Cool new free SL module allows you to post a SLurl to

What will those crazy hackers think of next? Bill Hax (his avatar name) has created a very cool gadget called Yummy.

Yummy will allow you tp post a SLurl to ( It is available at the SLexchange

This gadget allows you to post a slurl of your current sl location to You may optionally add a description and tags, and may mark the post either ‘not shared’ (default) or ‘shared.’ It must be attached to your avatar to function, and is invisible unless attached as a HUD. Like any script, Yummy will not work in “scripts disabled” sims.

Help summary:

To post a slurl to
/111 description, tag1, tag2, …

description (optional) can be any text EXCEPT a comma and tag1, tag2, etc. (optional) are single words to use as tags.
For example: ‘/111 Great store for clothing and hair!, clothing, hair, shopping’
The tag ‘slurl’ is automatically added to all posts.

To get help:
/111 help

To popup Yummy’s menu:
/111 menu

To launch your web page in your browser:
/111 www

To change new posts to ‘not shared’:
/111 private

To change new posts to ‘shared’:
/111 public

To change Yummy’s chat channel:
/111 chat channelNumber


Since LSL has limited support for non-text MIME types, errors that occur when posting a slurl to may not be reported. This is not something I can “fix” until Linden Labs chooses to provide this support. For this and other reasons, I’ve decided to provide Yummy for free.

That said, Yummy works just fine for me!


Updates will be available for free. There is no auto-update function built into Yummy to keep the script nice and simple. If you would like an update, send me feedback (/111 feedback) with a short message like “Any updates?” and I’ll let you know if/when an update is available.

If you’re interested in the source code, drop me a line. Future versions will probably be “Modify” – the current version is my first script and I don’t like to release code before I’m completely happy with it 🙂

Release notes:

Rev. 1.0:
initial release


I hope you enjoy using Yummy!
– Biil Hax

Written by: Glitteractica_Cookie