Meet PCOSGurl Infinity

PCOSGurl Infinity/Ashley Tabeling

Tell me about your organization

In February of 2007 I founded an organization for women and girls who are suffering with PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome. This came out of my own frustrations with gong through years of not knowing what was wrong with me and incorrect diagnosis.  Then once I got the right diagnosis, there was no information available out treatment and the condition itself.   I have been invovled with the PCOs Community online since 2000.

What is your role with the organization?

I am the chief operations officer.  We have an all-volunteer staff of 25 people who handle daily operations, support services and the creation of an PCOS community on Second Life.

Why did you decide to come into Second Life?

As our organization is trying to reach women worldwide, we are a virtual organization
It was only natural that we open offices in Second Life, which will allows us to reach these individuals in a way that may otherwise be impossible.  We now have the availibilty to bring, patients, the public and healthcare providers together on a regualr basis.

What are some of the benefits so far?

One of the greatest benefits is being able to network with like minded people and organizations
The other day, I was able to speak with a woman who runs an online medical information kiosk that I was trying to connect with.  We are finding a lot of patient support groups in Second Life.  I think it is because Second Life is a fantastic empowerment tool.

What are your current or planned activities?

We’re just getting started, but we will be distributing information, facilitating support groups, and have lectures/talks.  We will host monthly support meetings.   And, even though we’ve just gotten started, we have already seen a large influx of women with PCOS coming to SL to join our group and take part in our activities.  Additionally we are offering new SL members a weekly orientation on Project PCOS and SL and have many in-world information resources for our members.  The biggest thing is the connection.  It’s the ability for people to be able to see and interact with one another and get immediate support.

What advice would you give to other nonprofits who want to start in Second Life?

Second Life is moving non-profits in to the next era.  It enhances a nonprofit organization’s aiblity to connect, network, and provide service. The opportunities are limitless and the ability to impact the success of our real life organization is amazing.

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Written by: kanter