Sign the Pledge – Feed Hungry People

Hunger in this country has always been a problem, but with the current state of the economy and the rise in unemployment, it is hitting families worse than ever. has rallied with Tyson Foods, Share Our Strength, Hum. Minds at Work, Kompolt and Mediasauce to help support the efforts of food banks.

There are several ways that you, the individual, can help feed hungry people right now:

  • Sign the pledge
  • Write a blog post to help promote the campaign
  • Spread the word and encourage others to make the pledge

How easy is that? By just signing the pledge, you will automatically send 35lbs of food to the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas from Tyson Foods. What’s more, if your state generates the most pledges, Tyson will send two truckloads of food to your state.

So what are you waiting for? Go to and sign the pledge. It’s quick. It’s easy. And you will be putting food in the mouths of hungry folks.

Written by: Beth J. Bates

Residents of Second Life Stood Up against poverty

Over 38.8 million people, in 110 countries participated in this years Stand Up and Speak Out event, a global initiative launched by the United Nations Millennium Campaign, to show support for the UN Millennium Development goals and against poverty. We joined them in their call by organising a Stand Up Against Poverty event in the virtual world Second Life. We had 70 visitors to our virtual Fight Hunger office at the Nonprofit Commons during the both events and it was really nice to meet so many interesting people and discuss ways to help end poverty and hunger. Our avatar Fight Hunchke had invaluable help of the avatar DrChaos Torok with organising the Stand Up event.

During the Stand Up in Second Life, the visitors were given free Stand Up bracelets and T-shirts to show their support for the UN Millennium Development goals. Here you find a link to our Fight Hunger office in Second Life.

The worldwide “Stand Up and Speak Out” event broke the Guinness World Record for the largest number of people to “Stand Up Against Poverty” in 24 hours. The record attempt took place over 16th and 17th October and was jointly organised by the United Nations Millennium Campaign and the Global Call to Action against Poverty with a wide range of other partners. The challenge saw millions of people physically and intentionally standing up against poverty, inequality and in support of the Millennium Development Goals. They spoke out to demand a more urgent political response to the growing crisis of global poverty.

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Report on “Fight Hunger: Walk the World” event on May 13

Susanne Thörnqvist sends us a report on the
“>”Fight Hunger: Walk the World”
event on May 13. She comments that “the event would not have been possible without the help of our wonderful and dedicated volunteers in Second Life and all the musicians who dedicated their time to play live for us.”

Number of people attending: More than 380
Funds raised during the 24 hours event:

  • Funds raised from donation boxes 244,379 linden dollars
  • Shoe sales 2000 linden dollars
  • Total donation boxes and shoe sales 864 USD
  • donations to Second Life walk 162 USD
  • Sponsored walker 34 USD
  • Click-to-feed 30 USD
    Total amount raised 1090 USD

    Explanation click-to-feed: We had 155 clicks, meaning that our sponsors will provide a meal at school to 155 children, for a cost of 0.19 USD/child/day.

    Pictures of the event at

Written by: rikomatic