Katie sustained a serious leg injury. Please help.

Dear Friends of Great Strides (a Nonprofit Commons tenant on Aloft Island),

Katie, a 5 year old Gypsy Vanner who lives at our farm and works with clients, sustained a rather severe leg injury this week. While we are pleased to report that she is recovering from her surgery, she will require several weeks of hospital care, followed by an extensive recovery period back home.

With seed funding from our JAM Fund, which covers extraordinary expenses for horses participating in our program, we are launching a fundraiser whose first priority will be to cover the cost of her surgery and subsequent care. The cost of the surgery alone is already exceeding our available funds by several thousand dollars. Any donations raised in excess of the cost of her care will be used to replenish the JAM fund.

Each and every member of our herd selflessly contributes to the healing work at Great Strides each and every day. Here is our opportunity to give something back when one of our herd is in need.

Please keep Katie in your thoughts as she begins her journey toward recovery. And, if you can, please make a contribution to the JAM fund in Katie’s name. Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

To help, and see a picture of her on a better day, please go to:


or our Facebook Cause page


and click on Donate or Donate Now.

Inworld in Second Life, donors may also visit the Great Strides barn on Aloft Island, in the Nonprofit Commons, and contribute to the donation box.

Thank you one and all.


Brad Lewis (RL)
Veri Oddfellow (SL)
Board Chair
Great Strides

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Written by: jharyaconel