Avatars fly to end multiple sclerosis this Sunday!


This sunday, the National MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Society is partnering with Scion and MovieTickets.com on a fundraiser to support the millions who suffer from the debilitating disease of MS. Scheduled from June 10-17, the "MS FLY" is the virtual equivalent of the annual "MS WALK" that takes place all around the United States.  More than just a
"fly-a-thon" though, the fundraiser is designed as an interactive adventure:

Participate in this exciting and cause-worthy event on a week-long
scavenger hunt as you journey through the virtual world of Second Life
with your avatar and MS Cape.  Scour islands for digital tokens that
grant you completion of one phase of the hunt.  With each new digital
token acquired comes a new incentive for the participant and more money
to help end MS.

Virtual Walk-a-thons are fun, but I love the idea of really using the powerful and evocative capabilities of virtual worlds to re-think the traditional fundraiser event.  This seems like a step (sorry) in the right direction.

Head to Illusion Factory (Teleport SLURL) to register in-world or www.themsfly.org on the interweb.

Written by: rikomatic