NPC on Tour at #VWMOOC for the August 17 & 24 Nonprofit Commons Meetings

Join us in Second Life August 17th & 24th for NonProfit Commons on tour at #VWMOOC
Each Friday starts at Plush Nonprofit Commons Amphitheater: at 8:30 AM PDT for Intros, Announcements & Open Mic, then we teleport to our VWMOOC destination.
Friday, August 17th @ 9AM PDT 
Lynne Berrett / Howard Gardner’s “Theory of Multiple Intelligences” explored through an Interactive, Immersive Experience in Second Life
Friday, August 24th @ 9AM PDT
Community Virtual Library CVL / Building a Digital Citizenship Community in Kitely & Beyond!
More info on this year’s #VWMOOC at

The mission of the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life is to create a community for nonprofits to explore and learn about virtual worlds, foster connections, and discover the many ways in which nonprofits might utilize the unique environment of Second Life to achieve their missions.


Written by: Rhiannon Chatnoir