Help Project Jason Change America

Imagine if you had one of your family members disappear, then you found out there are many unidentified bodies with no procedures to find out who they are.

One could be your loved one and you would never know it.

Project Jason has worked for years to get better procedures in place to help. Now there is a chance to get this matter some attention. is hosting Ideas for Change – Ideas for Change in America is a citizen-driven effort to identify and create momentum around the best ideas for how the Obama Administration and Congress can turn the broad call for “change” across the country into specific policies. You can help by submitting an idea for how you would change America, discussing ideas with others, and/or voting for your favorites. Read More

Project Jason is in fourth place, but they need to be at least in third place to make it to the next round.

I’d like to ask for your help, it only takes two minutes to cast a vote. It’s a very fast process and a worthwhile cause.

Please tell your friends, and your groups. Thank you, NPC!

Written by: Beth J. Bates