Learn about SLOODLE virtual learning platform at the Nonprofit Commons on November 18 [updated]

On Friday, November 18, at the Nonprofit Commons, learn about SLOODLE a popular virtual learning management system and how it has helped educators around the world integrate their Second Life projects with a web-based learning system. Two prominent developers in the SLOODLE community, Fire Centaur and Edmund Edgar, will be speaking with us about what SLOODLE can offer for you and your students or other constituents. All that plus our regular updates, announcements and news relevant to nonprofits and virtual worlds.

See you on Friday November 18, starting at 8:30am PT.

UPDATE: the transcript of Fire Centaur’s talk follows after the jump…



[2011/11/18 09:03]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): So our featured presentation is on the SLOODLE virtual learning platform

[2011/11/18 09:04]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): And who better to speak about it than Fire Centaur?

[2011/11/18 09:04]  Buffy Beale: cheering for Fire!

[2011/11/18 09:04]  Fire Centaur: Thanks everyone!

[2011/11/18 09:04]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Since 2006, he has been providing free tools for educators. And he’s going to give you a quick intro to SLOODLE for those new to it, and show off some of what you can do with this platform. The floor is yours Fire.

[2011/11/18 09:05]  Zinnia Zauber: Rah Fire!

[2011/11/18 09:05]  Fire Centaur: Hellow Everyone!

[2011/11/18 09:05]  Fire Centaur: very nice to meet you.

[2011/11/18 09:05]  bulaklak: Hi, Fire! Welcome.

[2011/11/18 09:05]  Fire Centaur: First of all, thanks Rik for inviting me today.

[2011/11/18 09:05]  Fire Centaur: Aweome to be here!!!

[2011/11/18 09:05]  Fire Centaur: I had to use this chair – because this tiny avatar doesnt sit well on most chairs! 🙂

[2011/11/18 09:06]  Fire Centaur: I am sorry Edmund Edgar couldn’t join us. He is on an early flight to Korea tomorrow

[2011/11/18 09:06]  Fire Centaur: My name is Paul Preibisch, I am from Vancouver Canada, but am currently living in Tokyo, Japan!

[2011/11/18 09:06]  Fire Centaur: I am an elearning developer specializing in Sloodle connecting your Moodle to Second Life and Opensim! I have been in Second Life

[2011/11/18 09:06]  Buffy Beale: ooo Fire close to me

[2011/11/18 09:06]  Fire Centaur: since 2006, and breath LSL code… I love it! – please view my Youtube Channel here: http://youtube.com/user/fire2006

[2011/11/18 09:06]  Buffy Beale: Vancouver…

[2011/11/18 09:06]  Fire Centaur: 🙂

[2011/11/18 09:06]  Fire Centaur: thanks buffy!

[2011/11/18 09:06]  Fire Centaur: I have my own island English Village, where I invite educators to join me to explore educational technologies. Currently, English Village is a testbed for the Avatar Classroom (www.avatarclassroom.com) which is a commercial version of Sloodle which provides educators with a turnkey Sloodle Website, hosted on AvatarClassroom.com, and a prefabricated classroom which automatically connects to their Sloodle Site (More information Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbXvnMuWzP0).

[2011/11/18 09:07]  Fire Centaur: (We are launching it this week in Korea – thats why Edmund is flying here)

[2011/11/18 09:07]  Fire Centaur: I flew here last week to see old friends!

[2011/11/18 09:07]  Fire Centaur: I love Korea (lived here for 5 years!)

[2011/11/18 09:07]  Fire Centaur: Today, I have something SUPER awesome to show you! This year, Sloodle has undergone a lot of GREAT user interface changes. Traditionally Sloodle has been quite difficult to configure.  Once installed as a module inside your moodle, you had to deal with complicated configuration steps, using notecards, or text chat.  But we have totally simplified it…

[2011/11/18 09:08]  Fire Centaur: before I continue though I should ask… how many of you are familiar with Sloodle? Or have an idea of what it is?

[2011/11/18 09:08]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Rik Panganiban raises hand

[2011/11/18 09:08]  Panny Bakerly: I haven’t

[2011/11/18 09:08]  bulaklak: I am not. But am looking forward to learning!

[2011/11/18 09:08]  Buffy Beale: raises hand

[2011/11/18 09:09]  Fire Centaur: cool

[2011/11/18 09:09]  Oronoque Westland: raises hand

[2011/11/18 09:09]  Fire Centaur: we have some sloodlers! Great

[2011/11/18 09:09]  Fire Centaur: SLOODLE is a free and open source project which integrates the multi-user virtual environments of Second Life¬Æ and/or OpenSim with the Moodle¬Æ learning-management system.  an opensource project that was started by Daniel Livingstone and Jeremy Kemp

[2011/11/18 09:09]  Jen (jenelle.levenque): No Clue here

[2011/11/18 09:09]  Fire Centaur: – Basically… once it is installed in your Moodle website, your Moodle activities such as quizes etc… can be connected and represented in SL! that means your students can take quizes IN SL that you entered on your MOODLE and have them tracked in an LMS!  cool?

[2011/11/18 09:10]  Buffy Beale: very!

[2011/11/18 09:10]  Fire Centaur: So, we have connected the Moodle Quiz,  Moodle Chat — very cool and great for teaching inworld, Moodle Assignments, the Moodle Choice all to Second Life

[2011/11/18 09:10]  Fire Centaur: but… there is more.

[2011/11/18 09:10]  Fire Centaur: since Moodle has a database connected to it we can connect our objectsin Second Life to the Moodle database as well .. that means, we can make super cool learning tools

[2011/11/18 09:11]  Fire Centaur: Now… why is Sloodle 2.0 such an Awesome improvement over old Sloodle?well, haha.. that wasnt supposed to be a question.

[2011/11/18 09:12]  Fire Centaur: many of you who have used it were probably about to say that sloodle was SUPER hard to install. and… you would be correct…

[2011/11/18 09:12]  Fire Centaur: installing the module isn’t difficult.  if you had an FTP program, and access to your server, that was the easy part…

[2011/11/18 09:13]  Fire Centaur: the part that got most people stuck, was having to configure each object using notecards. To be honest, it wasn

[2011/11/18 09:13]  Fire Centaur: SO this year with the Advent of Shared Media  and HTTPIN Edmund and I have totally redesigned the interface

[2011/11/18 09:14]  Fire Centaur: SO.. it NOW has…

[2011/11/18 09:14]  Fire Centaur: …

[2011/11/18 09:14]  Fire Centaur: ,,

[2011/11/18 09:14]  Fire Centaur: wait for it…

[2011/11/18 09:14]  Fire Centaur: …

[2011/11/18 09:14]  Fire Centaur: ..

[2011/11/18 09:14]  Fire Centaur: An iphone like interface on shared media

[2011/11/18 09:14]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): sweet!

[2011/11/18 09:14]  Buffy Beale: wow

[2011/11/18 09:14]  bulaklak: Very cool!

[2011/11/18 09:14]  Fire Centaur: Now, all configuration of all objects is now done on a shared media surface, which can even be open up in your browser.

[2011/11/18 09:14]  Zinnia Zauber: Cool!

[2011/11/18 09:14]  Mimi Muircastle: wow – kids will love that!

[2011/11/18 09:14]  Fire Centaur: NO MORE NOTECARDS.  NONE. they are gone.

[2011/11/18 09:15]  Fire Centaur: But… now comes the cool part. We have added the ability  for educators to create “Scenes”

[2011/11/18 09:15]  Fire Centaur: let me bring out a few slides. ok.  do you see this grey sphere here?

[2011/11/18 09:16]  Buffy Beale: yes

[2011/11/18 09:16]  Fire Centaur: That is the rezzer

[2011/11/18 09:16]  Fire Centaur: since it is on shared media, our view of the surface will not be sychronized. so, to see what I am seeing check out my slides.

[2011/11/18 09:17]  Fire Centaur: on this first slide, you will see something called a controller. this is a moodle activity that you must add to your site.  once a “controller” is added, this rezzer will be able to connect with your moodle course.  when you click on the controller on the shared media scene,  it iphone-slides over to the scene page

[2011/11/18 09:18]  Fire Centaur: here it will list all the scenes you created. on this slide  you can see, I have 5 scenes.  floor 1… to floor 5. then a quiz scene

[2011/11/18 09:18]  Fire Centaur: when I click on the quiz scene…

[2011/11/18 09:18]  Fire Centaur: you will see:

[2011/11/18 09:18]  Fire Centaur: oops

[2011/11/18 09:18]  Fire Centaur: thats floor 1 registration scene

[2011/11/18 09:18]  Fire Centaur: you will see another screen that lists all the objects in that scene

[2011/11/18 09:18]  Fire Centaur: here there is a vending machine, a regenrol booth, front desk etc

[2011/11/18 09:19]  Fire Centaur: there aer a few buttons too. a delete button to delete the scene and a Rez All button

[2011/11/18 09:19]  Fire Centaur: What this

[2011/11/18 09:19]  Fire Centaur: right now

[2011/11/18 09:19]  Fire Centaur: you can see I have 5 quiz chairs

[2011/11/18 09:19]  Fire Centaur: when you press rezz all, those items get…

[2011/11/18 09:19]  Fire Centaur: rezzed!

[2011/11/18 09:19]  SLOODLE Quiz Chair: Starting quiz for Fire Centaur

[2011/11/18 09:19]  SLOODLE Quiz Chair: Fetching quiz data…

[2011/11/18 09:19]  SLOODLE Quiz Chair: Ready to attempt: Avatar Classroom Quiz.

[2011/11/18 09:19]  Fire Centaur: but if I go to the quiz scene I can derez them through the rezzer. watch this.

[2011/11/18 09:20]  Fire Centaur: one moment. i need to iphone-click-through

[2011/11/18 09:20]  Sloodle Rezzer 2.0.10-alpha rev 1 (2011-10-13 2:47): Configuration received

[2011/11/18 09:20]  Sloodle Rezzer 2.0.10-alpha rev 1 (2011-10-13 2:47): Configuration received

[2011/11/18 09:20]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Rik Panganiban totaly wants to host a nonprofit gameshow!

[2011/11/18 09:20]  Fire Centaur: ok

[2011/11/18 09:20]  Fire Centaur: just derezed

[2011/11/18 09:20]  Fire Centaur: now i will re-rez

[2011/11/18 09:20]  Fire Centaur: and… gues what!

[2011/11/18 09:20]  Oronoque Westland: I love quiz chairs…they’re the only way I get high (heehee)

[2011/11/18 09:21]  Fire Centaur: oh wait

[2011/11/18 09:21]  SLOODLE Scoreboard: Configuration received

[2011/11/18 09:21]  SLOODLE Quiz Chair: Configuration received

  Quiz Chair: Configuration received

[2011/11/18 09:21]  SLOODLE Quiz Chair: Configuration received

[2011/11/18 09:21]  SLOODLE Quiz Chair: Configuration received

[2011/11/18 09:21]  SLOODLE Quiz Chair: Configuration received

[2011/11/18 09:21]  Fire Centaur: there we go

[2011/11/18 09:21]  Fire Centaur: that was the httpin

[2011/11/18 09:21]  Buffy Beale: wow

[2011/11/18 09:21]  Fire Centaur: each object has httpin

[2011/11/18 09:21]  Fire Centaur: so the moodle website told each object where to go

[2011/11/18 09:21]  Fire Centaur: and YOU CAN SAVE POSITIONS OF THE OBJECTS

[2011/11/18 09:21]  Fire Centaur: let me move them around

[2011/11/18 09:21]  Fire Centaur: each to its httpin

[2011/11/18 09:21]  Fire Centaur: lets say

[2011/11/18 09:21]  Fire Centaur: i want them here

[2011/11/18 09:21]  Fire Centaur: on the rzzer

[2011/11/18 09:22]  Fire Centaur: i just press “Freeze” button

[2011/11/18 09:22]  Fire Centaur: ok

[2011/11/18 09:22]  Fire Centaur: just pressed freeze

[2011/11/18 09:22]  Fire Centaur: now I will de-rez

[2011/11/18 09:22]  Fire Centaur: jsut to prove to u

[2011/11/18 09:22]  Fire Centaur: that positions are saved

[2011/11/18 09:22]  Fire Centaur: (all on the server IN your scene)

[2011/11/18 09:22]  Fire Centaur: right now, my rezzer is saying

[2011/11/18 09:22]  Fire Centaur: waiting to derez

[2011/11/18 09:22]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): ok Fire, this is a bit in the weeds for this audience

[2011/11/18 09:22]  Fire Centaur: ok

[2011/11/18 09:22]  Fire Centaur: thanks

[2011/11/18 09:23]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): might want to step back a bit

[2011/11/18 09:22]  Fire Centaur: Anyway, the point isThe Rezzer allows you to set up virtual scenes like a holodec

[2011/11/18 09:23]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): wow, nice

[2011/11/18 09:23]  Fire Centaur: The fun part of sloodle

[2011/11/18 09:23]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): I love holodecks

[2011/11/18 09:23]  Fire Centaur: like Rik said

[2011/11/18 09:23]  Fire Centaur: are the quiz chairs

[2011/11/18 09:23]  Fire Centaur: with Sloodle 2, we have added an inworld shared media scoreboard

[2011/11/18 09:23]  SLOODLE Quiz Chair: Starting quiz for Fire Centaur

[2011/11/18 09:23]  SLOODLE Quiz Chair: Fetching quiz data…

[2011/11/18 09:24]  Fire Centaur: so, when you sit on a scoreboard,

[2011/11/18 09:24]  Fire Centaur: oops

[2011/11/18 09:24]  SLOODLE Quiz Chair: ERROR: HTTP request timed out.

[2011/11/18 09:24]  Fire Centaur: when you sit on a quiz chair

[2011/11/18 09:24]  Fire Centaur: you and answer a question correctly.

[2011/11/18 09:24]  Fire Centaur: your score will be displayed on the scoreboard

[2011/11/18 09:24]  btn:Reset: Resetting

[2011/11/18 09:24]  Sloodle Rezzer 2.0.10-alpha rev 1 (2011-10-13 2:47): Configuration received

[2011/11/18 09:25]  Fire Centaur: Let me rez some quiz chairs

[2011/11/18 09:25]  Fire Centaur: would you like to take a quiz?

[2011/11/18 09:25]  Buffy Beale: sure

[2011/11/18 09:25]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): we don’t have time for that now

[2011/11/18 09:25]  Adalace Jewell: yes

[2011/11/18 09:25]  Robo Mirabella: oui!

[2011/11/18 09:25]  Fire Centaur: ok

[2011/11/18 09:25]  Buffy Beale: aww maybe we can stay and take it

[2011/11/18 09:25]  Fire Centaur: let me just log into the rezzer and rez the scene

[2011/11/18 09:25]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): perhaps keep it rezzed out for later

[2011/11/18 09:25]  Fire Centaur: ok

[2011/11/18 09:25]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): and people can play with it afteer

[2011/11/18 09:26]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): (and by “people” I mean me)

[2011/11/18 09:26]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): lol

[2011/11/18 09:26]  Fire Centaur: A last exciting thing I want to share with you is to let you know that on your sloodle website the quiz chairs can be configured not to just give points for correct answers but actually… any currency you choose

[2011/11/18 09:26]  Buffy Beale: wow

[2011/11/18 09:26]  Fire Centaur: you can define your own currencies… ie: magic points, grean leaves,  what ever

[2011/11/18 09:26]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Linden dollars?

[2011/11/18 09:26]  Fire Centaur: all of these go into your moodle website into what I call

[2011/11/18 09:27]  Fire Centaur: the sloodle Backpack

[2011/11/18 09:27]  Mimi Muircastle: gold coins:)

[2011/11/18 09:27]  Buffy Beale: this is such a great tool!

[2011/11/18 09:27]  Fire Centaur: you can define what ever you want

[2011/11/18 09:27]  Fire Centaur: therefore, you can put together real role play simulations on my island using the sloodle api

[2011/11/18 09:27]  Fire Centaur: I programmed for the avatarclassroom attack zombies.  when you kill them, they give you magic points on the scoreboard

[2011/11/18 09:27]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): fun!

[2011/11/18 09:27]  Fire Centaur: which you can use for other activities

[2011/11/18 09:28]  Fire Centaur: There is really a lot more to tell and show you but I guess I am running out of time.

[2011/11/18 09:28]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): I know we could and should do a whole workshop on this

[2011/11/18 09:28]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): for those taht are interested

[2011/11/18 09:28]  Bhob Khaos: Will Sloodle 2.0 work with Moodle 2.*

[2011/11/18 09:28]  Fire Centaur: If you want to try sloodle out

[2011/11/18 09:28]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): or we can go to your island together sometime?

[2011/11/18 09:28]  Fire Centaur: and dont want to install it on your own server, and want a turn key solution

[2011/11/18 09:28]  Mimi Muircastle: Restore Field Trips!!!!

[2011/11/18 09:29]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): so what is the cost of these neat tools that people should know about?

[2011/11/18 09:29]  Fire Centaur: edmund and i have created the Avatar Classroom to autogenerate you a Moodle with Sloodle all connected.

[2011/11/18 09:29]  Zinnia Zauber: Rah Mimi!

[2011/11/18 09:29]  Fire Centaur: Sloodle is opensource

[2011/11/18 09:29]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): are they free?

[2011/11/18 09:29]  Fire Centaur: that means, you can get sloodle rezer for free

[2011/11/18 09:29]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): yay!

[2011/11/18 09:29]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): so cost is just developer time?

[2011/11/18 09:29]  Mimi Muircastle: open source=free:)

[2011/11/18 09:30]  Fire Centaur: if you want a hosting solution and extra cool tools, and dont want to worry about setup, you can use the avatarclassroom.com which is sloodle on our server

[2011/11/18 09:30]  Fire Centaur: I have the sloodle rezzer in this box. you can all have it

[2011/11/18 09:30]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): nice

[2011/11/18 09:30]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): So there are lots of ways nonprofits, educational or not, can take advantage of SLOODLE

[2011/11/18 09:30]  Fire Centaur: ive been chatting up a store

[2011/11/18 09:30]  Fire Centaur: storm

[2011/11/18 09:30]  Bhob Khaos: Does it matter which version of Moodle you are using?

[2011/11/18 09:31]  Fire Centaur: yes, I think it has great power to help motivate intrinsic learning

[2011/11/18 09:31]  Fire Centaur: by getting students using quiz chairs, and setting up role plays

[2011/11/18 09:31]  Fire Centaur: it can be a lot of fun

[2011/11/18 09:32]  Fire Centaur: Good question Bhob, Sloodle supports 1.8,1.9 and 2.0

[2011/11/18 09:32]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): I hired a developer to use SLOODLE to enable high school students in SL to exchange text messages via SMS with an AIDS ofphan in Africa, for xample

[2011/11/18 09:32]  Fire Centaur: oh neat!

[2011/11/18 09:32]  Buffy Beale: great going!

[2011/11/18 09:32]  Bhob Khaos: Great stuff

[2011/11/18 09:32]  Fire Centaur: Have you heard of the Devil Island Mystery?

[2011/11/18 09:33]  Fire Centaur: The Devil Island mystery was a 9 part video series

[2011/11/18 09:33]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): my project: http://www.olpglobalkids.org/2008/09/crossing_the_metaversal_divide.html

[2011/11/18 09:33]  Fire Centaur: of a bunch of students getting trapped on an island

[2011/11/18 09:33]  Fire Centaur: and had to escape… using sloodle powered tools

[2011/11/18 09:33]  Fire Centaur: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bh4lN5o3g4k

[2011/11/18 09:33]  Fire Centaur: cool

[2011/11/18 09:33]  Fire Centaur: has anyone else used sloodle, or know some good links?

[2011/11/18 09:34]  Buffy Beale: fun way to learn

[2011/11/18 09:34]  Mimi Muircastle: I would have been a 4.0 student on Sloodle🙂

[2011/11/18 09:34]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): I think sloodle has a lot of untapped potential as an activist tool

[2011/11/18 09:34]  Buffy Beale: I always intended to try it so this is a great motivator

[2011/11/18 09:34]  Chayenn: PY1 has an island of jokaydiagrid for hiv prevention for youth 8 to 12 ; we have a grant to animate our puppets and we will need those chairs for our surveys

[2011/11/18 09:35]  Fire Centaur: Open Sim is our next target to get Sloodle into

[2011/11/18 09:35]  Chayenn: please let me know how to contact you

[2011/11/18 09:35]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): yes please share your info again Fire

[2011/11/18 09:35]  Fire Centaur: by the way, for all of you who attended, I have a few tools I am giving away to NPC guests today

[2011/11/18 09:36]  Fire Centaur: this box has my Puzzle Fun game in it and my Oil Spill simulation, AND the Sloodle Rezzer

[2011/11/18 09:36]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): the oil spill simulation is great

[2011/11/18 09:36]  Zinnia Zauber: Thank you!!!

[2011/11/18 09:36]  Fire Centaur: fire@avatarclassroom.com

[2011/11/18 09:36]  Fire Centaur: twitter: @fire

[2011/11/18 09:36]  Second Life: SLOODLE Vending Machine owned by Fire Centaur gave you ‘Sloodle Rezzer 2.0.10-alpha rev 1 (2011-10-13 2:47)’  ( http://slurl.com/secondlife/Plush%20Nonprofit%20Commons/116/126/26 ).

[2011/11/18 09:36]  Jo Clarrington: Thank you.

[2011/11/18 09:36]  Fire Centaur: http://youtube.com/user/fire2006

[2011/11/18 09:37]  Mimi Muircastle: great project and great preso!

[2011/11/18 09:37]  Bhob Khaos: Thanks

[2011/11/18 09:37]  Fire Centaur: thanks everyone!

[2011/11/18 09:37]  Buffy Beale: cheering, great presentation thanks Fire!

[2011/11/18 09:37]  SLOODLE WebIntercom: Sorry talkwithmarie Resident. You do not have permission to control this object.

[2011/11/18 09:37]  Fire Centaur: And its great rik you are keeping these going!

[2011/11/18 09:37]  Fire Centaur: thanks so much!

[2011/11/18 09:37]  Buffy Beale: lol nice try Talk 🙂

[2011/11/18 09:37]  Zinnia Zauber: Thank you, Fire! Great stuff!

[2011/11/18 09:38]  Robo Mirabella: *applauds*

[2011/11/18 09:38]  bulaklak: Really interesting presentation! And now I know what SLOODLE is.

[2011/11/18 09:38]  Oronoque Westland: Fire, you are so HOT!

[2011/11/18 09:38]  Fire Centaur: hehe

[2011/11/18 09:38]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Who is interested in doing a field trip to Fire’s island to learn more?

[2011/11/18 09:38]  Buffy Beale: lol Oro

[2011/11/18 09:38]  Buffy Beale: I am Rik

[2011/11/18 09:38]  Mimi Muircastle: me!

[2011/11/18 09:38]  HB Eternal: field trip field trip

[2011/11/18 09:38]  Oronoque Westland: me me me

[2011/11/18 09:38]  Chayenn: i am too

[2011/11/18 09:38]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): nice

[2011/11/18 09:38]  Explorer (yousee.starsider): Yes!

[2011/11/18 09:38]  Zinnia Zauber: hand up for field trip!

[2011/11/18 09:38]  Red (talkwithmarie): .-‘`’-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-‘`’-.

[2011/11/18 09:38]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Fire, we’ll coordinate with you and find a time that works

[2011/11/18 09:38]  Jo Clarrington: Sounds like fun!

[2011/11/18 09:38]  Mimi Muircastle: field trips must return!

[2011/11/18 09:38]  Fire Centaur: Please let me know when u do the field trip

[2011/11/18 09:38]  Fire Centaur: and I will set up a tour for you

[2011/11/18 09:39]  Fire Centaur: currently I am making a five part mission

[2011/11/18 09:39]  Calliope Lexington: me too let me know

[2011/11/18 09:39]  Namaara MacMoragh: (love field trips)

[2011/11/18 09:39]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): I know its challenging given the time difference

[2011/11/18 09:39]  Buffy Beale: me too Namaara

[2011/11/18 09:39]  Fire Centaur: however, u might gett attacked by my dangerous floating Jellyfish

[2011/11/18 09:39]  Namaara MacMoragh: 🙂

[2011/11/18 09:39]  Fire Centaur: or sharks

[2011/11/18 09:39]  Yoda: Powerful you have become, the dark side I sense in you.

[2011/11/18 09:39]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): cool, something to look forward too

Written by: rikomatic