Transcript of NPC Meeting for May 4 2012

May 4 , 8:30am PST

Plush Nonprofit Commons Amphitheater


• 8:30am Introductions
• 8:40am TechSoup Announcements
• 8:45am Mentors Central: Sister Abeyante on Evernote
• 8:55am Discussion about new NPC Survey
• 9:30am OpenMic/ Announcements


[08:31] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): looks like folks are rezzing in so we can get started
[08:31] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Hi folks, I’m Rik Panganiban, community manager of the Nonprofit Commons, the worlds largest and best virtual community for nonprofits!
[08:31] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Thanks for coming to our Friday morning meetup
[08:32] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): I’m joined up here on the green stools by Glitteractica and Bulaklak, my colleagues at TechSoup
[08:32] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Also Alebez is in the audience from our team at TechSoup
[08:32] Glitteractica Cookie: Bonjour
[08:32] alebez: Good morning everyone
[08:32] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): As always we begin our meetings with introductions
[08:32] bulaklak: Salut
[08:33] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Please type into the text chat (if you wish) your real life name, location in the world, organization, URL and twitter handles
[08:33] HB Eternal: Harold W Becker, The Love Foundation, Florida, @lovefoundation
[08:33] Buffy Beale: Buffy Bye, Bridges for Women, Victoria BC Canada, @bridges4women
[08:33] Zinnia Zauber: Renne Emiko Brock-Richmond, Sequim Humanities and Arts Alliance, Sequim, Olympic Peninsula, Washington. @renneemiko
[08:33] Chayenn: Monique Richert, Protect Yourself 1, Inc. Baltimore Md,,, @PY1US
[08:33] Gentle Heron: Virtual Ability, Inc. and we noted that a couple of folks attended our Mental Health Symposium (and Coughran’s presentation) due to our blog posts:
[08:33] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): this is for us now and for our transcript later
[08:33] Brena Benoir: Brenda Bryan, Preferred Family Healthcare, Kirksville, Missouri,, @brenabenoir
[08:33] Sister Abeyante: Sister Patrice Colletti, SDS Milwaukee, WI *** @SisterAbeyante *** @TechTips4Usds *** as well as a volunteer with Virtual Ability, Inc.
[08:33] Ethelred Weatherwax: Dave Dexter, Neenah Historical Society, Wisconsin USA
[08:33] alebez: Ale Bezdikian, TechSoup, SF, Ca. @TechSoup, @alebez
[08:33] bulaklak: Michael DeLong, online community manager, TechSoup, San Francisco, United States,, @TechSoup @MichaelDeLongSF
[08:33] Zotarah Shepherd: BEACH College, Santa Rosa, CA
[08:34] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): I’m Rik Panganiban, in Oakland CA, working for, , @betterverse @npsl
[08:34] Katherine Cunningham (kcunning): RTI International. RTP, USA
[08:34] Glitteractica Cookie: Susan Tenby, Onlien community and social media director, techSoup Global. Logging in today from Santa Ynez california, @suzboop @techsoup
[08:34] Kali Idziak: Jessica Dally, Community Voice Mail, Seattle, WA @jessicadally @cvmnational
[08:34] DyVerse Jeffery-Steele (dyverse): Ricky Davis unemployed rl @dyverse_steele hiv/aids and chronic illness peer support online DJ
[08:34] DyVerse Jeffery-Steele (dyverse): San antonio
[08:34] Par (parhelion.palou): Henry Higgins, TechSoup contractor & generic volunteer, north of Baltimore MD, no URLs or twitter
[08:34] bulaklak: Michael DeLong, online community manger, TechSoup, @TechSoup @MichaelDeLongSF, San Francisco
[08:34] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): there’s nothing generic about you, Par!
[08:34] Jen (jenelle.levenque): Bruce Hestley, Transgender American Veterans Association, Akron, OH,
[08:35] Ronnie Rhode: Denise Harrison, The Garden for the Missing, and SLURL, Project Jason, assistance for families of the missing,
[08:35] Coughran Mayo: Dick Dillon, Innovaision, LLC, St. Louis MO @coughran, @innovaision and come see my new facebook page!
[08:35] CarynTopia Silvercloud: Caryn Heilman, Topia Arts Center, in the Berkshires in NW MA, @topiaartscenter
[08:36] Sarvana Haalan: Sally S. Cherry, Baltimore, MD @CherryNetwork, @SarVana
[08:36] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): great anyone else?
[08:37] Red (talkwithmarie): Marie C (aka Red), Girls Project, greater Boston, @talkwithmarie
[08:37] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): fantastic


[08:38] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): let’s kick it off with some updates from TechSoup, the managers of the Nonprofit Commons
[08:38] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Bulaklak?
[08:38] bulaklak: Hello!
[08:38] bulaklak: I hope everyone is well today.
[08:38] Sarvana Haalan: Hello
[08:39] bulaklak: Our founder and co-CEO Daniel Ben-Horin, whom some of you may remember having come to speak here last year, has a new piece up on the Huffington Post
[08:40] bulaklak: It’s quite interesting, discussing how the International Olympics Committee (IOC) has attracted the ire of internet activists with its draconian squeezing of London in the upcoming 2012 Olymics
[08:40] bulaklak: It’s well worth a read, and even more worth a thoughtful comment
[08:40] bulaklak: Please take a look at that here
[08:41] bulaklak:
[08:41] bulaklak: We also have a webinar coming up on May 10 in conjunction with our donor partner SAP, where you can learn all about creating effective reports with the data your org already is collecting
[08:42] bulaklak: Register for that free webinar here
[08:42] Sarvana Haalan: awesome
[08:42] bulaklak: And lastly, we have another great episode of Nonprofits Live coming up
[08:42] bulaklak: This one may be of particular interest to all you
[08:42] bulaklak: It will cover the topic of gaming for good
[08:42] Glitteractica Cookie: It’s a shame In Kenzo isn’t here to talk about it
[08:42] bulaklak: That is on May 16
[08:43] bulaklak: Yes, InKenzo is our emcee for these events, as you all probably know
[08:43] Glitteractica Cookie: we are picking up where we left off with the games for change/serious social gaming community
[08:43] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): 3 of my favorite people are speaking!
[08:43] Buffy Beale: cheering for Ink!
[08:43] Glitteractica Cookie: Barry Joseph , Ben Stokes and whom?
[08:43] Coughran Mayo: Will Jane McGonigal be there?
[08:43] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Josephine dorado
[08:43] Glitteractica Cookie: LOL… I wish Coughran
[08:43] Glitteractica Cookie: Oh yes, Josephine!
[08:43] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): although Jane is cool too
[08:44] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): ah there she is
[08:44] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): hi In K!
[08:44] Glitteractica Cookie: Jane McGonigal is usually pretty diffcult to pin down
[08:44] bulaklak: Please register for that here:
[08:44] Coughran Mayo: could always ASK Jane, who knows?
[08:44] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): we were just bragging about your NP live event!
[08:44] Glitteractica Cookie: Um, I have ASKED Jane
[08:44] Glitteractica Cookie: she hasn’t responded to any of the emails I have sent her for teh past few years
[08:44] InKenzo at Amoration (in.kenzo): Hi – Evonne @amoration from SF today
[08:44] Glitteractica Cookie: she also charges a lot of $$ to speak
[08:45] bulaklak: Jane is busy speaking at the Herbst Theater for the City Arts and Lectures series on PBS =)
[08:45] bulaklak: At any rate, I think ours is a great lineup
[08:45] bulaklak: And I am really looking forward to it!
[08:45] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): In Kenzo, anything else folks sholud know about the next NP Live?
[08:45] InKenzo at Amoration (in.kenzo): May 16th at 11AM – come ask your questions of the experts!
[08:45] InKenzo at Amoration (in.kenzo): I’m inviting some fun people for the chat audience this time
[08:46] Glitteractica Cookie: Tell the nice avatars a little more about the content of the event, In Kenzo
[08:46] InKenzo at Amoration (in.kenzo): For this episode of Nonprofits Live we will focus on gaming and play with youth (and youth of all ages 🙂
[08:46] InKenzo at Amoration (in.kenzo): games for causes
[08:46] InKenzo at Amoration (in.kenzo): organizations creating experiences
[08:46] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): wow nice
[08:46] InKenzo at Amoration (in.kenzo): platforms for change via play
[08:47] InKenzo at Amoration (in.kenzo): Barry Joseph, Josephine Dorado, Ben Stokes are all joining us live
[08:47] InKenzo at Amoration (in.kenzo): and some special guests
[08:47] InKenzo at Amoration (in.kenzo): a great place to ask your questions on gaming
[08:47] InKenzo at Amoration (in.kenzo): and other nonprofit technology needs 🙂
[08:47] InKenzo at Amoration (in.kenzo): RSVP via Eventbrite to get the link sent to you….
[08:47] bulaklak:
[08:48] Glitteractica Cookie: it shuold be a good one.
[08:48] bulaklak: Chayenn is here, right?
[08:48] Glitteractica Cookie: yes
[08:48] bulaklak: I hope she can come to this event!
[08:48] Gentle Heron: /me nudges Chayenn.
[08:48] Chayenn: i will
[08:48] InKenzo at Amoration (in.kenzo): we use the hashtag #NPlive – for 5/16 11AM we’ll also use #gaming. Join us there in Watchitoo!
[08:48] Glitteractica Cookie: we hope all of you will
[08:48] bulaklak: Cheynn spoke at the last Games for Health conference and mentioned TechSoup =)
[08:49] Zinnia Zauber: Awesome!
[08:49] InKenzo at Amoration (in.kenzo): great!
[08:49] Glitteractica Cookie: we are going to remount an effort we were trying to get off the ground a few years back
[08:49] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): nice
[08:49] Chayenn: and will at the in DC
[08:49] InKenzo at Amoration (in.kenzo): please join us on the event
[08:49] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): ok anything else from TechSoup?
[08:49] Chayenn: PY1 has a NGO booth at the world aids conference
[08:49] InKenzo at Amoration (in.kenzo): we love your participation :){
[08:49] bulaklak: Yes, I owe you some pamphlets and things for that
[08:49] Glitteractica Cookie: there are still some flip video cameras available on TechSoup and some new Dell data phones, if you all are interested
[08:49] Chayenn: yes please
[08:50] bulaklak: And that’s all I got for today. Everyone have a great Friday! And an even greater weekend! See you next week.
[08:50] InKenzo at Amoration (in.kenzo): thanks MDL!
[08:50] Panny Bakerly: Sorry I’m late.
[08:50] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): np, panny


[08:50] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): we are just at our next item: Mentors Corner
[08:50] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): I mean Central
[08:50] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Who speaks for the Mentors today?
[08:50] Zinnia Zauber: Yes! Today we have Sister Abeyante!
[08:51] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): woo hoo!
[08:51] Zinnia Zauber: She has a lot to share with us today!
[08:51] Sister Abeyante: Hi All- should I put my avi on a stool up front?
[08:51] Zinnia Zauber: Please
[08:51] Glitteractica Cookie: yes
[08:51] Gentle Heron: Go for it, Sister.
[08:51] Sister Abeyante: Thanks!
[08:51] Sister Abeyante: And hi everyone.
[08:51] Sarvana Haalan: Discuss NPSL at a local Meetup last night
[08:52] Sister Abeyante: Let me know when to start, please.
[08:52] Buffy Beale: Hi Sister 🙂
[08:52] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): go for it!
[08:52] Sister Abeyante: Ok. Great!
[08:52] Sarvana Haalan: Hello Sister
[08:52] Sister Abeyante: Hello, everyone. This morning I’ll be sharing briefly about Evernote, a powerful free tool I have been using to organize information for several projects.
[08:52] Sister Abeyante: Since organizing information is probably part of all of our jobs, I hope this introduction to Evernote is helpful in your own work.
[08:53] Sister Abeyante: I’ll present in text. But, (and this is cool!) if you prefer a voice translation, please copy/paste the following link into your browser on your computer, put on your headphones, and then minimize the browser window so you can see Second Life.
[08:53] Sister Abeyante: Now, the product you’llbe using is still in beta, it’s not yet perfect.
[08:53] Sister Abeyante: But, fun to try if oyu have audio and flash on your computer.
[08:53] Glitteractica Cookie: I love evernote
[08:53] bulaklak: Ooh, I love Evernote!
[08:54] Sister Abeyante: If the link I paste doesnt work for you- don’t sweat it. Everything will also be in the chat stream
[08:54] Sister Abeyante: LINK>>>>
[08:54] Sister Abeyante:…
[08:54] Sister Abeyante: The link is from a free Second Life text-to-voice translator called “Ferd’s Chat to Speech v1.6 Universal Web Translator “ [free at Phaze Demesnes (209, 200, 23)] that provides alternative access to chat.
[08:54] Sister Abeyante: I’ll also do a “shout out” for SpeakEasy, the free Second Life HUD that allowed me to prepare this text-based presentation in advance, and now present it to you merely by clicking.
[08:54] Sister Abeyante: (In other words, I’m not typing madly into the chat stream. I’m sitting back and enjoying my own profound words! Ha ha!)
[08:54] Gentle Heron: HINT FOR LINK- You need to press “start”
[08:54] Coughran Mayo: I need that one
[08:54] Sister Abeyante: ah- thanks, Gentle.
[08:54] Zinnia Zauber: It is really cool!
[08:55] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): (a commercial in the middle of a presentation. nice!)
[08:55] Sister Abeyante: Also hint for link- you can minimize your browser after you start it.
[08:55] Sarvana Haalan: IBelieve it or not… I have never used Evernote… LOL, LOL
[08:55] Sister Abeyante: Oh, Rik- it’s part of the presentation.
[08:55] bulaklak: Wow, this is kind of cool. The pronunciation is really smooth, too.
[08:55] Sister Abeyante: 🙂
[08:55] Sister Abeyante: I’ve put both the SpeakEasy HUD and a copy of these notes from the presentation into the dispenser up here. Please, help yourself.
[08:55] Sister Abeyante: The dispenser is to your right.
[08:55] Sister Abeyante: Anyway, let’s talk about Evernote, a tool for info-maniacs like me- and like you.
[08:56] Sister Abeyante: ** Evernote is a well-developed commercial product that can be used for note taking and archiving of information from almost anywhere into a single place. From there, you can organize it and share it with others to collaborate.
[08:56] Sister Abeyante: Using Evernote, my notes, web clips, file attachments, images, and even written text are available on my laptop, desktop(s), mobile smart phone, and any computer connected to the internet.
[08:56] Sister Abeyante: Yes, Evernote even uses basic OCR (optical character recognition) to convert handwritten text to searchable text.
[08:56] Sister Abeyante: ** Evernote is a desktop client (Windows and Macintosh operating systems).
[08:56] Sister Abeyante: It is also a browser-based program, running in common browsers.
[08:57] Sister Abeyante: It has mobile versions (apps) for multiple mobile operating systems.
[08:57] Sister Abeyante: And, there’s even a portable version that can be run off your flash drive or U3 drive.
[08:57] Sister Abeyante: ** I’ve only used the Evernote free version- it’s been more than adequate for my needs over the past several months or so. Here’s the link.
[08:57] Sister Abeyante: The free version allows you to “synch” things to the Evernote server up to a particular data limit per month. I have not yet maxed that out.
[08:58] Sister Abeyante: Evernote is also available in a premium version which offers fewer restrictions.
[08:58] Sister Abeyante: ** Since some of you are wondering- let me briefly address the limits here.
[08:58] Sister Abeyante: With the free account, you can save massive amounts of information: 100,000 notes,
[08:58] Sister Abeyante: 250 synchronized notebooks, unlimited non-synched notebooks, 10,000 tags, and 100 saved searches.
[08:59] Sister Abeyante: ** I have found Evernote to be very user friendly, with a fast-reading online “Getting Started” guide, and a Knowledge base for FAQs.
[08:59] Sister Abeyante: I found it very intuitive.
[08:59] Sister Abeyante: ** So, what can you do with Evernote?
[08:59] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): 100,000 notes! wow
[09:00] Sister Abeyante: (By the way, if your audio via the text-to-chat starts repeating itself? It’s just because we are maxing it out… try turning it off with the STOP then back on_)
[09:00] Sister Abeyante: anyway…continuing on…
[09:00] Sister Abeyante: You can collect and store “Notes” which are any single digital item you wish to save.
[09:00] Sister Abeyante: You can organize them into “Notebooks”, which are containers for the notes that you set up.
[09:01] Sister Abeyante: You can organize the Notebooks into “Notebook Stacks” if you wish.
[09:01] Sister Abeyante: You can also tag items with multiple topical tags to allow you to sort and search across Notebooks.
[09:01] Sister Abeyante: And, best of all for me, you can synch all this across all your computers, phones, and other devices.
[09:01] Sister Abeyante: ** Here’s a quick screenshot to show you how intuitive this is.
[09:01] Sister Abeyante: On the left is a list of current Notebooks.
[09:02] Sister Abeyante: On the right is how the items in each notebook are displayed. The ones you see are for a project I am working on looking at deployment of information and communications technologies in developing countries.
[09:02] Sister Abeyante: I have circled where you can “Tag” items with tags that you designate, to make searching easier across Notebooks.
[09:02] Sister Abeyante: ** So far, I have found Evernote to be very versatile. You can use this program to gather and organize on an ongoing basis.
[09:02] Sister Abeyante: I guess this list could be endless in this day of information super-access!
[09:03] Sister Abeyante: Any Evernote users here who would add something to this list?
[09:03] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): the multi-platform capabilities are what make it work for me
[09:03] bulaklak: I agree that the cross-platform syncing is one of the best features
[09:04] bulaklak: I also like that you can embed photos and audio!
[09:04] Gentle Heron: I liked it because it was simple enough even *I* could figure out how to use it.
[09:04] Sister Abeyante: /me nods
[09:04] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): also you can scrape websites and save it to evernote
[09:04] Sister Abeyante: ** While I have not yet used this feature much yet, it looks like Evernote is also well designed for collaborative sharing of information.
[09:04] Sister Abeyante: ** For me, Evernote is becoming a project powerhouse- organizing web clippings as I discover them, allowing me to add comments to what I clip,
[09:05] Sister Abeyante: allowing me to add PDFs and other documents as attachments, and allowing me to grab photos or images pertinent to my projects.
[09:05] Sister Abeyante: ** How can you get started? Here’s the link to the site.
[09:05] Sister Abeyante: Follow the steps to download the program and create a free account.
[09:05] Sister Abeyante: ** Here’s the link to the “Getting Started” guide,
[09:05] Sister Abeyante:
[09:05] Sister Abeyante: That’s all I used to get going, and it worked!
[09:06] Sister Abeyante: So.. have fun with this tool! I hope it makes your work more productive and fun, as it did mine!
[09:06] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): awesome presentation!
[09:06] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): we have time for questions
[09:06] bulaklak: Very cool! And I loved the voice stream.
[09:06] Eliza (eliza.madrigal): thanks! I’ve wanted to know about this… someone mentioned it the other day for the first time
[09:07] Sister Abeyante: /me nods… the voice stream even works if there’s no audio/voice enabled on a sim.
[09:07] Hour Destiny: You can also get Evernote as a mobile app.
[09:07] Gentle Heron: Note: We’re working on a way to re-embed the stream into SL, so it will work in SL voice…. avoiding the drag on Ferd’s servers of us each and every one working directly on our own!
[09:07] Sister Abeyante: Yes- mobile on all platforms- and synching across platforms is one of its strenghts.
[09:08] Sarvana Haalan: ello, I recent shared info about TechSoup at a local Meetup and in a recent article… Tech Social Change;
[09:08] bulaklak: I’ve heard really good things about its website and blog, although I haven’t spent much time there. Has anyone else?
[09:08] Sarvana Haalan: sorry… wrong window
[09:08] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Sister Abeyante, what are other comparable products to Evernote people might consider as an option?
[09:09] Sister Abeyante: There are other notetaking products out there.
[09:09] Sister Abeyante: I’ve only tried this one so far- and liked its ease of use and
[09:09] Sister Abeyante: robust ability on the free version.
[09:09] Sister Abeyante: So… I’ve stuck with it! LOL
[09:09] Sister Abeyante: What about the rest of us here- others you have found like it?
[09:10] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): I suppose Google Docs is one
[09:10] Jen (jenelle.levenque): What is “stacking notes?
[09:10] Sister Abeyante: Not sure if it has all the same capacities.
[09:10] bulaklak: Microsoft has OneNote. Does anyone use that?
[09:10] DyVerse Jeffery-Steele (dyverse): Microsofts one one sounds similar
[09:10] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): right
[09:10] DyVerse Jeffery-Steele (dyverse): one note
[09:10] DyVerse Jeffery-Steele (dyverse): I have used it as a student
[09:10] Sister Abeyante: “Note stacks” are collections of notes- kind of like organizing all your folders on your desk in your office into file cabinets.
[09:11] Sister Abeyante: Actually, it’s “notebook stacks”- so picture a pile of notebooks! hahaha
[09:11] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): sounds like my office
[09:11] Par (parhelion.palou): They should’ve called them “notebook piles”
[09:11] Sister Abeyante: Ok- any other comments or questions?
[09:11] Hour Destiny: There are mindmapping programs/apps like
[09:12] Sister Abeyante: Yes! I love mindmapping!
[09:12] bulaklak: Cool, thanks Hour!
[09:12] Hour Destiny: I do use OneNote. I like it better than Evernote myself.
[09:12] Sister Abeyante: I use CMAPS constantly, too- but for different purposes.
[09:12] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): mindmapping is a whole other discussion that we should ahve
[09:12] DyVerse Jeffery-Steele (dyverse): pinterest can be used as a way to collect notes on websites with pictures since you can write notes on the pictures and include urls
[09:12] Gentle Heron: /me agrees with Par… the archaeology method of dating files on my physical desktop.
[09:12] Sister Abeyante: Ok…well thanks for letting me share a bit about this free version of Evernote.
[09:12] Gentle Heron: Thanks also for sharing the two nifty tools you used, Sister!
[09:13] Eliza (eliza.madrigal): Thanks Sister
[09:13] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): awesome lesson today from the Mentors, thanks so much sister abeyante
[09:13] Gentle Heron: That really was a triple treat presentation!
[09:13] Sister Abeyante: Oh, you’re welcome-
[09:13] Sister Abeyante: Always good to share “what works” with others! LOL
[09:13] Hour Destiny: OneNote is also available on the iPhone, since I see it installed on mine.
[09:13] bulaklak: Thanks, Sister Abeyante!
[09:13] Sister Abeyante: /me smiles.
[09:13] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): ok well we had schedules a talk today from the founder of Kids4Horses VW
[09:13] Panny Bakerly: Does anyone know the differences between Evernote and Onenote?
[09:13] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): unfortunately she has a personal crises and can’t be joining us today
[09:14] Eliza (eliza.madrigal): sorry to hear
[09:14] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): she sends her regrets and hopes to join us soon
[09:14] Buffy Beale: cheering Sister, great job and aww that’s too bad Rik
[09:14] Hour Destiny:


[09:14] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): But that leaves me some time to talk about the survey that several have probably already received about the NPC
[09:14] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): here’s the link
[09:14] Hour Destiny: that is
[09:14] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel):
[09:14] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you, Sister! Great tool sharing!
[09:15] Sister Abeyante: You’re welcome.
[09:15] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): have folks filled out the survey yet?
[09:15] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): it should only take a few minutes of your time
[09:15] Gentle Heron: How were we supposed to hear about the survey, Rik? This is the first time I’ve heard of it.
[09:15] Hour Destiny: Likewise.
[09:15] HB Eternal: I did already
[09:15] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): sorry we distributed via email to our member groups, via FB, Twitter, the blog, and email
[09:16] Gentle Heron: I must not be in any of those groups.
[09:16] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): anyway you can do it later today
[09:16] Sister Abeyante: (Hate to interrupt- but I found an answer to a question asked earlier comparing various noteclipping apps:
[09:16] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Basically its a way for the managers of the NPC to check in to make sure that we are serving our community, and how we can do our job better
[09:16] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): (thanks, sister)
[09:17] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): But I thought we might spend some time this morning, if that’s okay, discussing some of the relevant questions as a group.
[09:17] Buffy Beale: great idea
[09:17] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Firstly, What activities / services at the Nonprofit Commons do you find the most valuable for you and your organization?
[09:18] Buffy Beale: having the free office space for one
[09:18] Red (talkwithmarie): i secodn that buffy:)
[09:18] Hour Destiny: I would say this meeting.
[09:18] Buffy Beale: the weekly meetings are key though so I really appreciate these
[09:18] Buffy Beale: me too Hour
[09:18] Zinnia Zauber: Networking and education and social ties
[09:19] Red (talkwithmarie): networking opps
[09:19] Gentle Heron: For me, the office space isn’t useful. It’s the networking with other nonprofits that helps my organization.
[09:19] Sarvana Haalan: networking
[09:19] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Gentle, we appreciate the honesty. It’s good for us to know what ISN’T useful too!
[09:20] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): on a related note: What services / activities do you wish that the NPC provided more of?
[09:20] Coughran Mayo: I like that Wharf Ratz thing, but maybe that’s just me
[09:20] HB Eternal: we like the meetings and also our office space as we often gather in it spontaneously and hang out with discussions
[09:20] Gentle Heron: (((Coughran)))
[09:20] Red (talkwithmarie): and monthly common party, wharf weekly get togethers
[09:20] Zinnia Zauber: I think office space is important and needs to be engaging and active.
[09:20] Dancers Yao: The office space helps us as a place to bring people to learn about our org and other NP groups
[09:20] Zinnia Zauber: Wharf Ratz and CommonGround are team building events.
[09:21] Panny Bakerly: Like to have more of those.
[09:21] Hour Destiny: Some sort of “wizard” to help organizations find what they’re looking for.
[09:21] Sarvana Haalan: Who is that Big Guy always hanging out at the Wharf? lol, lolThe Wharf Ratz and CommonGrounds are great events for networking and just getting to know members better…
[09:21] Gentle Heron: Hour, there are TP boards listing all the NPC members.
[09:21] Buffy Beale: yes the events are important
[09:22] Buffy Beale: But I see Hour’s point Gentle
[09:22] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): so do folks wish we had MORE events here?
[09:22] Zinnia Zauber: Yes!
[09:22] Sarvana Haalan: Yes
[09:22] Red (talkwithmarie): yes!
[09:22] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): What could we do to make the NPC even better?
[09:22] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): and more helpful for your group?
[09:22] Buffy Beale: they’re listed according to office but no quick way to find if you know the name
[09:23] Red (talkwithmarie): also more trainings outside of weekly mtg. (skill-building and relevant)
[09:23] Hour Destiny: Yes, but one doesn’t necessarily know what those organizations do/provide. A way to only show what one is looking for could be quite useful.
[09:23] Buffy Beale: Hour there’s a little symbol but it’s not that easy to figure out
[09:23] Gentle Heron: Hour, I think that’s the idea behind the offices.
[09:23] Sarvana Haalan: and maybe more mixed reality events… the SF online meetup got the attention of several local colleagues
[09:23] Ethelred Weatherwax: It would be nice if Tech Soup folks would show up at NPC events besides the Friday meetings
[09:24] Buffy Beale: and a grand signature event would be good, like our anniversary
[09:24] Gentle Heron: Red, there are already SO MANY skill trainings in SL, what could NPC offer that would be UNIQUE and USEFUL?
[09:24] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Ethelred, I hear you. Evening events are hard for many of us to attend on staff.
[09:25] Hour Destiny: I know of many nonprofits that are leery of Second Life. What can be done to remove that fear/concern?
[09:25] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): On a more personal note: What would you like to learn or develop in the coming year, related to your nonprofit?
[09:25] Zinnia Zauber: Encouraging inclusive images on the NPC website about all the different orgs here. Photos would be nice.
[09:25] Gentle Heron: Hour, that could be a unique NPC topic that could be addressed.
[09:25] Buffy Beale: or even to promote to bring in more
[09:25] Zinnia Zauber: It makes what we do here actual.
[09:25] bulaklak: That’s a great question, Hour.
[09:25] Sarvana Haalan: LOL, LOL… I working as hard as I can in my local area…
[09:26] Hour Destiny: Finding the “pain points” of nonprofits and addressing them.
[09:26] Buffy Beale: Often I attend TechSoup online events and it would help if the NPC was promoted there
[09:26] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Hour, we do our best to present SL as a place where “real world impact” happens.
[09:26] Red (talkwithmarie): my idea of training is the “10 minute” or so tip sharing thats done weekly where im at ease and dont feel like a newbie because im learning in the company of people i know or may relate to some of the nonprofit challenge questions I may have. Just a thought. not a necessaity
[09:26] Buffy Beale: or a big splash on the TechSoup website
[09:26] Gentle Heron: /me thinks Red just voted for Mentor Corner!
[09:26] Sarvana Haalan: I had an interesting discussing with MD Commission for NonProfits… many see it as a “gamr” so more education is needed
[09:27] Sarvana Haalan: *game
[09:27] Sister Abeyante: I am wondering if there’s a way to get the word out about upcoming NPC or Techsoup events…about a month in advance. I only seem to find out about them a day or so ahead… at the most, a week ahead.
[09:27] Hour Destiny: Game or XXX content, yeah. 🙁
[09:27] Gentle Heron: Coughran, you ought to present your 8 points here.
[09:27] Zinnia Zauber: Yah!
[09:27] bulaklak: True, Buffy. We have been doing more cross-promoting of the NPC blog recaps of this meeting on the TechSoup blog.
[09:27] Buffy Beale: That’s great bulaklak it all helps 🙂
[09:28] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Sister Abeyante, we do promotions for our major events like our annivesary, TS Digs, the winter faire. But otherwise we don’t get much traction from promtions that are more than a week ahead.
[09:28] Coughran Mayo: I only present my 8 points when I am getting paid to do that
[09:28] Sarvana Haalan: I posted NPSL events on my Facebook page mainly to show local folks what is going on inworld
[09:28] Sarvana Haalan: lol, lol
[09:28] Zinnia Zauber: Are these Friday meetings posted in the SL Events?
[09:28] Buffy Beale: lol C
[09:28] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Zinnia, yes, usually
[09:28] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): but no one responded to my last question yet:
[09:28] Sister Abeyante: Well, Rick- then how would someone schedule in advance so they can attend and get the ADA access needed to participate?
[09:28] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): What would you like to learn or develop in the coming year, related to your nonprofit?
[09:28] Sister Abeyante: *Rik
[09:29] Zinnia Zauber: I know that several of us do posts on social media sites to help promote what is happening.
[09:29] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): (but that’s a good point, Sister.)
[09:29] bulaklak: That is a point well-taken Sisater Abeyente. Some of that has to do with us actually moving the production cycle of the events up, so they are booked further in advance. We are slowly moving the needle on that but it takes time! It’s a switch and it takes time to get everyone on board with thinking long-term.
[09:29] Buffy Beale: I would like to learn about some of the other virtual worlds
[09:29] Sarvana Haalan: How to conduct a live stream or mixed reality event? I was asked if our local meetups would be live. The local organizer would like to make that possible.
[09:30] Buffy Beale: that’s a good one too Sar
[09:30] Sarvana Haalan: 🙂
[09:30] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Good one, Sarvana. We have learned a lot of hard lessons from doing those.
[09:30] Gentle Heron: I doubt that’s a 10 minute skill development, though.
[09:30] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): What would other people like to learn or develop for themselves?
[09:30] bulaklak: I think Alebez would agree with me on that one. =)
[09:30] Zinnia Zauber: Many events are planned in advance, so how can TS help with them?
[09:31] Hour Destiny: I’m learning 3D game design. I think that could be very useful for nonprofits.
[09:31] Sarvana Haalan: There is a videographer in th egroup but with no vw experience… they should be applying for New Tenant membership once their equipment is upgraded
[09:31] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Zinnia, I’m sorry I don’t understand your question?
[09:32] Zinnia Zauber: bulaklak mentioned something about planning ahead
[09:32] Zinnia Zauber: So, I was thinking how can TS help share these plans earlier.
[09:32] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): ah gotcha
[09:33] Sister Abeyante: /me agrees with Zinnia about planning ahead.
[09:33] Zinnia Zauber: I have to plan things years in advance for the work I do.
[09:33] Hour Destiny: Also, “Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker is fun, free, open source and makes it easy for kids and adults to make their own games!” might be useful.
[09:33] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Any other personal goals that people would like to share?
[09:33] Zinnia Zauber: So, I think if we could share with the world what we do here it could create more engagement.
[09:33] Sister Abeyante: /me considers that most nonprofit folks have to plan to attend things weeks or months in advance- it might increase particiaption if theres a way to plan ahead.
[09:33] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): It’s good for us to know how the NPC might help nonprofits and their staff / volunteers become better at their jobs
[09:34] Sister Abeyante: RE: Planning ahead for parrticipation- “Just in Time” doesnt apply if one doesnt have time enough to manage time. LOL
[09:34] Gentle Heron: Also, Rik, since for many (most?) of us here, this is in addition to/outside of our “real” nonprofit jobs, even if NPC is your job at TechSoup, we have to figure ways to squeeze NPC into our already full schedules.
[09:34] Zinnia Zauber: Very often people who are not in SL ask me about what we do here because I post it on Facebook. How could we capture what we do here to share with those who can not attend?
[09:34] Sarvana Haalan: I have created a “Events and “Virtual Happenings” board on Pinterest…
[09:35] Gentle Heron: cool Sarvana!
[09:35] Sarvana Haalan: I have been posting pins about NPSL
[09:35] Zinnia Zauber: Awesome Sar!
[09:35] Sarvana Haalan: it is a great tool for nonprofits
[09:35] Red (talkwithmarie): yay Sar!
[09:35] Coughran Mayo: /me likes Sarvana Pinterest boards!
[09:35] Sarvana Haalan: Thanks
[09:35] Hour Destiny: Does Pinterest still require invites?
[09:35] Zinnia Zauber: (note to self: Ask Sar to do a Mentor Central about Pinterest.)
[09:36] Buffy Beale: it’s a great one Sar good job
[09:36] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Gentle, I hear you. But everyone here has personal goals they have for themselves, I would thnk.
[09:36] Buffy Beale: lol Z good catch!
[09:36] Sarvana Haalan: Please… the nonprofits in my Facebook network sees the “Likes”
[09:36] Zinnia Zauber: All this before my first cup of coffee! lol
[09:36] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): I for example would like to be better a video production and mobile app development
[09:36] Sarvana Haalan: slow but steady climb up the hill… LOL, LOL
[09:36] bulaklak: Here is a link to the Upcoming tech events calendar that you can add any event to and it feeds onto the TechSoup site in several places:
[09:36] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): and get better at integrating science content into my projects
[09:37] bulaklak: I also would like to know more about video production, especially editing.
[09:37] Jen (jenelle.levenque): There are so many great tools out there. I’m absolutely innundated with accounts and passwords and requests for more registrations
[09:37] Red (talkwithmarie): I would like to learn to do machinima (basic) in sl in order to produce short interviews via sl. I know there are many resources and experts among us and in sl but it hasnt happened yet (or havent found a way to make it happen)
[09:38] Jen (jenelle.levenque): Anyone got any ideas on how to get a handle on it?
[09:38] bulaklak: And it’s been years since my last HTML brush-up, so I’d love to learn HTML 5 and brush up on XML, also
[09:38] Sister Abeyante: Jen- do you mean like a way to organize accounts passwords etc?
[09:38] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Jen, that’s tough
[09:38] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): I have the same issue
[09:38] Jen (jenelle.levenque): Yes
[09:38] Sister Abeyante: I use LastPass
[09:38] Jen (jenelle.levenque): I’m also using 3 different computers for various things
[09:38] Sister Abeyante: Free- versitile- accessible from any computer via the internet.
[09:39] Jen (jenelle.levenque): The last thing I want is all my accounts in the cloud somewhere
[09:39] Sister Abeyante: KeyPass is one you can put on a flashdrive and take with you. Also free
[09:39] Par (parhelion.palou): Trust the cloud … what could happen? 😉
[09:39] Sarvana Haalan: I am up on html it’s th eother languages that I have no clue about. smiles
[09:39] Par (parhelion.palou): /me likes KeyPass
[09:39] Jen (jenelle.levenque): hehe
[09:40] Sister Abeyante: KeyPass Portable App- runs from a flash drive. As secure as your pocket or purse. LOL (Actually, it is password protected)
[09:40] Hour Destiny: bulaklak:
[09:40] Sister Abeyante: (but easier to lose than “the cloud”)
[09:40] Par (parhelion.palou): Use a decent pass phrase and nobody will get your passwords from KeyPass
[09:40] bulaklak: Thanks, Hour
[09:40] Sister Abeyante: Exactly ,Par- I meant losing the flash drive itself. HAHA
[09:41] Coughran Mayo: I always use “password” it’s so easy to remember
[09:41] Hour Destiny:
[09:41] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): ok this is getting too specific
[09:41] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): trying to keep on general ideas about NPC and how it can help our community and you
[09:41] Zinnia Zauber: Besides talking tech, I think NPC could be a resource for people to understand more the laws that gover what nonprofits can do.
[09:41] Sister Abeyante: Well, it looks like “password management” is a need though.
[09:41] Jen (jenelle.levenque): Maybe a presentation on how to organize tools and registrations
[09:41] Gentle Heron: /me was reminded recently to LIE (yes lie!) when setting up answers to security questions like “mother’s maiden name” or “street you lived on as a child” since those are now so easy for the Bad Guys to discover online.
[09:41] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Cool, thanks Jen
[09:42] Sarvana Haalan: ditto
[09:42] Gentle Heron: That’s a good topic, Zinnia, the legal business of being a nonprofit. Also, not a ten minute one.
[09:42] Zinnia Zauber: Yes
[09:42] Jen (jenelle.levenque): Then you have to remember which lie you told
[09:42] Jen (jenelle.levenque): /me lol
[09:42] Red (talkwithmarie): hehe
[09:42] Hour Destiny: Don’t ever use information about yourself that you or someone else has posted online ever.
[09:42] Gentle Heron: /me nods to Jen.
[09:42] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Ok thanks for brainstorming with us,
[09:43] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Do please take time to fill out the questionnaire
[09:43] Jen (jenelle.levenque): I have a book on Nonprofit governance from the Bar Association
[09:43] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel):
[09:43] Gentle Heron: Genealogy and personal location and number info has already been posted. Bet on it.
[09:43] Sarvana Haalan: What about “Privacy” I have discovered that many npos doe not understand th steps to “protect” their sites
[09:43] Sister Abeyante: Well, if we are talking presentations- someone could do one on “how to create an easy and secure password and remember it”
[09:43] Jen (jenelle.levenque): Bought one for each board member
[09:43] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): I’ll also email and Group post it again to the SL groups
[09:43] Sarvana Haalan: Please do… awesome!!!!
[09:43] Hour Destiny: Use passphrases, not passwords.
[09:43] Sister Abeyante: “Free online survey tools”
[09:44] Jen (jenelle.levenque): What makes a good survey?
[09:44] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): last call for suggestions and ideas before the Open Mic!
[09:44] Jen (jenelle.levenque): How to design a good survey
[09:44] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): cool
[09:44] Sarvana Haalan: What about a Facebook Mentors Group?
[09:44] Gentle Heron: Jen, we should get the folks from RTI to speak to that topic, designing survey questions that get the data you need
[09:44] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): thanks everybody. Awesome ideas and participation
[09:45] Zinnia Zauber: I suggest that we have another brainstorming session so more NPC peeps can be part of.
[09:45] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): RTI does want to come back, so that makes sense
[09:45] Jen (jenelle.levenque): Sounds good Gentle
[09:45] Zinnia Zauber: Lots of great ideas here and more to come!
[09:45] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Zinnia, this isn’t the last time we’ll bring this up
[09:45] Sarvana Haalan: Thanks for asking for our input!!
[09:45] Zinnia Zauber: Super!
[09:45] Jen (jenelle.levenque): Just stick around for the Mentors Meeting
[09:45] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): we’ll do an initial data analysis and bring it up again here
[09:45] Jen (jenelle.levenque): Right after a word from our sponsor
[09:45] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): ok lets move on
[09:45] Sarvana Haalan: lol, lol


[09:46] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Who has announcements for the Open Mic?
[09:46] HB Eternal: raises hand
[09:46] bulaklak: I do!
[09:46] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): woah
[09:46] Gentle Heron: /me raises hand.
[09:46] Jen (jenelle.levenque): Raises Hand
[09:46] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): okay who else?
[09:46] Sarvana Haalan: Atlantic Tea is my sponsor … lol, lol
[09:46] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): HB you are up
[09:46] HB Eternal: We had another amazing virtual version of Global Love Day here in SL this week on May 1. It started with venues from Australia in the morning and ended with our own beach party on one of our sim locations. We have had 2 more CNN iReport articles written about us again (7 so far since we came to SL)
[09:47] HB Eternal:
[09:47] Sarvana Haalan: great
[09:47] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): congrats!
[09:47] HB Eternal: In RL this was our 9th year celebrating our humanity each May 1st with events held around the world and over 375 proclamations from governors, mayors and councils
[09:47] Brena Benoir: Great job HB!
[09:47] HB Eternal: We love being out in SL and NPC – and appreciate all the support
[09:48] Chayenn: Yes great HB
[09:48] Zinnia Zauber: Awesome HB!
[09:48] Gentle Heron: Congrats HB.
[09:48] Sarvana Haalan: Have a good discussion with some local nonprofits at a local meetup… was asked to present again…Direct them to the NPSL website
[09:48] Robo Mirabella: you go HB – love is all there is!
[09:48] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): ok Bulaklak you are up
[09:49] bulaklak: The 1440 Foundation is awarding up to three $25k prizes Up to three winners take home $25k apiece for the best new ideas to develop and share self-awareness, authenticity, trust, and empathy through technology.
[09:49] Red (talkwithmarie): ooh
[09:49] bulaklak: Find out more about that here:
[09:49] Sarvana Haalan: nice…
[09:49] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): sweet
[09:50] bulaklak: I also just wanted to reiterate in response to the event promotion topic that came up before: please feel free to add events to this Upcoming stream that is featured on TEchSoup in several places
[09:50] bulaklak:
[09:50] bulaklak: Thanks!
[09:50] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): thank you
[09:50] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Gentle, you are up
[09:50] Gentle Heron: I have two announcements this week.
[09:50] Gentle Heron: This Saturday at 12:30pm SLT, Slatan Dryke (member of several mentor groups in SL) will present about Second Life Terms of Service and Community Standards.
[09:50] Gentle Heron: You’ll want to attend and get updated, since you signed these legal documents when you created your account, and it’s likely that their wording has changed since then. (You are legally bound to the current wording, whether you have read it or not.)
[09:50] Gentle Heron: Yellow Hibiscus Cabana, Virtual Ability Island
Send me an IM if you want a notecard reminder.
[09:51] Coughran Mayo: /me raises hand
[09:51] Gentle Heron: ALSO

Please note that Wednesday May 9 is Global Accessibility Awareness Day.
[09:51] Gentle Heron: Global Accessibility Awareness Day is a community-driven effort. Its goal is to raise the profile of digital (web, software, mobile app/device, touch screen kiosk, etc.) accessibility and people with different kinds of disabilities.
[09:51] Gentle Heron: There are awesome events scheduled all over the world. What can we each do here in SL to increase awareness of accessibility?
[09:51] Gentle Heron: How about talking up this new text-to-speech tool Sister shared today? It’s so helpful for people with dyslexia, visual impairment, or those of us who have attention issues with plain text.
[09:52] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): good suggestion. the space is yours to use of course
[09:52] Gentle Heron: Let’s expand the accessibility conversation!
[09:52] Gentle Heron: (done, thanks)
[09:52] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): thank you, gentle
[09:52] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Jen?
[09:52] Jen (jenelle.levenque): June is Pride month. There is an event here put on by Second Pride that will be hosted on 6 sims from June 22 through July 6. More information in our office (#1) or contact me directly.
[09:52] Sarvana Haalan: I will blast it out… 🙂
[09:53] Jen (jenelle.levenque): Any monies over expenses will be donated to a charity
[09:53] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): wonderful Jen
[09:53] Jen (jenelle.levenque): Last year it was RL but this year they plan to use it for SL based organizations
[09:53] Sarvana Haalan: great…
[09:54] Gentle Heron: Jen, are the RL and SL Pride events linked?
[09:54] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): It’s been awhile since we’ve had an update on the LGBTQ communities in SL at the NPC
[09:54] Jen (jenelle.levenque): Also, there will be free space for nonprofits to display
[09:54] Buffy Beale: that’s great Jen
[09:54] Jen (jenelle.levenque): No this is the only international pride event
[09:54] Sarvana Haalan: any graphics available for the mentioned events?
[09:54] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Would be good to have a weekly NPC meeting forcused on that
[09:54] Jen (jenelle.levenque): Lot of Europeans involved
[09:54] Jen (jenelle.levenque): Chair is a former US Marine
[09:55] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Jen, maybe you and 1-2 other people could talk about it here?
[09:55] Jen (jenelle.levenque): I have a box in my office
[09:55] Jen (jenelle.levenque): Be glad to
[09:55] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): pick a date in June and get back to me
[09:55] Sarvana Haalan: what is the LM for your office?
[09:55] Jen (jenelle.levenque): If anyone thinks of some questions that would be appropriate, please send them to me
[09:56] Jen (jenelle.levenque):
[09:56] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): great
[09:56] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Okay last one from Coughran
[09:56] Coughran Mayo: Zinnia and I are both presenting at the Federatl Consortium of Virtual Worlds in two weeks
[09:56] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): go ahead sir
[09:56] Sarvana Haalan: Thanks
[09:56] Jen (jenelle.levenque): Office #1 in the SW corner of Plush
[09:56] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): congrats! I’m jealous
[09:56] Coughran Mayo: I believe most of this conference can be accessed online
[09:56] Sarvana Haalan: yep
[09:57] Coughran Mayo: instructions at the website
[09:57] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): tell those cats we want them to come talk at the NPC some time
[09:57] Zinnia Zauber: I am excited that several of my students and fellow grads from U of WA will be presenting as well,
[09:58] Zinnia Zauber: I hope you guys can join us online.
[09:58] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): you guys will be great
[09:58] Sister Abeyante: Zinnia, does that Consortium only focus on SL, or other VWs as well?
[09:58] Zinnia Zauber: All VWs
[09:58] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): lots of VWs
[09:58] Coughran Mayo: all 10 million of them
[09:58] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): exactly
[09:58] Par (parhelion.palou): even the VW Beetle
[09:58] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): ok I think we are at our time
[09:59] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): but thanks for another stimulating NPC meeting
[09:59] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): check the blog for the transcript of this session if you missed anything
[09:59] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): otherwise, we’ll see you soon here at the NPC!
[10:00] Zinnia Zauber: Mentors Meeting in 5 minutes.
[10:00] Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): take care all
[10:00] Zinnia Zauber: Go get your refuel!
[10:00] alebez: have a great weekend, all.
[10:00] Buffy Beale: Bye all have fun
[10:00] Jen (jenelle.levenque): Right Zinnia
[10:00] Eliza (eliza.madrigal): Thanks everyone, informative meeting much appreciated

Written by: rikomatic