NPC2 (Aloft) Grand Opening a Success!

Congratulations to all on the resounding success of the NPC2 May 28th Grand Opening, including the Net Squared mixed reality event in the morning in CA and the superb musical events and activities that followed well into the night (with as many as 75 avatars at one time), capped by an impromptu midnight dance celebration and fireworks! Led by TechSoup, many NPC non profits, volunteers, musicians and others contibuted to the planning, setup and delivery of the launch, celebrating the Aloft island opening, which took place after more than three months of development and buildout of the island and offices — a true community collaboration across NPs supported by expert volunteers. Special thanks goes to all those who organized and presented at the mixed reality event in the morning (which was both educational and inspiring), including Glitteractica Cookie (TechSoup), In Kenzo (IHC), Ozama Malibu (Floaters), Jani Myriam (Transgender Resource Center), Kali Izdiak (Community Voicemail), Coughran Mayo (Preferred Family Healthcare) and Rik Riel (Global Kids). Also special thanks to Any1 Gynoid and the NPC 2 team that organized the musical activities and events (and automated tours) the remainder of the day on Aloft, including Manifold Destiny (PGSPCA), Ronnie Rhode (Garden for the Missing), Coughran Mayo (PFH), Parhelion Palou (NPC Volunteer), Skeeboo Tammas (, Mercedes Ochs (Volunteer), Anika Pastorelli (Giving Circles Network), Veri OddFellow (Great Strides), and Dave Radio (Boomer Esiason Foundation). The launch was by several accounts one of the best events ever in SL, with stellar performances by Cylindrian Rutabaga, Lonnie Nightfire, Noma Falta, Thumper Boucher, MichelleD Ecksol, Freestar Tammas, Louis Volare and Vienna James! Lastly, we thank all the individuals who came to enjoy in the celebration and support our newest NPC island!

Written by: GCN