Mixed Reality Takeaways from TechSoup Global Donor Day

TechSoup Global Donor Day

  1. Have one printed page with all access URLs, SLURLs and contact data shared across all places 24 hours ahead and make this available on all public channels.
  2. Prepare canned messages for hosting online chat, Second Life chat, Twitter and group notice posts shared with all organizers.
  3. Include all #hashtag keywords and @npsl information in every post for easier tracking throughout events.
  4. Make sure all hosts are confirmed, prepared ahead of time and assigned to specific tasks: chat moderators (+1 per channel), streaming coordinator, event producer, additional video/sound/tech assists, teleport & RL space services, PR/Outreach/Twitterer, live blogger, photographer, machininatographer.
  5. Get the word out two weeks prior, 2 days prior and the day of the event using all organizational channels, event listings and public calendars.
  6. Clear all bandwidth, firewall and streaming capacity needs on site at least 24 hours prior to event and test all streaming media before broadcast.
  7. Make sure your production team has contact info and a steady backchannel (we use Skype) to communicate across rooms/worlds during the event.
  8. Assume that all participants will not have enough bandwidth to run multiple programs and make all information available in every space.
  9. Reach out to associated groups the week before your event if not before: use SL groups, LinkedIn, Facebook groups and professional associations to help draw interest.
  10. Give your production team plenty of time to get settled in their new skins and give all hosts plenty of attention/technical time and care prior to broadcast.

Written by: Beth J. Bates