibit “Gender & Advertising” and its quiz presents a selection of 10 years of good and less good practices, from advertisements which are funny and less funny, to advertisements which are controversial.

But ZORRA wouldn’t be ZORRA if it feared controversy. On Second Life ZORRA continues to put question marks after ads which are considered sexist. Enough to engage the visitors in heated discussion, especially those who have never had in their first life the chance or the time to reflect on the topic of (in)equality in the representation of men and women in advertising.

Second Life is offering this opportunity, and most of all the opportunity, after visiting the exhibit, to sit down at the Gender Square (place where ZORRA’s exhibit is taking place on Second Life) and to engage in a discussion with Second Life residents of all nationalities, ages, colors and forms.

At the exhibit, what is perhaps most remarkable is that on more than 30 exhibited advertisements three are from the financial institute Fortis, and all three are found on the side of good practice.

Gilke Eeckhoudt, marketing and communication manager at Fortis Belgium, sees it as a recognition of the years of efforts Fortis has provided on behalf of diversity. “In its advertising campaigns Fortis wants to reflect ‘in a truthful manner’ its clients and the labour market where it recruits” (2).

Date : august 17, 2007 at 08:30 PM (Paris-Brussel-Amsterdam = SLT 11:30 am)
Place : Gender Square (teleport SLURL)

Written by: rikomatic