Weekly Update: September 7th at NPC

Events this week

8:30AM Friday meeting at the Plush Nonprofit Commons Amphitheater
Join us this FRIDAY AM for fun sharing on the web and with heat maps as we connect great organizations at http://bit.ly/nonprofitcommons

Last week at the NPC:
Nonprofit Commons

Laura24 Kiranov (Laura Jones at HorseNet Horse Rescue in Mt. Airy, MD) shared with us her horse adoption program based between Baltimore and Washington, DC. Laura is a valuable addition to the NPC and HorseNet is featured now on EcoCommons and on the web at http://www.hnhr.org/

MacZ Urbanwicz (Mackenzie Glander) shared her work with Global Plan-It, a nonprofit bridging gaps in Mali where Mackenzie grew up. MacZ has been helping build out a number of spaces on the Nonprofit Commons islands behind the scenes. Find out more about their work at http://globalplanit.org/AboutUs.html

Megan, Susan, Evonne and Jessica spoke last week at CALCASA’s National Sexual Assault Conference in Hollywood. Megan’s blog post including video testimonials and Slideshare presentations on Listening Online and Multimedia campaigns can be found at http://blog.techsoup.org/node/1434

Layal shared great video tutorials for working on the wiki: http://bit.ly/NPSLWikiTutorial and http://bit.ly/WikiHowTo

LilTank Thibedeau is gathering people interested in World Aids Day events inworld, first meeting was this weekend.

ShaunG Lynch is teaching a graduate course in fundraising at McGill University in Montreal and he has 7 student groups looking for organizations to work with, please IM him for details.

RevCheryl is presenting at http://SL.CounselorEducation.org/: Sessions will occur at CESL in Second Life (SLURL Marina Del Rey 102, 70, 27). RevCheryl speaks on Sept 16 at 11am EDT.

HB Eternal announced launch of weekly meditations each Sunday at 10am SLT: The Love Foundation is located on Plush NPC.

Note the FACT Social Justice Challenge below is open through October 4th.

Reminder: Submit your Projects to the FACT Social Justice Challenge at NetSquared

The French American Charitable Trust (FACT) and NetSquared are pleased to announce the second annual FACT Social Justice Awards. Submissions are now open for your innovative Projects that leverage web and/or mobile technologies to foster collaboration around social justice issues. Learn more about the Challenge and how to participate here: http://netsquared.org/challenges/fact-social-justice-2010

TechSoup Talks! Webinars will resume September 21 and 30.

An Easy Inworld Tip:
If you need help inworld click on a mailbox to send a one line message to NPCHelp@techsoup.org, our mentors helpdesk – or just drop us a line anytime.

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Weekly Networking Event: Wharf Ratz, Aloft every Tuesday 8PM SLT http://slurl.com/secondlife/Aloft%20Nonprofit%20Commons/162/236/25

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Written by: InKenzo