Reminder: Transitions: A Place for Dreams has a Knight entry!

– and it would mean so much if you’d check out our proposal. We hope you love it, and vote it five stars!

In seven days, a small number of projects will be chosen to submit a full proposal, and we’d love to be one.

Transitions consists of five groups represented by 5 avatars who met in the Nonprofit Commons: In Kenzo of Amoration, Kali of Community VoiceMail, Buffy of Bridges for Women, Rhiannon of Vesuvius and Ozma of Floaters. With the help of a number of other NPC groups, we have been designing a set of technology-enabled steps that will provide people with a “way up to a new life” – whether from a disaster or emergency situation, or from a minimum wage job. The steps begin with a search widget that began as a spark in In Kenzo’s brain and that Google helped us design, and culminate in classes in which people will choose real life projects and ways to give back.

For our Knight entry we have partnered with Conexiones, an ASU project for children of Mexican immigrants, on a proposal to implement our design for a specific group in specific geographical locales. If we can get this done, we’ll have a template for news and resource sharing that any group can use.

Again, you can read the “brief proposal” at this link – and you can vote:

Written by: ozma