Kelly Jolkowski (SL: Kellyj Shepherd) to speak about missing persons issues, and how YOU can make an ID kit for your family.

When: September 28, 2 SL time
Roughly 45 minutes in length
Where: NCI — specific NCI campus TDB but probably Caledon

Kelly and her husband have lived for seven years not knowing what became of their son. After Jason disappeared, the Jolkowski’s found what other families had found and something that is always found out the hard way – that there are few resources for families of missing adults.

The Jolkowski’s vowed in founding Project Jason ithat no family should have to be left alone and without resources in a heartbreaking situation where time is so critical.

Just a couple of the many accomplishments: the organization has assisted more than 400 families of missing persons, has distributed more than 50,000 missing persons posters, and has given away 13,500 personal ID kits.

Kelly will talk about her ordeal with her missing son, the successes of Project Jason as it approaches its five-year anniversary, current programs that let the public (YOU!) get involved in helping to find missing persons, and the importance of creating I.D. Kits for every member of your family. The kits are FREE and Kelly will tell you how to get yours.

She will also discuss Project Jason’s activities in Second Life.

Written by: Ronnie