List of Environment and Ecology-themed Places in Second Life

As you should know, the Nonprofit Commons has a number of environment-oriented organizations in our community, most of them housed in the Eco Commons sim (teleport link.) That said, there are many other amazing sims in Second Life that focus on environment, sustainable development and ecology that are worth visiting. Here’s my own curated list of eco-themed sims:

  • Abyss Observatory : Beautiful underwater science museum (Teleport Link
  • CNDG Green Campus:  Experimental, educational site dedicated to exploring sustainable building, teaching and education in sustainability. (Teleport Link)


  • Deep Down Virtual Mine : A 3D game to educate about coal mining and its impact on people and the land (My review, official website, Teleport Link)
  • Etopia : An imagined eco-friendly world (Teleport Link)


  • NOAA’s Meteroa Island: US government sponsored weather and environment focused sim. (Teleport Link)
  • OneClimate Island : Virtual space of the group (Teleport Link)

Also this month be sure and check out the “Green Building contest” sponsored by Virtual Museums Inc that will feature lots of neat eco-friendly buildings created by both pros and amateur virtual architects. (Teleport Link).

I’m sure I’ve missed several others. Feel free to post to comments your favorites!

Written by: rikomatic