Update on “Pink for Life” mixed-reality breast cancer charity event


Wow, there is like a ton of in-world activity going on around cancer lately.  Here’s yet another cancer-related benefit coming up in October.

Yogi Huldschinsky, the organizer of an upcoming charity event entitled "Pink for Life," contacted me regarding some changes to their mixed-reality event, which I have blogged about previously.  "Pink for Life" is a benefit for the Institut Gustave Roussy, a prominent French breast cancer research center, taking place October 9-10. 

First of all, Yogi tells me that they succeeded in getting the permission of several real world luxury brands to reproduce their products in Second Life for auction.  (So that’s not a knock-off virtual Prada bag, honey!)  Also they will no longer be holding a virtual auction, and instead will be giving away pink ribbons and asking for linden dollar donations. SL designers are still asked to "lend" pink objects for display, but they won’t be up for sale or auction.

Oh yeah, they are also looking for models to strut their stuff on the runway with the donated goods. 

Hit the jump for the complete announcement or go to http://www.ConceptSL.com/

Message from Yogi Huldschinsky:

Thanks to a lot of support and feedback from the SL community (thanks  everyone !), we have modified the organization for a more effective event. Moreover, after intensive negociations, we have now the opportunity to  reproduce on SL some objects from the RL exhibition (we should thank here the fashion designers and luxury brands that allowed this !).

To facilitate the RL objects reproduction and the setting up of the SL exhibition, the "Pink for Life on SL" operation will take place at the same time as the RL exhibition : Oct. 9 and 10.

Instead of the "auction sale" of virtual goods we will give away pink ribbons "Pink for Life on SL", and set up a donate box in the exhibition hall to receive donations in L$.

We are offering the SL designers community a chance to help in setting up all this by "lending" their pink objects, which will be exposed along the RL reproduced objects. Selected designers will also be put forward during the entire operation on our website : ConceptSL.com

In order for us to reproduce a maximum of RL objects, and to enable more SL designers to submit their creations, we are extending the submission deadline to October 4th. Please send pictures of your objects to fashion@conceptsl.com (If you intend to participate please send an IM to Yogi Huldschinsky to facilitate the organization).

As usual you can find all the details on the dedicated webpage :  http://www.ConceptSL.com/igr.php

P.S. : we are still looking for models and stewards/stewardess to wear the clothes during the exhibition and also to answer visitor’s questions. If you are interested, please send us an email : contact@conceptsl.com


Yogi Huldschinsky
Pink For Life Event Organizer

Written by: rikomatic