Report on “Fight Hunger: Walk the World” event on May 13

Susanne Thörnqvist sends us a report on the
“>”Fight Hunger: Walk the World”
event on May 13. She comments that “the event would not have been possible without the help of our wonderful and dedicated volunteers in Second Life and all the musicians who dedicated their time to play live for us.”

Number of people attending: More than 380
Funds raised during the 24 hours event:

  • Funds raised from donation boxes 244,379 linden dollars
  • Shoe sales 2000 linden dollars
  • Total donation boxes and shoe sales 864 USD
  • donations to Second Life walk 162 USD
  • Sponsored walker 34 USD
  • Click-to-feed 30 USD
    Total amount raised 1090 USD

    Explanation click-to-feed: We had 155 clicks, meaning that our sponsors will provide a meal at school to 155 children, for a cost of 0.19 USD/child/day.

    Pictures of the event at

Written by: rikomatic