Summary of 7/15/2011 NPC meeting

This week, Rik was out on business travel, so Susan hosted the meeting. DJ Earnshaw spoke to us today about his new display panel, which is an excellent SL tool for displaying information.

The Ultimate Display Panel is a combination of a notecard reader, with a way to have long lines without worrying about the 255 character limit in reading notecards, combined with a resizeable display panel having three levels of prerezzing, and a number of additional features to serve a teacher’s needs:
• Built in pointer system, used by the teacher, or with the teachers permission, by the students
• Built in supply box and tip jar, with the ability to make them available when the teacher is ready for them
• Ability to export and import classes
• And many other features
• And version 2 of the UDP will include the capability to set out chairs, cushions, or mats for the students, in either rows or a circular pattern.

It is built for a circular classroom arrangement and easily has a range of 20 virtual meters.

Svea Morane was the next speaker today. She is with the Mayo clinic and spoke to us about Mayo’s efforts. Mayo is running a pilot program now for pregnant women to be seen in SL, Mayo has been doing many mixed reality events and users rate the experience highly. Mayo is also using SL for building prototypes and patient education. SL as an education platform has been an easy Step for mayo, and its an easy step for people to take.

Other announcements:

[09:31] Gentle Heron: Please save the dates Sat/Sun July 23/24 for the International Disability Rights Affirmation Conference

Panels of folks from all over the world will discuss legal protections in their countries for people with disabilities. There are scheduled speakers on topics ranging from advocacy to health care to transportation. Our friends JAN and NSIP from NonProfit Commons will also be speaking.

[09:40] bulaklak:
[09:40] bulaklak: With Meg Clark of CoTweet! (July 27 at 7 pm)

Written by: HydraShaftoe