Global Aid Foundation seeks non-profit partners to manage shared island in Second Life


I received this appeal from the Global Aid Foundation for help in keeping their sim Castella (teleport SLURL) alive:

Global Aid Foundation has diligently been trying to establish a base of operations for our organization and to serve as well as a platform for other NGO’s. After almost a year of presence in SL and our efforts in offering free space for organization to showcase their services, the response has been minimal. At this point we will like to share with other NGO’s our islands; we seek to share the tier cost in exchange; we will be willing to subdivide. We can me modify our islands to suit any needs or projects. Currently there is a conference center with a nice beach with surf and decorating flora all over around, as well as some rides.

For further information or to arrange for an inworld meeting, contact Christine Dobush at

Written by: rikomatic