Alazar Fauna Speaks at NpCommons Meeting Today

Alazar Fauna

Here’s transcript of remarks:

As it grows, and is ultimately sold to a consumer, this tag, with an anonymously numbered “I was Hugged” tag on it, This can be traced through an online database, so that the two parties, if they wish, can correspond about the tree, where it is planted, how it is doing, what it’s name is etc.
This raises the love and awareness of our precious tree resources and is a social networking active way to further more plantings and raise the conscious of our citizens.
Finally, Solar Energy is abundant and clean. And this is our Solar Fire Project.

Our sun does more than light our days. It provides massive quantities of energy in the form of heat, convertible photovoltaic electricity, photosynthesis, evaporation, transportation and millenia old biomass in the form of petroleum and natural gas. This is an amazing fact ! At any given time, the Sun gives our earth 174,000,000,000,000,000 watts of power. This is 174 petawatts – each and every second!

And this leads us to our latest project.

Our Solar Fire Project is a collaboration of several organizations around the world. Currently we have missions in Mexico, Spain, Latin America, Corsica and soon in Mali.

Our solar cookers and industrial strength solar ovens are built
locally from off the shelf materials.
Alazar Fauna: They can be operated very simply and require about 10 seconds of adjustment every 8 minutes. Pre-empting the need to deforest whole regions, solar power represents the future of renewable energy on small scales for individuals, families, villages and small entrepreneurs.
We have made an exhbit for Second Life concerning the use of Solar Energy.

You can see it behind me…and after this speech I will be glad to answer any questions you might have.
We are currently able to locally build solar cookers, in the poorest nations, for a family of 5 for about 175 USD and large industrial solar ovens for 500 USD. We do not believe in charity per se. Rather we feel that ownership is the key to raising the standards of living for poor entrepeneurs,at the same time as it reduces global warming and deforestation.

We target this for micro-loan programs, as the cost is easily recoverable over the time for gathering or the money required for buying wood. For instance in Mali, which is now 60% denuded of trees, and where the average daily income is $1.50, 70% of this daily wage must be spent on wood for cooking.
We hope to change this with our Solar Fire Project. There are many types of Solar Cookers. Our lead technology is the large scale Helios project. This unit can produce 4000 Watts of energy, and is useful for water purification, massive cooking, and industrial uses such as drying foods or beans, firing ceramics, making dyes and soaps. Built from local materials it has a useful life of 20 years.

lso solar distillers hold great promise to purify seawater, polluted water, brackish water and any water source that must be made drinkable. The Helios can purify 70 liters of water per hour. Enough in one day for an entire village with some left over to sell. All this from the free power of the sun!
So in conclusion, it takes all of us, in both large, and small ways, to push for the reduction of global warming.

Written by: kanter