Mental Health Awareness Month for the May 30th NonProfit Commons Meeting

This Friday, May 30th, TechSoup‘s NonProfit Commons in Second Life will feature Joshuan Banx, founder of the mental health support group Inspirational Mental Health. May is Mental Health Awareness month, and Joshuan will present on using virtual worlds for support, outreach and raising awareness for those living with mental health issues.

Joshuan Banx is the founder of Inspirational Mental Health, once known as Mental Health Awareness Retreat. After a long battle with his own mental health issues, he saw a need to provide resources and information to others in Second Life, a place where peers could meet and know they are not alone and raise awareness for mental health as there is still much stigma surrounding the subject. Along with others, he has created hunts, parties, and other events that have helped inform people in SL about mental health. Seeing how many people were reached; this year he has decided to expand the work to real life. He is currently working in trying to register Inspirational Mental Health as a real life nonprofit. 


Join us in Second Life! 

Nonprofit Commons Weekly Meeting

Friday, May 30th, 8:30 AM PT / SLT

Plush Nonprofit Commons Amphitheater


AGENDA (all times below PT)

  • 8:30 am Introductions
  • 8:40 am TechSoup Announcements
  • 8:45 am Mentors Central 
  • 9:00 am Featured Presentation – Joshuan Banx
  • 9:40 am Open Mic / Announcements

The mission of the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life is to create a community for nonprofits to explore and learn about virtual worlds, foster connections, and discover the many ways in which nonprofits might utilize the unique environment of Second Life to achieve their missions. 

Written by: Rhiannon Chatnoir