PTSD Support and Second Life Globe Theater in Jeopardy

Sad news from both Fearless Nation PTDS Support and the Shakespearean Globe Theater in Second Life. Both of these institutions are facing imminent closure if funds for their sim rental costs do not materialize soon.

Fearless Nation is an online community for trauma sufferers, offering education, information, support and advocacy to bust stigma and misinformation about post traumatic stress.  According to their recent email, if they do not receive substantial donations soon, they will be closing their doors at the end of June.

To support Fearless Nation, head to this web page.

SL Shakespeare 350 Meanwhile, Ina Centaur, creator of the Shakespearean Globe Theater in Second Life, reports that her avatar account has been frozen because she owes several thousands of dollars to Linden Lab for tier (rental) costs for her four sims.  Apparently it is “due for deletion” on June 3 unless she can pay the fees. Which effectively means that she will no longer have access to all of her builds in Second Life.

See her blog post for more info.

Written by: rikomatic