Recent Press on 2009: Virtual Charity, Virtual Socializing & Giving Circles

Hi, NPC & TechSoup Members – Happy New Year!

Here are some articles I found on things to watch out for in 2009, including virtual charity, virtual socialzing/therapy and Giving Circles…enjoy!

SmartMoney (December 24, 2008)
The New Way to Give: Virtual Charity by Reshma Kapadia…

SmartMoney (December 24, 2008)
The New Way to Give: Be Your Own Charity (become a Giving Circle)…

Ninety Things to Watch in 2009 (including Giving Circles, virtual reality therapy and virtual socializing), Fri. December 26, 2008; Posted: 09:25 AM Recap: Top Trends Shaping Social Entrepreneurship in 2009 by Nathaniel Whittemore, Published January 02, 2009 @ 10:02AM PST
…including Online Action Platforms:…

Look forward to seeing you all around Nonprofit Commons 1, 2 & 3 in 2009!

Anika 🙂

Written by: GCN