Techsoup @CALCASA National Sexual Assault Conference

This week the @NPSL leaders are speaking at the National Sexual Assault Conference hosted by @CALCASA in Hollywood, CA. Susan Tenby and Megan Keane are on a panel with Janet Fouts today on LISTENING online, engaging through finding, hearing and connecting with your greater audience.

Listen NSAC

There are presenters and exhibitors here from state and government agencies, nonprofits and technology service providers assisting the domestic violence and sexual assault agencies around the United States. Some use very unusual methods to get their stories across.

Tomorrow Jessica Dally, Megan Keane, Susan Tenby and Evonne Heyning will be leading a panel at 8:30AM Thursday on storytelling across many media channels online. We look forward to sharing tools and tips with this audience and sharing them with you! We are doing a mixed reality tour today at 2PM with Buffy Beale inworld if you’d like to join us here #NSAC.

Written by: InKenzo