Transcript of NPC Meeting with Marion R Smeltzer of Archeology Island April 6

This is the full chatlog transcript of the April 6 Nonprofit Commons meeting in Second Life. Our featured speaker was Ms. Marion R Smeltzer, lead developer of Archeology Island on ScienceSim.

Read on for the full transcript of this interesting meeting!

April 6, 2012, 8:30am PST
Plush Nonprofit Commons Amphitheater

8:30am Introductions
8:40am TechSoup Announcements
8:45am Mentors Central
8:55am Marion R Smeltzer, Archeology Island
9:30am OpenMic/ Announcements


[08:30] DyVerse Jeffery-Steele (dyverse): hello to all multirasking this morning watching a discussion on mental health for national public health week
[08:30] Glitteractica Cookie: Let’s get this party started, shall we?
[08:30] Glitteractica Cookie: Is Alebez in the house?
[08:31] Glitteractica Cookie: not yet…?
[08:31] Panny Bakerly: /me wakes up to a party? Mmmm
[08:31] Glitteractica Cookie: OK, when she arrives, I’ll have her sit here, so the team can represent
[08:31] Flight Band: All Go
[08:31] Glitteractica Cookie: Every day is a party with the NPC
[08:31] Nova Saunders: lol
[08:31] Panny Bakerly: /me me like!
[08:31] Glitteractica Cookie: OK, on that note…
[08:32] Glitteractica Cookie: Good Morning and welcome to the nonprofit commons in Second Life meeting
[08:32] Calliope Lexington: hello buffy
[08:32] Glitteractica Cookie: We a re a communtiy of nonprfit employees ad friends of nonprofits and NGOs/Libraies
[08:32] Panny Bakerly: Hi Gentle
[08:32] Glitteractica Cookie: And we are a community that is run by TechSoup
[08:33] DyVerse Jeffery-Steele (dyverse): rah!! npc and techsoup
[08:33] Buffy Beale: hiii Calli great to see you πŸ™‚
[08:33] Calliope Lexington: πŸ™‚
[08:33] Glitteractica Cookie: Rik, your humble servant, is away this week
[08:33] Glitteractica Cookie: so I’m leading the meeting with my trusty community manager and right hand man, Bulaklak
[08:34] Glitteractica Cookie: Please will you all tell your fellow avatars your real life name, nonprofit org affiliation, location where you are sitting in the physical world, URL and twitter handle, if you are so inclined? These introductins will be archived in our wiki at
[08:34] Buffy Beale: Buffy Bye, Bridges for Women, Victoria BC Canada, @bridges4women
[08:35] Zinnia Zauber: Renne Emiko Brock-Richmond, President of Sequim Humanities and Arts Alliance, Sequim, Olympic Peninsula, Washington. @renneemiko
[08:35] Ethelred Weatherwax: Dave Dexter, Neenah Historical Society, Wisconsin USA
[08:35] Brena Benoir: Brenda Bryan, Preferred Family Healthcare, Kirksville, Missouri,, @brenabenoir
[08:35] Panny Bakerly: Jeanne Booth, Freeport Historical Society, Freeport, NY; @FrptHisSoc
[08:35] Glitteractica Cookie: I’m Susan Tenby, Online Community and Social Media director, TechSOup Global, San Francisco, USA @techsoup @suzboop on twitter. and I love my job! Seriously!
[08:35] Gentle Heron: Virtual Ability, Inc. with links to Facebook, twitter, blog on the home page
[08:35] Jen (jenelle.levenque): Bruce Hestley, Transgender American Veterans Association, Akron, OH,
[08:35] Dancers Yao: Kara Bennett, Elder Voices, Los Angeles, CA Health Care and Human Rights
[08:35] millay Freschi: Amy Cross Four Bridges project, Amnesty International, University of Maine, Maine
[08:36] Chayenn: Monique Richert, Protect Yourself 1, Inc., Baltimore, MD ,, @PY1US
[08:36] bulaklak: Michael DeLong, Online Community Manager at TechSoup Global, @MichaelDeLongSF @TechSoup, San Francisco, CA, United States
[08:36] alebez: Ale Bezdikian, Online Community Coordinator, TechSoup, San Francisco Ca. @TechSoup, @alebez
[08:36] orb Thursday: Ann Correia Four Bridges Bangor Maine orbweavers@twitter
[08:36] Dr. Gasior (stephen.xootfly): Stephen Gasior. Ph.D. Biology Instructor at U. of New Orleans and founder of Biological Interactive Objects for Science Education (BIO-SE) New Orleans. At my dinner table.
[08:36] James Carbetta: James Corbett, MissionV Education, Limerick Ireland, @MissionVHQ
[08:36] Glitteractica Cookie: (alebez, please join us up front)
[08:36] DyVerse Jeffery-Steele (dyverse): Ricky Davis San Antonio, @dyverse_steele, DJ for nonprofit commons HIV/AIDS peer support
[08:37] Kali Idziak: Jessica Dally, Community Voice Mail, Seattle, WA
[08:37] Zinnia Zauber: Hey you guys, please get your gift from the Peeps Group Hug next to the CommonGround sign in the front!
[08:38] Glitteractica Cookie: If you haven’t already done so, please Please will you all tell your fellow avatars your real life name, nonprofit org affiliation, location where you are sitting in the physical world, URL and twitter handle, if you are so inclined? These introductins will be archived in our wiki at
[08:39] Adalace Jewell: Corine van Hellemont, Rosa Library Brussels,
[08:39] Hour Destiny: Morris Cox, none currently, Mesquite NV, @morriscox Working on an app to be a “second memory”.
[08:39] Calliope Lexington: Beatrice Boccardi, Italy, Naples,, lboratory for scientific and cultural popularisation in the digital age
[08:39] Dreamingen Writer: /me takes a humble bow
[08:39] CarynTopia Silvercloud: Caryn Heilman, Topia Arts Center in the Berkshires of NW, MA but currently sitting in NYC,, @TopiaArtsCenter
[08:40] Nova Saunders: Nova Saunders archaeology Island
[08:40] Glitteractica Cookie: ANy more introductions?
[08:40] Glitteractica Cookie: There are a lot of you here today
[08:40] Buffy Beale: waves to milay πŸ™‚
[08:40] Glitteractica Cookie: I’d love to make sure you are all properly introduced
[08:41] Red (talkwithmarie): Marie C. Girls Project/Talk! with Marie, @talkwithmarie
[08:41] Glitteractica Cookie: really big turn-out
[08:41] Red (talkwithmarie): hi millay & Orb:)
[08:41] Jen (jenelle.levenque): 31 right now Glitter
[08:41] Hour Destiny: That’ll take hours. πŸ™‚
[08:41] millay Freschi: πŸ™‚
[08:41] orb Thursday: πŸ™‚
[08:41] Glitteractica Cookie: OK, last call for introductions… anyone else ready to intro themselves?
[08:42] Kira Komarov: Hello, Kira Komarov from Wizardry and Steamworks πŸ™‚


[08:42] Glitteractica Cookie: OK, I just wanted to take a moment to honor my amazing team mates, Ale and Bulaklak
[08:42] Buffy Beale: cheering!
[08:42] Red (talkwithmarie): woot!woot!
[08:42] Zinnia Zauber: Rah!
[08:42] Glitteractica Cookie: They have worked their little avatar behinds off over the past few months, but especially in the past two weeks
[08:43] Panny Bakerly: /me clap
[08:43] orb Thursday: yay!
[08:43] alebez: thanks, glitter
[08:43] Glitteractica Cookie: I am serious, after this NTC conference last week, I was seriously so aware of how good my team is
[08:43] bulaklak: *blush*
[08:43] DyVerse Jeffery-Steele (dyverse): o/
[08:43] DyVerse Jeffery-Steele (dyverse): || Yaaaaaaaay n Stuff!!!!!
[08:43] DyVerse Jeffery-Steele (dyverse): /
[08:43] DyVerse Jeffery-Steele (dyverse): techsoup guru’s
[08:43] Glitteractica Cookie: It’s really hard to find a great team, and I have one
[08:43] millay Freschi: β€šΓΊΓ±β€šΓΊΓ± YAYYYYY!!! β€šΓΊΓ±β€šΓΊΓ±
[08:43] Aletheia Lyre: yay!!!
[08:43] millay Freschi: hi lethy πŸ™‚
[08:44] Glitteractica Cookie: so, please follow them on twitter and get to know them, bc they are the bomb
[08:44] DyVerse Jeffery-Steele (dyverse): the NTC had some great looking topics one day I will be attending if just online
[08:44] Aletheia Lyre: hi – had trouble rezzing, had to get out, back.
[08:44] Glitteractica Cookie: it just ended Dy Verse
[08:44] Glitteractica Cookie: it was all week
[08:44] DyVerse Jeffery-Steele (dyverse): I know I was following some tweet chats
[08:45] Glitteractica Cookie: but we can see some in the archives
[08:45] Aletheia Lyre: ty
[08:45] Glitteractica Cookie: AleBez or Bulaklak, do you have any info you want to share about your experience at NTC this year?
[08:46] Glitteractica Cookie: interesting people you met or sessions you attended?
[08:46] bulaklak: Sure! I had a great time and learned a lot.
[08:46] Glitteractica Cookie:
[08:46] alebez: This was my first NTC! and it was magical.
[08:46] bulaklak: One of my favorite sessions was one on social media (surprise!)
[08:46] bulaklak: @CariGrls from @humanesociety spoke
[08:47] alebez: The session I most enjoyed was about how to best engage youth in social media. It was put on by an org called mosaic
[08:47] bulaklak: And I love the way she illustrated what not to do on social media by sharing past mistakes and lessons learned with the @humanesociety Twitter account
[08:47] bulaklak: It was a great example of practicing what she preached, i.e. transparency
[08:47] Aletheia Lyre: πŸ™‚
[08:48] bulaklak: All of the sessions have individual pages with shared notes
[08:48] Glitteractica Cookie: here are the notes from our session on having a virtual team:…
[08:48] bulaklak: Ale do you have the link to that?
[08:48] bulaklak: The myntc section?
[08:48] alebez: one sec
[08:48] Glitteractica Cookie: here are the notes from our session on the wiki
[08:49] Glitteractica Cookie: And here are all the notes from the entire conference:…
[08:49] Glitteractica Cookie: it was truly innovative to have live, collaborative note taking
[08:49] Glitteractica Cookie: Hashtag on twitter #12ntc
[08:49] bulaklak: Oh, cool. Thanks, Glitter.
[08:49] millay Freschi: excellent resource! thank you so much!!
[08:50] alebez: thanks, glitter
[08:50] Glitteractica Cookie: and each session also had its indiviudal hashtag, which are avalable on the notes pages, so you can see the live, back channel during each sessions
[08:50] Glitteractica Cookie: yes, it’s a great resource
[08:50] jacmacaire Humby: Hi everyone sorry to be in late..
[08:50] bulaklak: And here is an overview of all the sessions that TechSoup did. We had several across many teams!
[08:50] bulaklak:
[08:50] bulaklak: There will be more wrapups on our blog so stay tuned!
[08:51] Buffy Beale: great info thanks and hi jac πŸ™‚
[08:51] Hour Destiny: Drat. There was a session on Google for Nonprofits.
[08:51] Glitteractica Cookie: Yes, and I had a great coffee with Beth Kanter where she told me all her tricks about presenting and moderating
[08:51] Glitteractica Cookie: I’ll blog on that soon too.
[08:51] Glitteractica Cookie: She’s so methodical about presenting
[08:51] jacmacaire Humby: Jacques Macaire HUMANBE ACtion Tanl and Council on Sustainable development France and International @Humanbe
[08:52] bulaklak: Here is one by Carlos Bergfeld from our Content team. He led a session about tech planning, and then wrote this blog recap about a session he attended on the future of Internet rights
[08:52] bulaklak:
[08:52] Aletheia Lyre: Hello, everyone!
[08:52] Glitteractica Cookie: one quick tip I’ll share is that she goes to row feeder after her session, tracks which points or slides got the most buzz on twitter, and uses that info to adjust her next presentation
[08:52] Hour Destiny: Hello, Aletheia.
[08:52] Glitteractica Cookie: OK, enough on NTC, but it is truly my favorite conference of the year
[08:53] Glitteractica Cookie: and it was great to have such a strong team to be at my side
[08:53] Glitteractica Cookie: πŸ™‚
[08:53] bulaklak: Okay one last thing, Glitter got a Microsoft Kinect!
[08:53] bulaklak: =)
[08:53] millay Freschi: πŸ™‚
[08:53] Glitteractica Cookie: Oh yeah!!
[08:53] Aletheia Lyre: I teach Classics and Universal Design and Peace Studies at UMaine.
[08:53] Dr. Gasior (stephen.xootfly): whooo hooooo!
[08:53] Glitteractica Cookie: I was gifted a Kinnect by Microsoft
[08:53] Hour Destiny: Does the NTC have a presence in SL?
[08:53] Buffy Beale: Yayy Glitter that’s great!
[08:53] Glitteractica Cookie: So silly and fun
[08:54] Glitteractica Cookie: b/c of a dance-off
[08:54] Hour Destiny: Gratz, Glitteractica.
[08:54] Glitteractica Cookie: lol
[08:54] orb Thursday: πŸ™‚
[08:54] Glitteractica Cookie: I will put it in the techsoup office
[08:54] Glitteractica Cookie: and we can dance the evenings away to dance central 2
[08:54] Glitteractica Cookie: ok, enough on that


[08:54] Glitteractica Cookie: Mentors? Do you have an update?
[08:55] Glitteractica Cookie: hello? Mentors?
[08:55] Zinnia Zauber: We have Hour today!
[08:55] Hour Destiny: Am I the only one here? πŸ™‚
[08:55] Gentle Heron: Hour is presenting today.
[08:55] Zinnia Zauber: Sharing great resources!
[08:55] Buffy Beale: you’re the one Hour πŸ™‚
[08:55] Glitteractica Cookie: Go ahead Hour
[08:55] DyVerse Jeffery-Steele (dyverse): dyverse steele is my xbox live account πŸ™‚
[08:56] Glitteractica Cookie: If there is no mentor’s update, we can move on?
[08:56] Hour Destiny: Does anyone not have my Free or Low Cost Solutions for Nonprofits package?
[08:56] Buffy Beale: Hour is going to talk to day Glitter
[08:56] Glitteractica Cookie: Go ahead Hour.
[08:56] Gentle Heron: Glitter, Hour is representing the Mentors this morning.
[08:57] Glitteractica Cookie: We are all ears
[08:57] Hour Destiny: Hello all. I’m supposed to present on my Free or Low Cost Solutions for Nonprofits package.
[08:57] Glitteractica Cookie: We are running a little late, so please go for it
[08:57] Glitteractica Cookie: present away! πŸ˜‰
[08:58] Hour Destiny: There are actually a number of stuff online and offline that are free just for nonprofits or have a steep discount.
[08:58] Hour Destiny: TechSoup is a great example of one place.
[08:58] Hour Destiny: is another.
[08:59] Hour Destiny: They’ll help with web development and design, graphics design, projects consulting, content filtering, webhosting, and more. For freee.
[09:00] Hour Destiny: However, you must place their banner on your homepage and be willing and able to complete an annual survey.
[09:01] Hour Destiny: is even better. You can get Sharepoint hosting, as well as Windows and Linux hosting. You can even get Exchange email accounts, though those are limited to 5 accounts.
[09:01] Hour Destiny: They’ll pay for the domain name too. They just ask for a small text link to their nonprofit page on their site.
[09:02] Kira Komarov: why not use: instead?
[09:03] Hour Destiny:… has a nonprofit merchant account. $20/month with $0.24 1.74% – 3.09% per transaction, but no contract. The iPhone app is $0.99.
[09:03] Hour Destiny: Does Open-Xchange handle the hosting for you?
[09:04] Glitteractica Cookie: Wel,, we need to move on to our great guest soon, so if we can wrap it up soon, that would be good? This may be a longer conversation about Open Xchange
[09:04] Kira Komarov: nope, but you can get a hosting server and install it on that πŸ™‚ it cuts off some of the costs
[09:04] Glitteractica Cookie: ok, Hour, any more updates from your mentor team?
[09:04] Kira Komarov: Open Exchange is the open source equivalent of M$ Exchange
[09:04] Hour Destiny: will get you a free branded mobile web app for Android, iPhone, iPod, and iPad.
[09:04] Sister Abeyante: @Kira- cool if you have the tech ability to hoste your own hosting server.
[09:04] Glitteractica Cookie: For thos of you who don’t know, the mentors are great for you SL newbies to approach
[09:04] Kira Komarov: just a bit, but πŸ™‚ i am guessing that any sysadmin would do the job πŸ™‚
[09:04] Glitteractica Cookie: OK, anything else to add before we move on, Hour?
[09:05] Sister Abeyante: @Kira- sure wish our our had a sysadmin. LOL
[09:05] Glitteractica Cookie: (Kira, let’s continue the other conversation after)
[09:05] Hour Destiny: is great for doing Customer Relationship Management (CRM). You’ll get a bit more than what would usually cost $125/user/month.
[09:05] Kira Komarov: alright πŸ™‚
[09:05] Hour Destiny: I’ll stop there. If anyone has questions or content to add to what I have, please contact me.
[09:05] Glitteractica Cookie: Thanks Hour! Salesforce was very prominent in NTC this year
[09:06] Buffy Beale: great going Hour thanks!
[09:06] Sister Abeyante: @Hour- can you give us a linke to your package of info?
[09:06] Glitteractica Cookie: great product and very reasonable for nonprfotis
[09:06] Glitteractica Cookie: OK, without further ado…
[09:06] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you Hour for sharing during Mentors Central our 10 minutes of knowhow!
[09:06] CarynTopia Silvercloud: Very useful
[09:06] Glitteractica Cookie: Yes, thanks to our mentors, and please find them after the meeting for a meet and greet and welcoming session
[09:06] Gentle Heron: 10 minutes is never enough!
[09:07] Glitteractica Cookie: very knowledgeable group
[09:07] Zinnia Zauber: We got some great guest mentors coming down the pike!
[09:07] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you Hour!
[09:07] Glitteractica Cookie: No, if you all have the time, they are a great group to ask your live tech questions to, not only about SL, but also about all kind of technology
[09:07] Hour Destiny: You’re welcome.
[09:07] millay Freschi: thank you for the amazing resources hour!
[09:08] bulaklak: Thank you, Hour!
[09:08] Glitteractica Cookie: Yes, thanks Hour and the rest of the mentors. You all should stop by the techsoup forums and help answer nonprofit tech questions there too
[09:08] Glitteractica Cookie: Woo Hoo Mentors!
[09:08] Hour Destiny: March was my 18th anniversary of being on the Internet. πŸ™‚
[09:08] millay Freschi: :))
[09:08] Dr. Gasior (stephen.xootfly): congratulations, Hour.
[09:09] Nova Saunders: yes congrats
[09:09] Glitteractica Cookie: I love that you know your interneHappy Anniversary
[09:09] Glitteractica Cookie: That was two sentences that got mushed together, but you all get the idea


[09:10] Glitteractica Cookie: OK, NOW… without further ado…
[09:10] Glitteractica Cookie: Nova Saunders aka Marion Smeltzerin RL,
of the IUP Archaeological Services in
Indiana, PA to talk about the sim she built called *Archeology
Island * on the
ScienceSim (opensim) virtual
Archaeology Island consists of virtualizations of archaeological sites
investigated by faculty members in the IUP , including a Monongahela
Village, a Roman site in Cyprus, an underwater shipwreck, a Maya site in
Belize , and the Laurel Hill /Brown farm, was the site of an antebellum
community of former slaves.
[09:10] Glitteractica Cookie: Please give a warm round of applause to Nova Saunders!!
[09:10] Calliope Lexington: wow
[09:10] Glitteractica Cookie: Nova, please come on down!
[09:10] Buffy Beale: Cheering!
[09:10] Zinnia Zauber: Rah!
[09:10] Calliope Lexington: sounds great
[09:10] bulaklak: Wow that sounds really cool! Welcome!
[09:11] Glitteractica Cookie: The stage is yours Nova
[09:11] Jen (jenelle.levenque): ********APPPLLLAAAUUUSSSEEE********
[09:11] Nova Saunders: ty for the warm welcome and kind introduction
[09:12] Nova Saunders: I have my wonderful colleagues here to help me with questions
[09:12] Nova Saunders: Dr.Gasior and Kira Komarov
[09:12] Dr. Gasior (stephen.xootfly): /me waves
[09:13] Kira Komarov: /me waves
[09:13] Nova Saunders: I will try to just answer things relateing to the island
[09:15] Nova Saunders: so as u saw from the intro tha archaeology isalnd is compiles of actual excavations that have been investagated over the years from various field school outings
[09:15] Nova Saunders: as well as places from my home state of PA
[09:16] Kira Komarov: for a wonderful tour, you can watch:
[09:16] Nova Saunders: the layout of the island has a series of “E-Learning” panels that explain the different aspects of how archaeologist use scientif applications to interpret their findings and help us understand our past
[09:17] Glitteractica Cookie: Bulaklak will tweet that from @techsoup. What’s your project’s twtter handle?
[09:18] Hour Destiny: Kira, what are your plans next for the sim?
[09:18] Kira Komarov: it is not my sim πŸ™‚ in fact Nova made it all herself πŸ™‚ Stephen Xootfly and I just provided hosting
[09:18] Nova Saunders: then drom there an ava can see a late woodland area,petroglyphs,Belieze,Cyprus,a roman villiage, an underwater excavation that took place in lake Mich,and our latest area Laurel Hill farm
[09:19] Nova Saunders: lol..I had lots of help with my problems
[09:20] Nova Saunders: we also have a conference/lecture center for live presentations
[09:20] Dr. Gasior (stephen.xootfly): our only plans with Nova is to give her the resources adn space she needs for wonderful archaeology education activities.
[09:20] Nova Saunders: awwwwwwww
[09:20] Nova Saunders: ty ty
[09:20] Nova Saunders: and to keep me forever I hope
[09:20] Second Life: Items successfully shared.
[09:20] Nova Saunders: πŸ™‚
[09:21] Nova Saunders: we would love to have visitors visit all of our educationl sites
[09:21] Nova Saunders: so please pass the word along
[09:21] Sister Abeyante: @Nova- how do you get there?
[09:21] Kira Komarov: we develop on opensim, and one of the differences is that we have set-up a hypergird portal which is accessible at secondlife:/// from any world that has hyperjumps enabled
[09:21] Nova Saunders: Dr.Gasior and Kira will help u find the place
[09:22] Nova Saunders: they can show u the links
[09:22] Pathfinder Lester: Excellent. That means I can bring the Hypergrid Adventurers Club on a tour of your place.
[09:23] Pathfinder Lester:
[09:23] Nova Saunders: yes please do
[09:23] Aletheia Lyre: I’d like to bring my Classics students.
[09:23] Dr. Gasior (stephen.xootfly): yes, and our wiki has instructions as well.
[09:23] Dr. Gasior (stephen.xootfly): That would be great Pathfinder.
[09:23] Kira Komarov: that would be awesome πŸ™‚ we can discuss the specifics later if anybody is interested in permanently exchanging hyperlinks
[09:23] Nova Saunders: it’s a great place to just get a feel of what archaeologist REALLY do
[09:23] Hour Destiny: Post the URL(s) to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook?
[09:24] Nova Saunders: I tell ppl my job is 25% digging and 75% paper work
[09:24] Glitteractica Cookie: yes please
[09:24] Nova Saunders: but I truely love what I do
[09:24] millay Freschi: :))
[09:24] Buffy Beale: πŸ™‚ that’s great Nova
[09:24] Pathfinder Lester: Kira, I’ll add your hypergrid address to my list of places our group has visited on
[09:24] Kira Komarov: we can πŸ™‚ certainly, could you provide a list of @s?
[09:24] Kira Komarov: alright πŸ™‚ that is great
[09:24] Nova Saunders: and through the virtual plateforms I can share my love and knowledge to a larger audence
[09:26] Oronoque Westland: great that yiou are open to the public…I can bring my Africana Studies students
[09:26] Nova Saunders: I am also open for sugesstions on how I could help my fellow educators
[09:27] Kira Komarov: thank you πŸ™‚ i just checked, we are centered at 8000,8000… so if you are further away, the hyperjump may not succeed
[09:27] Nova Saunders: and we will have conferneces or eduation plans re; the region.
[09:27] Nova Saunders: opps ment in the region
[09:27] Nova Saunders: sorry
[09:27] Pathfinder Lester: you can use the addresses on my page to find waypoints between where you are and where you need to go on the hypergrid.
[09:28] Pathfinder Lester:
[09:28] Pathfinder Lester: easy workaround πŸ™‚
[09:28] CarynTopia Silvercloud: oh, good
[09:28] Glitteractica Cookie: Thanks Pathfinder!
[09:28] Dr. Gasior (stephen.xootfly): jumps to/from OS Grid WRight plaza and Scisim all work just great.
[09:29] Pathfinder Lester: my pleasure
[09:29] Kira Komarov: Pathfinder: nifty! so you map by subtracting 4096 and then calculating the jumps till you reach a grid that is less than 4096 away from the destionation?
[09:30] Pathfinder Lester: precisely
[09:30] Kira Komarov: hah! pretty cool xD
[09:30] Pathfinder Lester: at most you’ll only need 2 waypoints max
[09:30] Nova Saunders: I’m still adding things to the region but it’s still a good visual for educatores and the panels can be used for all grade levels
[09:30] Pathfinder Lester: typically, you just need to find a single waypoint, tho
[09:31] Sister Abeyante: @Pathfinder: I am new to this entirely, but I just wonder if that algorithm could be somehow automated… just a thought!
[09:31] Nova Saunders: would anybody else might wish to use your region for tours or education purposes.
[09:31] Pathfinder Lester: Sister, probably. I’m just lazy.
[09:31] Sister Abeyante: β€žΓ£Β°
[09:31] Oronoque Westland: @Nova, would you tell us a bit more about how you developed the sim
[09:32] Oronoque Westland: please
[09:32] Coughran Mayo: I wouldn’t have called it “lazy”
[09:32] Kira Komarov: sysadmins like chocolate and it doesn’t grow on trees is what i always say πŸ˜›
[09:32] Oronoque Westland: who is the contact person for Laurel Hill Farm, please
[09:33] Nova Saunders: well…Indiana University of Pennsylviana first started it here in SL then when the edu discount was dropped we didn’t bother to renew the lease
[09:33] Nova Saunders: I met Dr.Gasior some time inbetween that and he asked me to join his team
[09:34] Nova Saunders: so I took my memory and rebuilt it on the other sim
[09:34] Nova Saunders: of course I also used the pics and info from our university
[09:35] Hour Destiny: I’m a sysadmin and I like chocolate, but not like how my wife does. πŸ™‚
[09:35] Nova Saunders: all the excavation material info and pics are from our archaeological services dept at IUP
[09:36] Oronoque Westland: @Nova, so glad you were able to do that…too many good educational build in SL just went poof
[09:36] Nova Saunders: did I answer your question or was I babeling again?
[09:36] Coughran Mayo: does poof = relocation to a more favorable environment?
[09:36] Oronoque Westland: yes, thank you…the contact for the Hill please
[09:37] Oronoque Westland: poof = nonexistant
[09:37] Oronoque Westland: too many educational sims have just ceased to exist
[09:38] Nova Saunders: yes..SL is missing alot
[09:38] Kira Komarov: that is correct, BIO-SE is trying to drift off to opensim but there is not much progress there due to the lacky LSL implementation (notably, physics)…
[09:38] Nova Saunders: but we manage to survive on other plateforms
[09:38] Gentle Heron: For some of us, it’s easier to see those who have gone missing than to search out and support the ones coming in new… that skews our perceptions of the whole environment.
[09:39] Namaara MacMoragh: agreed, Gentle
[09:39] Nova Saunders: exactly
[09:39] Sister Abeyante: /me wonders how those that set up shop elswhere could be marketed within SL community so folks could interconnect better?
[09:39] Ozma Malibu: We have our sim through December and then not sure what will happen. Ideas welcome.
[09:39] Coughran Mayo: Yes Gentle, so right
[09:39] Ozma Malibu: (by “our” I mean ASU)
[09:40] Kira Komarov: if you are interested in linking up with BIO-SE, we are able to provide some assistance
[09:40] Nova Saunders: educators need to stick togather especially since there is a renewed interest in cyber schools
[09:40] Dr. Gasior (stephen.xootfly): it’s hard to build the postiive inertia for using VW in education, so costs associated with SL regions are always a sticking point.
[09:40] Nova Saunders: well there is in my area
[09:40] Buffy Beale: that’s great to hear Nova
[09:40] Hour Destiny: If you’re interested in 3D design, I suggest going to as their 3D software DAZ Studio Pro 4, Bryce 7 Pro, and Hexagon are free for now. Also, Unity3D is offering their iOS and Android packages for free till the 8th. Unity3D does 3D games.
[09:40] Nova Saunders: and I plan on being able to stay with the flow
[09:40] Sister Abeyante: Is there a clearing house for whats “out there” that could be somehow ported into SL?
[09:41] Oronoque Westland: @Nova, who is the contact person for Laurel Hill Farm, please?
[09:41] Hour Destiny: One could use HeroEngine for a VW. It’s a 3D MMO engine that’s free until you charge (and then the cost is 30% of revenue).
[09:41] Nova Saunders: I believe the Blairsvill Historical society is takeing on that project
[09:41] Kira Komarov: Sister Abeyante: in most cases, as Nova can confirm, given the hyperlink system that Pathfinder pointed out, there are many worlds out there that offer free content, or at least GPLd or CCd…. most of the things you have, you could probably replace by a free equivalent
[09:42] Nova Saunders: I only did the recreatations for them through our socialogy dept
[09:42] DyVerse Jeffery-Steele (dyverse): does daz studio let you create mesh objects ?
[09:42] Sister Abeyante: @Kira- that’s excellent. I was thinking more about how to get people to know they are there.
[09:42] Nova Saunders: it was a great sucess at the last presentation
[09:42] Hour Destiny: I do Hexagon does. I think the others do too.
[09:43] Kira Komarov: Sister Abeyante: Pathfinder’s system is pretty clever πŸ™‚ a unified effort could be made to create a website that implements Pathfinder’s system and it could be referenced on the opensim wiki as an universal gate system that links all the worlds…
[09:43] Hour Destiny: Hexagon also has a Second Life menu.
[09:44] Sister Abeyante: @Kira- brilliant! And by moving it to a wiki, it canbe easily “linked” to any sim in SL… click and end up at the wiki and then go from there?
[09:44] Hour Destiny:… Yes, DAZ does support mesh objects.
[09:45] Kira Komarov: Sister Abeyante: just a reference, because some worlds are already mentioned in the hypergrid section: however that requires manual input, unlike the system that Pathfinder has
[09:45] Pathfinder Lester: no, my system is just a manual list
[09:45] Pathfinder Lester: i didn’t do anything special, really
[09:45] Glitteractica Cookie: So, we have a few minutes left for our guest before we move to open mic
[09:45] Pathfinder Lester: i just keep track of addresses that our HGAC group visits, that’s all πŸ™‚
[09:45] Kira Komarov: but if it calculates the amount of jumps necessary, then it is still a big improvement
[09:45] Glitteractica Cookie: so, go ahead and ask yr burning questions
[09:45] Hour Destiny:…
[09:46] Pathfinder Lester: It’s a wonderful project, Nova. I’m reallly looking forward to exploring it.
[09:46] Sister Abeyante: I have a question- if one is a newbie at hypergrid/opensim stuff..where is the best place to begin learning?
[09:46] Glitteractica Cookie: good question
[09:46] Buffy Beale: great question Sister
[09:47] Nova Saunders: great and please take your students there as well
[09:47] Coughran Mayo: The Hypergrid Explorers Club
[09:47] Glitteractica Cookie: link?
[09:47] Dr. Gasior (stephen.xootfly): Hypergrid business has a lot of great articles in addition to BeCunning. . .
[09:47] Glitteractica Cookie: do they have an informational website
[09:47] Oronoque Westland: A class at Lehigh Univ has been working on Useful Links about Second Life … perhaps that could be expanded to the metaverse
[09:47] Sister Abeyante: Tutorials anywhere?
[09:47] Dr. Gasior (stephen.xootfly):
[09:47] Coughran Mayo: yes, Maria Korlov writes extensively about this
[09:47] Sister Abeyante: And I mean the BASICS.
[09:47] Pathfinder Lester:
[09:48] Glitteractica Cookie: thanks path
[09:48] Nova Saunders: I will be adding links to my region so ppl can go there for more info of the area
[09:48] Pathfinder Lester: here’s Maria’s intro to the hypergrid:
[09:48] Kira Komarov: Sister Abeyante: i would guess the opensim wiki has some info on that but MAY provide some more detailed assistance in the future…
[09:49] Sister Abeyante: Great- has anyone created an OpenSim that teaches… about Open Sim use? LOL
[09:49] Dr. Gasior (stephen.xootfly): the BIO-SE wiki will at sooooome point. . . . like after semester is over . .
[09:49] Oronoque Westland: @Nova, please provide your contact info
[09:49] Glitteractica Cookie: yes, and twitter handle URL for this project so we can write/tweet about it
[09:49] Kira Komarov: indeed, we are manually ripping out some bugs, working our way around others… however, we think we have found something that is at least sustainable
[09:49] Nova Saunders:
[09:50] Pathfinder Lester: Fleep Tuque is great at introducing folks to opensim. on her FleepGrid she has a bunch of 3d models that explain how opensim works. very creative.
[09:50] Pathfinder Lester: http://fleepgridcom/
[09:50] Nova Saunders: I answer that email first
[09:50] Pathfinder Lester: doh, i mean
[09:50] Sister Abeyante: Thanks, Pathfinder!
[09:50] Oronoque Westland: thanks Nova…I will contact you
[09:50] Nova Saunders: awesome
[09:51] Nova Saunders: ty ty
[09:51] Glitteractica Cookie: any last questions for our fabulous guest?
[09:51] Buffy Beale: looking forward to exploring it
[09:51] Jen (jenelle.levenque): Wow
[09:51] millay Freschi: excellent! another great resource and i loved the video!
[09:52] Nova Saunders: πŸ™‚
[09:52] Red (talkwithmarie): awesome Nova!
[09:52] Dr. Gasior (stephen.xootfly): /me claps for Nova
[09:52] Nova Saunders: did u hear the mucis in the background?
[09:52] clap clap
[09:52] Pathfinder Lester: thank you Nova
[09:52] Adalace Jewell: need to go. thank you for the meeting
[09:52] Kira Komarov: /me cheers
[09:52] Sister Abeyante: Thanks! Wonderful info!
[09:52] super interesting!
[09:52] thank you nova
[09:52] Nova Saunders: ty ty
[09:52] Glitteractica Cookie: Any final points you want to bring up?
[09:52] Oronoque Westland: so great to “hear” about
[09:52] Buffy Beale: cheering!
[09:52] Gentle Heron: Thank you Nova and colleagues for sharing with us.
[09:52] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you!
[09:52] Thank you
[09:52] Namaara MacMoragh: thank you (applause)
[09:52] Glitteractica Cookie: OK, if not, I also want to echo thanks!
[09:53] Glitteractica Cookie: Thanks for sharing with us


[09:54] Glitteractica Cookie: OK, we are at the part of the meeting where we share with our community members… open mic time
[09:54] Pathfinder Lester: /me claps
[09:54] Glitteractica Cookie: Does anyone have an announcement for the larger group?
[09:54] Gentle Heron: I do.
[09:54] Zinnia Zauber: yes please
[09:54] Namaara MacMoragh: raises hand
[09:54] Glitteractica Cookie: Ok, ZInnia and Gentle
[09:54] Glitteractica Cookie: then Namaara
[09:54] Glitteractica Cookie: Any more?
[09:55] Glitteractica Cookie: Bulaklak.. Do you have any quick TechSOup updates to add to the mix?
[09:55] bulaklak: Yes!
[09:55] Glitteractica Cookie: OK, let’s start with Zinnia
[09:55] bulaklak: And thank you Buffy for getting me the latest and greatest
[09:55] Buffy Beale: πŸ™‚
[09:55] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you
[09:55] Glitteractica Cookie: Go ahead Zin
[09:55] Zinnia Zauber: CommonGround Networking Party is Third Thursday! So that is April 19
[09:56] Zinnia Zauber: our color theme is PINK!
[09:56] Glitteractica Cookie: what time?
[09:56] Zinnia Zauber: I have put out a gift for you all next to the sign in front
[09:56] Zinnia Zauber: the party is 5 to 7 PM SLT
[09:56] Zinnia Zauber: Enjoy networking and dancing among other nonprofits and supporters! Learn more about what nonprofits, educators, humanitarians, scientists, and artists accomplish in Second Life at the Nonprofit Commons at this fun and informative event.
[09:56] Zinnia Zauber: It is a wonderful time to make new connections and build community!
[09:57] Zinnia Zauber: We have DJ DyVerse and a fun theme every month!
[09:57] DyVerse Jeffery-Steele (dyverse): it sure is !!!
[09:57] CarynTopia Silvercloud: I enjoy them.
[09:57] Glitteractica Cookie: Thanks Zinnia and the Common Groud group!
[09:57] Zinnia Zauber: Please join us and please get your free gift! It is the Peeps Group Hug! The green one is special for Buffy!
[09:58] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you! We have an awesome team!
[09:58] Glitteractica Cookie: Right on!
[09:58] Glitteractica Cookie: Ok, anything else? Or shall we pass the mic to Gentle?
[09:58] Glitteractica Cookie: OK, Gentle.. yer up!
[09:58] Buffy Beale: lol Z
[09:58] Gentle Heron: April is Autism Awareness Month. Numerous autism support groups exist in Second Life, although few are active. The Autism Society of America is a branch of the RL ASA nonprofit. Brigadoon Explorers is part of the Dreams community, and operates entirely in Second Life.
[09:59] Gentle Heron: MEETINGS
Autism Society of America meets the first Saturday of each month.
Sat APRIL 7, 5pm SLT
[09:59] Gentle Heron:
This month, the discussion will be about the new CDC report that estimates on in 88 children are born with an autism spectrum disorder.
[09:59] Glitteractica Cookie: Great use of SL and a long-standing community
[09:59] Gentle Heron: *one in 88
[09:59] Gentle Heron: For more information, contact Brett Stand.

Brigadoon Explorers meets every Wednesday at 5pm SLT.
[09:59] Gentle Heron:
For more information, contact Ariel Miranda.
[09:59] Gentle Heron: (done)
[09:59] Glitteractica Cookie: Thanks Gentle!
[10:00] Glitteractica Cookie: Namaara, you are up
[10:00] Namaara MacMoragh: Thanks to everyone for supporting the events during Brain Injury Awareness Month. This month Etopia Sims are celebrating five years of eco-educations, sustainability, and nonprofit support. I’m setting up the rest of the calendar and sim events so please check out for more information. We’ll be presenting on Cooperatives And Economic Empowerment this Sunday at 12:30 pm SLT. Thanks
[10:00] Buffy Beale: nice going Namaara!
[10:00] Namaara MacMoragh: πŸ™‚
[10:00] Glitteractica Cookie: Thanks Namaara… all great uses of this community platform
[10:00] Glitteractica Cookie: Bulaklak… you are up
[10:00] bulaklak: We have two online events coming up this month at TechSoup
[10:01] bulaklak: On April 17 we have the next in our Nonprofits Live online interactive event series hosted by InKenzo
[10:01] bulaklak: The topic will be green tech!
[10:01] bulaklak: RSVP here:
[10:01] Buffy Beale: Yay Ink!
[10:02] bulaklak: We also have a webinar on QuickBooks on April 18
[10:02] bulaklak: QuickBooks made easy!
[10:02] bulaklak: Register here:
[10:02] Glitteractica Cookie: OK, thanks Bulaklak… can you post our links to find us online btw meetings, not in-world
[10:02] bulaklak: And therese are all the ways you can keep in touch
[10:02] DyVerse Jeffery-Steele (dyverse): raises hand
[10:02] bulaklak: Nonprofit Commons blog:

Google Group:
Google Calendar:

About TechSoup:

Weekly Networking Event: Wharf Ratz, Aloft, Tuesdays, 7-9pm SLT
Aloft Nonprofit Commons (168,22)…

Monthly Networking Event (3rd Thursday):
Common Ground, Plush, 5PM-7PM SLT
Plush Nonprofit Commons (128,22)…
[10:02] Glitteractica Cookie: Thanks Bulaklak…
[10:02] Glitteractica Cookie: DyVerse… yes?
[10:03] bulaklak: (thganks Buffy)
[10:03] Buffy Beale: welcome bulaklak πŸ™‚
[10:03] Glitteractica Cookie: We need to end, as we are at time, but I’ll let DyVerse give the update he was about to give
[10:03] Glitteractica Cookie: DyVerse?
[10:03] DyVerse Jeffery-Steele (dyverse): on August 4th and 5th I will be bringing in seminars from the international aids conference 2012 right hereon health commons
[10:03] DyVerse Jeffery-Steele (dyverse):…
[10:03] Glitteractica Cookie: Cool stuff!
[10:04] DyVerse Jeffery-Steele (dyverse): that is a link to the schedule so far
[10:04] Glitteractica Cookie: Thanks for letting us know… remind us closer to the time too
[10:04] Glitteractica Cookie: OK, that is all we have time for today folks
[10:04] Buffy Beale: Glitter just a reminder that the mentors meet after a short break so anyone with questions or needing help please join us all welcome
[10:04] Glitteractica Cookie: Thanks for showing up and sending another 90 mins with us
[10:04] Pathfinder Lester: take care folks. have a good weekend
[10:04] Glitteractica Cookie: yes, mentors will be here, thanks Buffy
[10:04] millay Freschi: thanks so much! so love what you’re doing :))
[10:04] DyVerse Jeffery-Steele (dyverse): hey john have a good weekend
[10:04] Glitteractica Cookie: Thanks to all of you for your generosity of sprit and time!
[10:04] Zinnia Zauber: Mentors Meeting at 10:10!
[10:05] Dr. Gasior (stephen.xootfly): thanks to you for hosting. : )
[10:05] Zinnia Zauber: Go get your tea refill!
[10:05] Sister Abeyante: Great topics- thanks!
[10:05] Nova Saunders: ty ty for the time here
[10:05] Glitteractica Cookie: See you all next week and I hope you all relax this weekend
[10:05] Nova Saunders: it was great meeting every one
[10:05] Glitteractica Cookie: Follow @npsl on twitter to stay up to date
[10:05] DyVerse Jeffery-Steele (dyverse): diet dr pepper i miss my diet dr pepper drinking penguin buddy
[10:05] Glitteractica Cookie: 39 avatars were here today!
[10:05] Glitteractica Cookie: thanks all
[10:06] Glitteractica Cookie: bye!
[10:06] Glitteractica Cookie: I gotta fly!

Written by: rikomatic