Transcript of October 19th meeting – featuring Jeroen Frans


[08:32] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Welcome everyone to this week’s Nonprofit Commons Weekly Meeting!

[08:33] Rhiannon Chatnoir: The Nonprofit Commons in Second Life is sponsored by TechSoup Global and is a program of the TechSoup Global Community & Social Media team.


[08:33] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Today’s Agenda:

  • 8:30 am Introductions
  • 8:40 am TechSoup Announcements
  • 8:45 am Mentors Central – 
  • 8:55 am Jeroen Frans: “Tools for Virtual Engagement”
  • 9:30 am Open Mic / Announcements

[08:33] Rhiannon Chatnoir: First a few links to start off the meeting.

[08:34] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Here are the many ways to can get involved with the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life:


 – Nonprofit Commons Blog:

 – Wiki:

 – Twitter:

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About TechSoup the sponsors of the Nonprofit Commons:








[08:34] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Again – Hello everyone, let’s start off with Introductions!

[08:34] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Please state your real name, location, org, and the ways we can find you online.

[08:34] Buffy Beale: Buffy Bye, Bridges for Women, Victoria BC Canada, @bridges4women

[08:34] Chayenn: Monique Richert, Protect Yourself 1, Inc., Baltimore , Maryland,,, @PY1US

[08:34] Orange Planer: Orange Planer – I’m a dude who eats people.

[08:34] Orange Planer: But not here.

[08:34] Zinnia Zauber: Renne Emiko Brock-Richmond, Sequim Humanities and Arts Alliance, Sequim, Olympic Peninsula, Washington. @renneemiko

[08:34] Dancers Yao: Kara Bennett, Elder Voices, Inc Los Angeles, CA Health Care and Human Right

[08:35] Gentle Heron: Virtual Ability, Inc.

[08:35] Ethelred Weatherwax: Dave Dexter. Neenah Historical Society, wisconsin USA

[08:35] Frans Charming: Jeroen Frans, Amsterdam, Vesuvius Group,

[08:35] Jerry Buchko: Jerry Buchko, MA AFC | Counselor, Coach, & Tutor of Personal Finance in Private Practice | | @jerrybuchko

[08:35] Brena Benoir: Brenda Bryan, Preferred Family Healthcare, Kirksville, Missouri,, @brenabenoir

[08:35] alebez: Ale Bezdikian, TechSoup Global, SF, ca. @TechSoup, @alebez

[08:35] Ozma Malibu: Sandy Andrews, Floaters Org, tech outreach in Arizona, Mexico and On the Road, @ozma

[08:35] Maika Giordano: Mari Carmen Gil, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK

[08:36] bulaklak: Michael DeLong, Online Community and Social Media, TechSoup Global,, @mmdelong @TechSoup, San Francisco, CA

[08:36] Nicki Clary: Nancy Smyth, University at Buffalo School of Social Work

[08:36] Rhiannon ChatnoirRhiannon Chatnoir is Joyce Bettencourt, Community Organizer of NonProfit Commons (@NPSL), Boston, MA area –, @RhiannonSL

[08:36] Adalace Jewell: @adalace RoSa Library Brussels (Belgium)

[08:37] CarynTopia Silvercloud: caryn Heilman, Topia Arts Center,, @TopiaArtsCenter in the Berkshires of NW, MA

[08:37] jacmacaire Humby: Hi everyone

[08:37] Rhiannon Chatnoir: if you are just coming in, please introduce yourself 🙂

[08:37] Jerry Buchko: Hi Jac

[08:38] Buffy Beale: hi Jac

[08:38] jacmacaire Humby: Jacques Macaire HUMANBE Action Tank and Council on Sustainable Development France and International @Humanbe

[08:38] Ronnie Rhode: Denise Harrison, The Garden for the Missing, and SLURL Remora (203,148,21), Project Jason, assistance for families of the missing,

[08:38] jacmacaire Humby: Hi Jerry and Buffy

[08:38] Namaara MacMoragh: Gloria Kraegel with Brain Energy Support Team, WA, http://brainenergysupportteam, @go4victory

[08:38] Orange PlanerOrange Planer waits for a vampire to attack Buffy

[08:39] Rhiannon Chatnoir: and Glitteractica will be joining us too – she is resintalling the SL client

[08:39] Buffy Beale: lol why me?

[08:39] Orange Planer: Buffy – the vampire slayer – of course.

[08:39] Buffy Beale: oo





[08:39] Rhiannon Chatnoir: It is time for TechSoup Announcements!

[08:40] bulaklak: Howdy, folks!

[08:40] Buffy Beale: yay bulaklak!

[08:40] Frans Charming: Hi

[08:41] bulaklak: Just a quick poll here . . . how many of you have heard of or been involved with the Foundation Center?

[08:41] CarynTopia Silvercloud: Topia Arts Center has

[08:41] Gentle Heron: heard of only

[08:41] Zinnia Zauber: I have

[08:42] Zinnia Zauber: I won an award from them way back.

[08:42] bulaklak: w00t!

[08:42] bulaklak: That’s great, Zinnia

[08:42] Zinnia Zauber: 🙂

[08:42] bulaklak: So the news today is that TechSoup has partnered up with the Foundation Center

[08:42] Nicki Clary: I’m aware of it…haven’t been involved with it

[08:43] Nicki Clary: Partnerships are great..congrats

[08:43] bulaklak: We will be pooling resources to create more educational opportunities for nonprofits, foundations, and other orgs

[08:43] bulaklak: We’ve both been collecting lots of data around nonprofits for years

[08:43] Namaara MacMoragh: That’s great

[08:43] bulaklak: So we are also putting our data nerd heads together to do something with it

[08:43] bulaklak: I don’t know exactly what that part is going to look like yet

[08:44] bulaklak: But the goal is to “leverage” that data so that it informs other decision makers about policy

[08:44] bulaklak: For both nonprofits and the populations they serve

[08:44] Buffy Beale: That’s great news about the partnership

[08:44] bulaklak: Foundation Center has a press release on its website with some more details here:

[08:45] Praxis: you ore mty hero!

[08:45] bulaklak: And stay tuned for more details to follow in the months ahead!

[08:45] Zinnia Zauber: That is great! They are such a super resource!

[08:45] bulaklak: “Big data” is a trendy term, but we’re committed to figuring it all out at TechSoup, now with the help of the Foundation Center

[08:45] bulaklak: Thanks, all! That’s all I’ve got for today.

[08:45] bulaklak: Have a great meeting and a great weekend!

[08:46] alebez: wooot!

[08:46] Frans CharmingFrans Charming applauds

[08:46] Frans Charming: Have a great weekend as well.

[08:46] Rhiannon Chatnoir: great and thanks bulklak!

[08:46] Maxwell Spielburg: Pathfinder!




[08:47] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Let’s move on to Mentors Central

[08:47] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Today for Mentor Central we have Gentle Heron. Let’s welcome her up and please start whenever your ready.!

[08:47] Buffy Beale: thanks bulaklak and yayyyy Gentle!

[08:47] Zinnia Zauber: Rah Gentle!

[08:47] Namaara MacMoragh: YAY Gentle!

[08:47] Gentle Heron: Thank you all kindly.

[08:47] Maxwell SpielburgMaxwell Spielburg applauds

[08:47] Gentle Heron: Please note the presentation slides behind the stools.

[08:47] Gentle Heron: I’ll raise them up a tad to make it easier to see.

[08:48] Gentle Heron: Is that OK for everyone now?

[08:48] Dancers Yao: yes

[08:48] Zinnia Zauber: super!

[08:48] Nicki ClaryNicki Clary nods

[08:48] Gentle Heron: OK then I’ll begin.

[08:49] Gentle Heron: Hello NPC friends. This is a ‘how to’ presentation!

[08:49] Gentle Heron: Today I want to show you how to avoid having me repeat this presentation. I want to encourage each of us to step up and share something they know about as part of the Mentor Corner series.

[08:49] Gentle Heron: Each week someone (far too often Gentle or Zinnia) shares a short piece of information.

[08:49] Gentle Heron: You too can share! Here’s how to make it even easier than those old high school book reports we all used to dread.

[08:49] Gentle Heron: First, choose a topic.

[08:49] Gentle Heron: Make it something you’d like to hear about. Perhaps you already know about this topic, or maybe it’s something you’d like to know more about.

[08:50] Gentle Heron: Both ways work.

[08:50] Gentle Heron: Since we’re talking about this as a book report style presentation, you may already have an article to tell us about. I have a whole file of them on business topics…. Just ask and I’ll find one for you.

[08:50] Gentle Heron: But you can also find your own. Educause has a GREAT series titled “Seven Things You Should Know About…”. I really like their seven standard questions they answer for all their topics.

[08:51] Gentle Heron: Their topics are mostly tech topics:…

[08:51] Gentle Heron: But if you don’t want to do a seven-item long report, try Googling something shorter.

[08:51] Gentle Heron: …

[08:51] Gentle Heron: When I Googled “5 steps to…” I got information on risk assessment, studying, fighting stress, accomplishing goals… (as well as how to winterize my car or hide a pimple!)

[08:51] Gentle Heron: “4 steps to…” found me articles on successful Facebook marketing, starting an exercise habit, and effective performance evaluation.

[08:52] Gentle Heron: This is the work, making an outline of the article. But it’s easy if you’ve read something that is listed as steps, because those are your outline entries!

[08:52] Gentle Heron: The first entry in your outline should be the introduction. The last should be your conclusion. In between, just list the author’s steps.

[08:52] Gentle Heron: Put your outline into PowerPoint slides. If you need help with this step, ask a Mentor. We’re happy to help.’

[08:53] Gentle Heron: You don’t even need to do this step, if you don’t want visuals with your presentation!

[08:53] Gentle Heron: …

[08:53] Gentle Heron: If you chose to do a PowerPoint slideset, you’ll probably want some pictures.

[08:53] Gentle Heron: Please be mindful of copyrights. Choose images that are copyright free.

[08:53] Gentle Heron: One great source of copyright-free images is the Morgue File (perfect name for Halloween, right?)

[08:53] Frans Charming: 🙂

[08:53] bulaklak: 7 steps to giving a 7 step presentation

[08:54] Gentle Heron: Glad you lijke that one, Frans. Right you are Bulaklak

[08:54] Gentle Heron: Write out the text you’ll be presenting in Local Chat.

[08:54] Gentle Heron: Basically, you are now filling in your outline. Don’t just use the words of the article. Add your own examples.

[08:54] Gentle Heron: Bring the slides and text into Second Life and prepare your presentation tools.

[08:54] Gentle Heron: Again, Mentors (I’m looking hard at Jen and Zinnia here!) are happy to help.

[08:54] Zinnia Zauber: We are here for you, man!

[08:54] Gentle Heron: And you’re ready to schedule your Mentor Corner “book report” with Zinnia.

[08:55] Gentle Heron: It’s as simple as that, really.

[08:55] Gentle Heron: I promise, you’ll be glad you shared your knowledge with the rest of us at NonProfit Commons.

[08:55] Gentle Heron: (and you really won’t want me to repeat this presentation, will you?)

[08:55] bulaklak: This is also a good place for copyright-free images: (although some rights reserved in certain cases)

[08:55] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you so much, Gentle! It means a lot to us if you present!

[08:56] bulaklak: That was super helpful! Thanks, Gentle!

[08:56] Gentle Heron: Please contact me if anyone wants some articles out of my extensive collection. Just give me the topic.

[08:56] Buffy Beale: you’re the best Gentle!

[08:56] Zinnia Zauber: We all have unique insight to share and it is fun to be in the spotlight!

[08:56] Rhiannon Chatnoir: thank you Gentle!

[08:56] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you Gentle!

[08:56] Ozma Malibu: Thank you Gentle!

[08:56] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Amazing as always 🙂

[08:56] Nicki Clary: thanks so much Gentle





[08:57] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Time now for todays featured presenter!

[08:57] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Lets all Welcome Jeroen Frans, better known as Frans Charming in Second Life, who will speak to us today about tools for engagement in Second Life and focus specifically on the newer possibilities that are available, such as web integration, temporary attachments and teleport agent.

[08:57] Maxwell SpielburgMaxwell Spielburg applauds

[08:57] Gentle HeronGentle Heron thinks of Frans as “Prince Charming”

[08:57] Rhiannon Chatnoir: start whenever your raedy

[08:57] Frans Charming: hi everyone. So lets get this thing started

[08:57] Nicki ClaryNicki Clary applauds too

[08:57] Zinnia Zauber: Rah Frans!

[08:58] Coughran Mayo: Go for it, Frans!

[08:58] Frans Charming: I tried to get prince but it was taken.

[08:58] Frans Charming: Hello everyone, I’m Jeroen Frans in Real Life and you can see what I’m called here. 😛 

Just like last week’s presenter I’m also from the Netherlands. I’m a Second Life member since january 2005 and in January 2007 Amulius Lioncourt, Rhiannon Chatnoir and I started a development agency called the Vesuvius Group.

[08:58] Coughran Mayo: You told me Frans meant “prince” in German

[08:58] Frans Charming: Our first client was the Ramapo Middle school, and that was actually before we founded our company.

[08:58] Frans Charming: Since then we have worked with a wide range of clients like: Morpheus Media, BeliefNet, Ymere; institutions like the San Francisco Exploratorium, the Chicago Field Museum and the World Bank Institute; educational organizations like the University of Southern California, Global Kids, and Kids Connect; and non-profit entities like Virtual Ability. And lately we have been working with Catea, Georgia Tech’s Center for Assisted Technology and Environmental Access.

[08:59] Frans Charming: This work has also included integrating virtual spaces with web 2.0 tools, social media web portals and streaming of multimedia content.

[08:59] Glitteractica Cookie: SUsan Tenby, Online Community and Social Media Director, TechSoup Global, Logging in late due to SL client reinstall, logging in from Honolulu Hawaii

[08:59] Frans Charming: Ah welcome Susan.

[08:59] Frans Charming: Now that’s out of the way, Lets move on the subject of the talk. Rhiannon has asked me to talk about ‘Engagement’ tools, and more precisely new tools that LL has provided us with that we can use to give information or otherwise engage with your visitors in SL. I know most of you aren’t scripters or builders. I hope to achieve that after this talk, you will have a good idea what’s possible and work with content developers/scripters to work on your dreams.

[08:59] Glitteractica Cookie: Mahalo! (thx in Hawaiian)

[08:59] Buffy Beale: Hi Glitter and yayyy Frans!

[09:00] Frans Charming: I was exploring these islands to see what you are using tools wise, I saw for instance little use of Web on a Prim, even though most 3rd party viewers support that, and definitely the most popular ones. So I’m curious why that hasn’t been adopted as much yet? What have your experiences been with trying to use it here in NPC?

[09:00] Frans Charming: or a opinion about it?

[09:01] Coughran Mayo: I like that tool

[09:01] Zinnia Zauber: We have it in our offices, when it works, it is wonderful!

[09:01] Frans Charming: Hahaha

[09:01] Coughran Mayo: you can do a lot with it

[09:01] Ozma Malibu: I have been afraid it would be too slow.

[09:01] Coughran Mayo: but yes, sometimes it leaves people out

[09:01] Jerry Buchko: I don’t have an office here, but I have experimented with web on a prim.

[09:01] Nany: Easy to overlook required login, which can make the experience frustrating for visitors.

[09:01] Gentle Heron: We’ve used it minimally during presentations, but it can be laggy.

[09:01] Nany: ie, they dont see anything and don’t know why

[09:02] Frans Charming: Yes it does ask a bit extra from computers.

[09:02] Jerry Buchko: I’m using the SL native browser so found that it has certain limitations, e.g. doesn’t display PDFs.

[09:02] Frans Charming: True we run in to that problem as well.

[09:02] Orange Planer: Just set it to open links in an external browser.

[09:03] Ozma Malibu: Still it’s a nice idea that I can try again after we get the Floaters website back up. We have the perfect place for it in the office.

[09:03] Nany: the floating bars are fugly, too

[09:03] Gentle HeronGentle Heron laughs at Nany’s assessment.

[09:03] Jerry Buchko: I am wondering how much HTML5 can be run in the native browser….

[09:03] Frans Charming: There is a option for a smaller bar, btw. maybe that would be less ugly?

[09:03] Nany: just dont want to many of those in your scene, is all.

[09:03] Ozma Malibu: anything that floats is good with me 🙂

[09:04] Frans Charming: (rezzing twitter garden)

[09:04] Nany: Even the smaller ones can be ugly if there are more than a few in view

[09:04] Orange Planer: Part of the problem with web on a prim is if you have many pages in an area that have videos or play music.

[09:04] Jerry Buchko: Also find that sometimes the viewer doesn’t handle links properly, e.g. won’t let me advance beyond the first page of Google search results…?

[09:05] Frans Charming: That’s odd Jerry. Good to know.

[09:05] Maxwell Spielburg: i am glad you guys find these things useful

[09:05] Frans Charming: I agree Orange, people need to moderate how much they use it.

[09:05] Orange Planer: Personally, I’ve used web on a prim to display the certifications page on the wiki in meetings. Very useful.

[09:05] Jerry Buchko: @Frans, Could just be specific to my end, but haven’t figured out why.

[09:05] Frans CharmingFrans Charming nofd

[09:06] Frans Charming: *nods

[09:06] Frans Charming: There are also other interesting or fun ways to bring in information from the internet. You can use RSS feeds or search results. Here I rezzed a stone garden that polls twitter for the search term NPSL. Every minute it updates life from twitter the latest tweets mention NPSL. If you have twitter you can send a tweet with NPSL in it, right now, and it will appear shortly in the gardens floating text.

[09:06] Buffy Beale: ooooo that’s neat

[09:07] Frans Charming: If you like, you might want to walk around in it, for a better view.

[09:07] Jerry Buchko: I love this non-standard way of displaying something like a Twitter stream… 😀

[09:07] Frans Charming: 🙂

[09:07] Rhiannon Chatnoir: so have fun tweeting with the NPSL tag about the meeting.. it should show up – neat

[09:07] Frans Charming: Instead of twitter you could be showing the titles of your blog posts, or the titles to your latest flickr pictures. Btw, it works by LSL and a web based scripting(PHP). The LSL script makes a request to my website, which then in turn performs the search to twitter, cleans up the search result before sending it to my LSL script. I will be releasing example code how to do this in the following days on

[09:08] Buffy Beale: I see my npsl RT 🙂

[09:08] Frans Charming: 😀

[09:08] JoJa Dhara: cool

[09:08] Orange Planer: Awesome, Frans!

[09:08] Frans Charming: It’s like magic.

[09:08] Orange PlanerOrange Planer loves free code!

[09:08] Zinnia Zauber: Awesome!

[09:09] Frans Charming: Btw, if I show something and you have awesome idea, or a question, please share.

[09:09] Frans Charming: Is anybody else here using a nonstandard way of bringing in web content?

[09:10] Gentle Heron: Frans, you just saw how I do it in a presentation.

[09:10] Frans Charming: True.

[09:10] Gentle Heron: When we have persistent posters, I put the pertinent URLs into local chat when the person looking at the poster clicks it.

[09:10] Gentle Heron: URLs on a notecard are less useful.

[09:10] Orange PlanerOrange Planer blinks

[09:10] Gentle Heron: But can be copy pasted

[09:10] Orange PlanerOrange Planer has just thought of an idea for VAI’s announcement board.

[09:11] Gentle Heron: however URLs on a static poster are pretty much worthless.

[09:11] Frans Charming: Yes, Gentle, sharing in chat makes sense.

[09:11] Frans Charming: Orange, dare to share you idea?

[09:11] Frans Charming: *your

[09:11] Jerry Buchko: I’ve created a desk space that allows me a display on the desk surface as well as 3 side by side monitors…. more of a recreation of RL than nonstandard

[09:12] Orange PlanerOrange Planer is rethinking his “idea.” Errr. Might just be garbahje.

[09:12] Frans Charming: Aww, ok.

[09:12] Frans Charming: Ok moving on to a actual new thing.

[09:13] Jerry Buchko: Though in RL, I don’t have a display built into my desk, nor 3 side by side monitors… 😉

[09:13] Frans Charming: Often we like to give people who visit our areas some fun interactive attachment, Like a drink or a goofy hat. But often, especially for newbies, it is hard to find them in your inventory and wear them, not to mention that we all collect a ton of those things sitting pointless in our inventory because of this. My inventory has 25k items, modestly small compared to many, I think Rhiannon here must be up to 100k 😛 . Tell me, for the brave, how big is your inventory?

[09:13] Nicki Clary: 44K

[09:13] Nicki Clary: I’m a virtual hoarder

[09:13] Buffy Beale: 20K 🙂

[09:14] Gentle Heron: 62 K but pretty well sorted except for notecards. (Those are my BANE!)

[09:14] JoJa Dhara: 22k

[09:14] Ozma Malibu: Ah. Where do I find the size?

[09:14] Frans Charming: wow Joja, really, that’s small.

[09:14] Jerry Buchko: Haven’t the foggiest idea

[09:14] Rhiannon Chatnoir: surprisingly 41,004 items

[09:14] Gentle Heron: Good job Joja!

[09:14] Xandi Mars: 57k

[09:14] Frans Charming: At the top of the inventory window

[09:14] JoJa Dhara: 😉

[09:14] Orange Planer: I have 10K. But we’re all nothing compared to a couple people I know who have over 200K.

[09:14] Gentle Heron: Ozma, it’s usually at the top of the inventory window, under the word INVENTORY

[09:14] Jerry Buchko: Ah thanks… 14K, rounding up

[09:15] Ozma Malibu: no, not there

[09:15] Frans Charming: A new function that was released this summer will solve this problem, it is called temporary attachments, it works through LSL call. A object with this function will ask your permission if it allowed to attach, when accepted it will attach automatically, but it wont show in your inventory. It is only temporary Attached.

[09:15] Orange Planer: Ozma – in Search, search for a letter, that’ll fill in the number.

[09:15] Praxis: me had 100k, mostly learning items but when LL upgraded their servers, me lost 75%, with no option of redeliver :((

[09:15] Frans Charming: (rezzing a coffee Machine)

[09:15] Gentle Heron: oh drat, Praxis!

[09:16] Frans Charming: Here on my side, you see a red coffee machine, if you click it you can select your beverage of preference and the beverage will ask you permission to attach itself. Give it a try. I have not tested it yet with so many users, so lets see if you can break it.

[09:16] Nicki Clary: that’s awful Praxis

[09:16] Coughran Mayo: worked!

[09:16] Jerry Buchko: Cool 🙂

[09:16] Rhiannon Chatnoir: yay – morning coffee 🙂

[09:16] Frans Charming: It seems to go a bit slower, but seems to work ok. yay

[09:17] Gentle Heron: The animation even over-rides these sit animations.

[09:17] Jerry Buchko: Oops, spilled a bit of coffee trying to clap… 😉

[09:17] CarmenLittleFawn: perfect

[09:17] Nicki Clary: of course, drinking this while sitting in SL is a recipe for spilling it

[09:17] Frans Charming: 😀

[09:17] Rhiannon Chatnoir: ha

[09:17] Jerry Buchko: This would be great to include in a meeting space… 🙂

[09:17] Frans Charming: you i’m pouring it down,

[09:17] Frans Charming: This makes the flow of attaching situational items somewhat different but a lot simpler for the new user. If you want to detach the cup, you can just click on the cup. 

Some of you might have noticed that you can Copy the coffee machine. That’s intended, it’s a freebie for you to take with you.

[09:17] Delia LakeDelia Lake hates it when she dumps coffee all over her head

[09:18] Jerry Buchko: Awesome, thanks Frans.

[09:18] Rhiannon Chatnoir: gifts!

[09:18] CarmenLittleFawn: thanks Frans 🙂

[09:18] Gentle Heron: darn, copy doesn’t work for me

[09:18] Frans Charming: ohno.

[09:18] Frans Charming: Let me set it for sale.

[09:19] Frans Charming: should be for sale for 0.

[09:19] Buffy Beale: that works 🙂

[09:19] Frans Charming: great

[09:19] Coughran Mayo: Got it!

[09:19] Nicki ClaryNicki Clary is wondering if she’ll get a caffeine rush

[09:19] Gentle Heron: Thank you Frans, now it works.

[09:19] Gentle Heron: Only a virtual one, Nicki.

[09:19] Praxis: TYSVM

[09:19] Delia Lake: ty 😉

[09:19] JoJa Dhara: hmm item 22.001

[09:19] Frans Charming: (rezz TwitterHud)

[09:19] JoJa Dhara: 😉

[09:19] JoJa Dhara: thks

[09:19] Nicki Clary: thanks Frans

[09:19] Orange Planer: “Tools for virtual engagement.” Doesn’t that sound warlike?

[09:20] Jerry Buchko: Got it. Thanks, Frans.

[09:20] Glitteractica Cookie: not at all

[09:20] Rhiannon Chatnoir: ha

[09:20] Pathfinder Lester: lol

[09:20] Frans Charming: Besides just cups, you can also temporary attach HUDs this way. This can be great for sim wide events, where you want to provide a map or a schedule of events, that is simple to attach. Over here on my side you can see a new box a TwitterHud, if you click it, it will ask you to attach. It will attach to the right of your screen, and shows the mobile twitter page with my latest tweets.

[09:20] Orange Planer: Speaking of events….

[09:21] Frans Charming: Normal websites look kinda small and squashed on hud, especially because we don’t want a HUD to fill the whole screen, for a HUD with web on a prim you could create specific small web pages that are catered to the form factor.

[09:21] Orange Planer: And seeing that Pathfinder is here….

[09:21] JoJa Dhara: (brb.. rl madness)

[09:21] Jerry Buchko: Oh very cool! 😀

[09:21] Glitteractica Cookie: Orange, we have open announcements at end of meeting

[09:21] Orange Planer: I had an idea that one could use pathfinding nonplayer characters to lead people to the events at a region.

[09:21] Glitteractica Cookie: please save taht for the open mic session thanks

[09:21] Praxis: Twitter HUD, PLZ?

[09:22] Frans Charming: Praxis you don’t get it when you click it?

[09:22] Frans Charming: Orange, yea I’m not talking about pathfinding today, but that sounds like a great idea.

[09:22] Gentle Heron: Praxis, I had to “touch” it

[09:22] CarmenLittleFawn: awesome Frans ty 🙂

[09:22] Praxis: the RL URL?

[09:23] Jerry Buchko: So you could basically do the same thing for a web based chat window right?

[09:23] Frans Charming: To detach the twitterhud you might ahve to click the ground firts and then right click the hud to select detach.

[09:23] Jerry Buchko: And this would display an active chat even as I’m moving around in SL space…

[09:23] Nany: HUD filling the whole screen briefly is actually kind of a cool effect in some cases.

[09:24] Nany: works for immersive stories

[09:24] Frans Charming: Yes, there a definitely cases where it could be cool nanny.

[09:24] Jerry Buchko: @Nany, Yes. It would be cool if the HUD could be minimized & maxed on click or key command…

[09:24] Frans Charming: @jerry, that is possible to some extent to do.

[09:25] Jerry Buchko: Cool! 😀

[09:25] Nany: Jerry, there are good examples of that here in SL. Good game at Mad Pea uses that effect very well.

[09:25] Frans Charming: (rezzing bookmarker)

[09:26] Jerry Buchko: @Nany, Thanks for the pointer. Love to see examples of stuff like this.

[09:26] Frans Charming: You don’t necessarily need webhosting for small webpages for a HUD or a inworld screen. It is actually possible to host small and simple webpages inside second life. One of our clients wanted a way to store small lists of links inside SL. This virtual bookmarker here stores the urls and hosts the webpages inside the scripts in the prims.

[09:27] Frans Charming: We created four categories of items that you can select by clicking on the books, it will actually change the category showed for everyone, but you can also browse and click links within the page, which will be just locally for you. It was intended for a small office space, and I’m not sure what will have happen if we all start clicking the books. 😛

[09:27] Orange Planer: Holy mackerel, that is one long URL!

[09:27] Frans Charming: That’s the trick Orange, the url is the actual part of the content.

[09:28] Frans Charming: You can describe html inside the url.

[09:28] Frans Charming: Btw you might ahve to click the screen to see the webpage.

[09:28] Virtual Bookmarks (0.9.6) (NPC): Right click this link to open it in your external browser:

[09:28] Jerry Buchko: It worked 🙂

[09:28] Frans Charming: As you can see the books actually move and open when you click.

[09:29] CarmenLittleFawn: 🙂 yes

[09:29] Frans Charming: And we made a special category for links to pdf, to open them outside sl

[09:29] CarmenLittleFawn: nice

[09:30] CarmenLittleFawn: impressive

[09:30] Frans Charming: But, to reiterate, is taht the small list pages, are hosted from inside SL.

[09:30] Virtual Bookmarks (0.9.6) (NPC): Right click this link to open it in your external browser:

[09:30] Nicki ClaryNicki Clary agrees with Carmen

[09:30] Orange Planer: I’m confused.

[09:31] Frans Charming: I’m not able to give you all access to add content, but it possible to add new content. and remove it too.

[09:31] Orange Planer: The HTML displayed is a set of links elsewhere on the Internet, or links in SL?

[09:31] Frans Charming: The link go to content to outside of SL.

[09:31] CarmenLittleFawn: nods ok

[09:31] Frans Charming: The page itself is hosted from SL.

[09:31] Praxis: does it matter what view is used to enable all that is shown, plz?

[09:32] Orange Planer: OK, so the page is hosted from the text in the URL of the prim.

[09:32] Orange Planer: It just needs to be formatted correctly to work, yes?

[09:32] CarmenLittleFawn: good ? Praxis

[09:32] Frans Charming: What do you mean with View, Praxis?

[09:33] Praxis: oppps, typonese stepped up, it should read viewer, sorry

[09:33] Frans Charming: Orange I can answer it more fully later.

[09:33] Frans Charming: This webserver in a prim not totally my own creation as it works with Void Singer’s Teacup LSL webserver.

[09:33] Orange Planer: I would LOVE to have a discussion with you about it. Hit me up anytime.

[09:33] Frans Charming: Lastly I want to show and talk about the new teleport function. Often we have wanted to teleport in a group automatically for tours, or provide a HUD that give a list of teleports in a sim or for large events. And we ended up having to type a slurl in chat, or get several popups or the worldmap that opens to teleport. With TeleportAgent function in SL, we can give any object we own/attachment the right to teleport us.

[09:33] Frans Charming: What this means is that for instance we can create a HUD/attachment that has to ask only once for teleport permission and then is able to teleport you with a simple click on a location on the HUD, or by some other input. A tourguide could for instance give these objects and have people be teleported on his command, by a script that interfaces with the scripts in the objects.

[09:33] CarmenLittleFawn: ohter views, like phonenix, or Singularity not ever body use sl viewers

[09:34] CarmenLittleFawn: otheR*

[09:34] Frans Charming: (Rezzing item)

[09:34] Gentle Heron: Frans, that also sounds useful for helping people who have difficulty maneuvering in SL because of poor or nonexistent keyboarding and mousing.

[09:35] Frans Charming: Caveat, this teleport function doesn’t work with a temporary attachment, so when you click the Box on my side it will actually give you a hud that have to wear from your inventory. Once you attach the HUD you will get a popup asking permission to teleport. If you confirm, you can use the HUD to teleport between the Vesuvius Sim and this Sim. (watches everyone disappear :P)

[09:35] CarmenLittleFawn: Very nice

[09:35] Frans Charming: Yes gentle.

[09:35] Frans Charming: This can be used for instance for roleplay too. You could design a area where people have to wear this, and when they bump into a door, they will be teleported to another room. SciFi role players actually use this so they can walk in the Stargates or Teleporters to automatically be teleported.

[09:35] Rhiannon Chatnoir: try to hold off on testing it and teleporting away

[09:35] Buffy Beale: lol Rhi

[09:36] Frans Charming: hah.

[09:36] Gentle Heron: talking to an empty room here, Rhiannon

[09:36] Frans Charming: I’m at the end.

[09:36] Frans Charming: So questions.

[09:36] Rhiannon Chatnoir: yes we can do some quick questions… will you be around after too for any deeper ones?

[09:36] CarmenLittleFawn: the ? about other viewers pls

[09:36] Frans Charming: Yes I will stay here for more questions

[09:37] Frans Charming: Carmen all this what I showed is based on server code, so it works with other Viewers too. And most 3rd Party viewers have Web on a Prim.

[09:37] Kayleeen: ciao

[09:37] Jerry Buchko: lol, very cool 🙂

[09:37] CarmenLittleFawn: 🙂 ty

[09:37] CarmenLittleFawn: very nice

[09:38] Buffy Beale: QUESTION: Frans I love the twitter garden but will it affect the sim here if it’s used by a lot of offices?

[09:38] Kayleeen: good afternoon

[09:39] CarmenLittleFawn: waves kay

[09:39] Buffy Beale: or maybe we could just put out one for NPSL

[09:39] Frans Charming: Well it is a scripted things so lots of it will have some effect. But it could be negated, by slowing the updates down when the sim is going slower.

[09:39] Orange Planer: Let me check stats.

[09:39] Rhiannon Chatnoir: I think In Kenzo had Frans put out the twitter garden in the past for events

[09:39] Buffy Beale: ok thanks it seems a fun way to bring in more content

[09:40] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Lets thank Frans for speaking to us today!

[09:40] CarmenLittleFawn: clapping, clapping ty very much Frans

[09:40] Nicki Clary: Thanks so much!

[09:40] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you Frans!

[09:40] Gentle Heron: Frans, this was wonderful! I have lots of new ideas of ways to use these tools in my community. Thank your for sharing.

[09:40] Coughran Mayo: Very Useful Info!

[09:40] Xandi Mars: ty

[09:40] Frans Charming: I know it was a lot to take in, so feel free to im me later or stay after to ask questions.

[09:40] Zinnia Zauber: He helps us all become more bright!

[09:40] Buffy Beale: great going Frans thanks a lot!

[09:40] Rhiannon Chatnoir: yes thank you

[09:40] Frans Charming: 😀

[09:40] Delia Lake: ty Frans. this was great!

[09:41] Nicki ClaryNicki Clary applauds

[09:41] Jerry Buchko: Yes, very cool! Some very creative ideas 🙂

[09:41] Orange Planer: Considering there’s 38 of us here today… there is some lag, but it’s not bad. There’s ~.125 ms spare time on the region and script time is running anywhere form 9 to 14 ms.

[09:41] Pathfinder Lester: nicely done

[09:41] Frans Charming: Glad you appreciate it. 😀

[09:41] Zinnia Zauber: Not just with LED lights, I still have mine from SLCC you gave me!






[09:41] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Now, it’s time for Open Mic

[09:41] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Does anyone have any announcements today?

[09:41] Brena BenoirBrena Benoir raises hand

[09:42] Rhiannon Chatnoir: I wanted to also say – while we have a good crowd here… I will be sending out emails to those who have offices here on the new Memo of Understanding

[09:42] Rhiannon Chatnoir: if you want a heads up prior to that, the new Memo is up at

[09:43] Rhiannon Chatnoir: also if you are interested in becoming a member here at NPC – have a look

[09:43] Rhiannon Chatnoir: OK, Brena 🙂

[09:43] Brena Benoir: NPC Halloween Party at Wharf Ratz on October 30 from 7-9pm SLT

[09:43] Buffy Beale: hand up Rhi

[09:43] Brena Benoir: Also Thanks to all those who came out to support Common Ground Monethly Networking last evening.

[09:43] Rhiannon Chatnoir: yes thanks everyone on that

[09:44] Rhiannon Chatnoir: ok, Buffy

[09:44] Buffy Beale: I don’t know if it was mentioned last week, but I recently found out that DJ Earnshaw has passed away

[09:44] Buffy Beale: DJ was one of our mentors here and was so helpful for many

[09:45] Nany: Good guy

[09:45] Zinnia Zauber: Yes, great guy!

[09:45] Buffy Beale: he did a lot of the scripting and helped me so much when we were making the teleport systems

[09:45] Rhiannon Chatnoir: yes, am still looking for any thoughts/comments on DJ so we can post a tribute on our NPC blog

[09:45] Gentle Heron: He definitely will be missed in many places in SL

[09:45] Ozma Malibu: yes, he loved to help

[09:45] Buffy Beale: I’ll miss his amazing talent and his special presentation tools he made for us

[09:46] CarmenLittleFawn: 🙂

[09:46] Rhiannon Chatnoir: if others have thoughts.. feel free to share now.. will paste these to that post… or IM me if you are more comfortable

[09:46] Buffy Beale: I was wondering what had happened to him because I noticed he wasn’t coming and he was a regular, and I’m very sorry the sad news

[09:47] Buffy Beale: thoughts to his family and know that he contributed much to the NPC

[09:47] Buffy Beale: he will be missed.

[09:47] Buffy Beale: thanks, that’s it


[09:47] JoJa Dhara: Sigh so true

[09:47] Orange PlanerOrange Planer notes obvious undiscovered capslock issue

[09:47] CarmenLittleFawn: it surely is

[09:48] Rhiannon Chatnoir: yes

[09:48] Dancers Yao: yes it is

[09:48] Rhiannon Chatnoir: thanks Buffy on that

[09:48] Ozma Malibu: I knew he had health issues but he didn’t let that slow him down here, just explained that he couldn’t travel

[09:48] Buffy Beale: you’re welcome, I’ll really miss him, he was brilliant and could script like nobody I know

[09:48] Rhiannon Chatnoir: 🙂

[09:49] Rhiannon Chatnoir: anyone else have any announcements

[09:50] Rhiannon Chatnoir: if not we can close things up for this week – next week Pathfinder (John Lester) will be presenting

[09:50] Rhiannon Chatnoir: And again, here are the many ways to can get involved with the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life:


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[09:50] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Thanks everyone and see you next week!

Written by: Rhiannon Chatnoir