Events at Nonprofit Commons: Webinars, Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day from the green fairy of NPC! Over the past few months it has been a great honor and pleasure to host events at the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life, from informational webinars to celebrations of great organizations and emerging new success stories. We have some of this ready for you now at NPC in Second Life:

WEBINAR TODAY at 10AM: Listening Stations!
Join us at the Plush Nonprofit Commons amphitheatre to participate virtually in this event.

EARTH DAY: Friday April 23rd Celebration at ECO Commons

This Friday morning from 8:30 – 11AM PST at the ECOCommons in Second Life the Nonprofit Commons will be celebrating the one year anniversary of this earth-friendly collaborative effort within the virtual workplace. Avatar volunteers, organizational leaders, committed earth stewards and caregivers will join gardeners, green technology speakers and the nonprofit avatars of the NPC for this special Earth Day celebration. Teleport to to join the celebration!

Morning speakers will include gardeners, urban chicken caregivers, virtual workplace efficiency experts, organizations making the most of green materials and methods along with international nonprofits sharing their sustainable outlook for future collaboration. A networking party will be hosted from 10-11AM where guests new to the Nonprofit Commons can take a tour on a flying eagle while exploring the open lands of ECO Commons in Second Life.

For the last four years nonprofit leaders from technology to conservation have been meeting at the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life and activating new endeavors through @NPSL and the blog and website. Nonprofits can earn a free virtual office space within the commons in exchange for their participation as educators, volunteers, organizers and thought leaders within this dynamic international community. Over the last four years our resident avatars have logged thousands of hours of virtual work within our community, collaborating across borders without the cost of travel, conferences and summits while exploring the efficiencies of virtual work.

For more information browse through our site here and follow us on Twitter @NPSL for frequent updates from our avatar changemakers.

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Written by: InKenzo

Clarifying the Difference Between Earth Week and the EcoCommons Launch Party

*Earth Week is a week-long series of environmentally oriented events in SL. any1 Gynoid is spearheading the planning for this and more details are here:

*Earth Week is not being planned by EcoCommons or the Nonprofit Commons; it is a separate effort (though many from the Nonprofit Commons are involved in Earth Week plans and events).

*EcoCommons is having an official launch party on April 22nd. This will be in the middle of Earth Week & any1 is planning her events around this and highlighting this launch as one of the key Earth Week events.

*Our specific EcoCommons launch event will be very focused on environmental nonprofits and impact of this work in virtual worlds.

This will be approximately an hour of different speakers from orgs involved in environmental efforts. Other parts of the Earth Week events aren’t necessarily nonprofit-oriented, nor happening on EcoCommons.

Glitter and I hope to have final word on time and keynote speaker for the launch party. In the meantime, please point any environmental orgs. potentially interested in becoming a tenant and/or speaking to me:

Written by: Beth J. Bates

EcoCommons Launches on Earth Day in Second Life

With Earth Day right around the corner (April 22), we are busy preparing for the launch of EcoCommons in Second Life.

EcoCommons is a virtual location (sim) designed for environmental organizations in the 3D virtual world of Second Life. Developed by TechSoup’s Nonprofit Commons team in partnership with and OneClimate Island in Second Life, EcoCommons provides a network for environmentally-focused nonprofits to promote awareness, community-building and environmental education efforts in the virtual world and beyond.

The launch will consist of educational resources, keynote speakers and mixed media.

More information can be found at NetSquared.

Written by: Beth J. Bates