Ideas needed for Non-profit track at SLCC 08

At the last Non Profit Commons meeting, Rhiannon, Glitteractica and I announced that the program for the 2008 Second Life Community Convention is being organized now, and that if there is to be a non-profit presence that we need to get in a Request for Proposals (RFP) very quickly. SLCC08 is scheduled for September 5-7 in Tampa, Florida.

We would like to strongly encourage groups to indicate their interest in organizing specific sessions or talks on different subject matter at SLCC. You don’t have to commit to being there (yet), but just indicate your interest in the subject area. Head to the wiki page here and put in your ideas.

The deadline has been extended for RFPs by the SLCC committee, but time is still very short.

Also, if you have ideas and suggestions for possible sponsors and financial supporters of non-profit activity at SLCC, please put it up on the wiki page as well.

Thanks so much for your contributions!

Written by: rikomatic