Transitions: A Place for Dreams Has a Project in the Knight News Challenge

Transitions: A Place for Dreams has a project in the Knight News Challenge. We’d like you to check it out. We hope you love it and will rate it high for us!

It’s a great project. Transitions is working with Conexiones, a project I have volunteered with for years – some of the kids in it have overlapped with kids in Floaters. Conex kids made the video in the Floaters office. Essentially we’d work with Conexiones kids to get the Transitions program going for this particular population. Conexiones has an existing budget but things have tightened up for them in terms of the people that the group would like to reach.

Having our friends show up, rate, and comment will demonstrate to Knight that we do understand the technology and how to use it (and that our friends do to.)

Written by: Beth J. Bates