BlogHers in Second Life

The BlogHer Conference is taking place in Chicago on July 27-29th. There will also be a conference in Second Life.

Here’s the schedule

On Friday, July 27th, there is a session that is of interest to those who work with nonprofits and second life:

Session #3: Getting It On(line) for a Cause
Audio to be streamed live from Chicago into island with Second Life discussion and panel to follow

Description for BlogHer in RL session: Using technology as a distribution channel for the greater good. Galvanize personal action or bring awareness. Rochelle Robinson moderates the presentation and discussion of two case studies, including Green L.A. Girl (aka Siel)’s amazing Starbucks Challenge project. Walk away with a fistful of practical ideas. Then, with Cooper Munroe and Emily McKhann facilitating, we pick next year’s case study! Learn about how you can help choose the issue we rally around. Introducing a new BlogHer community activism initiative: BlogHers Act!

The conversation continues in Second Life to discuss Second Life’s role as a platform to do good. Second Life Panelists include Susan Tenby (avatar glitteractica cookie) of TechSoup – with the help of her volunteers, she recently launched a community of over 300 nonprofit staff members and volunteers in Second Life – and Ruby Sinreich (avatar Ruby Glitter) founder and editor of, Web Maven for Netcentric Campaigns – which provides consulting on network-centric organizing strategies to leading progressive organizations and coalitions.

Written by: kanter