Second Life Walks the World – Fight Hunger

This year FightHunger: Walk the World will be walking in Second Life too. They’ve already started spreading the word about Fight Hunger in-life – see the above picture of the recent U2 concert. The Second Life walk will be one that people everywhere in the world – no mattter their time zone – will be able to join in. Sign up below now to walk or if you’d like to join our group of volunteers who are organising the in-life walk then send an email to secondlife [ at]

Contact Fight Hunchke (pronounced Hunger) in Second Life for more details.

If you can’t walk in the real world then walk in Second Life! (We couldn’t decide where to put the dot on the map for Second Life so put it near the North Pole!)
Start: 13 May 2007 – 00:00
End: 13 May 2007 – 23:55

Pooley Auditorum
Pooley Auditorum
Second Life

Written by: kanter