Clarifying the Difference Between Earth Week and the EcoCommons Launch Party

*Earth Week is a week-long series of environmentally oriented events in SL. any1 Gynoid is spearheading the planning for this and more details are here:

*Earth Week is not being planned by EcoCommons or the Nonprofit Commons; it is a separate effort (though many from the Nonprofit Commons are involved in Earth Week plans and events).

*EcoCommons is having an official launch party on April 22nd. This will be in the middle of Earth Week & any1 is planning her events around this and highlighting this launch as one of the key Earth Week events.

*Our specific EcoCommons launch event will be very focused on environmental nonprofits and impact of this work in virtual worlds.

This will be approximately an hour of different speakers from orgs involved in environmental efforts. Other parts of the Earth Week events aren’t necessarily nonprofit-oriented, nor happening on EcoCommons.

Glitter and I hope to have final word on time and keynote speaker for the launch party. In the meantime, please point any environmental orgs. potentially interested in becoming a tenant and/or speaking to me:

Written by: Beth J. Bates