Congratulations for Virtual Ability – Co-Winner of Inaugural Linden Prize!!

Big congratulations are in order for Virtual Ability, winner of the Linden Prize.

We are honored to have them a part of the Nonprofit Commons and are thrilled that they are getting recognition for the amazing work they are doing for people with disabilities.

Teleport to Virtual Ability in NPC

From the press release:
Virtual Ability – Offering a series of courses and resources to help people with real-world disabilities get acclimated and start using Second Life, Virtual Ability helps realize the documented medical and psychological benefits offered by virtual environments. The organization has developed a unique orientation process that assesses individual skills, provides customized training and makes recommendations for assistive hardware as needed. Once users are comfortable in the virtual world, Virtual Ability offers a series of daily field trips, including everything from mountain climbs, skydiving, fishing, dancing, and countless other activities that are difficult or impossible in the real world.

Written by: Beth J. Bates