2 jobs available for community development project in Boston using Second Life


Gene Koo of the Berkman Center at Harvard wanted me to pass around these job notices for an innovative project called "Hub2":

"Hub2 seeks to enable local neighborhoods to participate more meaningfully in the design and development of their own public spaces. Residents engage in a process that employs 3D tools and  problem-solving techniques to articulate a common vision reflecting the participants’  values. Over the next 3 months, Hub2 will work with Allston residents and stakeholders, the Boston Redevelopment Authority, and Harvard’s Allston Development Group to design Library Park. Hub2 seeks enthusiastic and community-minded staff to pioneer this cutting-edge program. "

Hub2 is looking for a "Youth Coordinator" and "Project Coordinator." Check the two job descriptions for more info or visit http://hub2.org/.

Written by: rikomatic