Summary of 5/27/2011 NPSL meeting

Nonny Writer / Nonny de la Peña

* Nonny is a maker of SL virtual awareness projects. Virtual Gitmo is one of her works.

* Discussion about Gitmo

* First built in spring of 2007 to highlight Guantanamo facility.

* Real facility is inaccessible to journalists.

* Second SL sim was about Cap and trade – carbon emissions controls and trading. Sim outlined methods of carbon footprint reduction, carbon emissions trading, and carbon credits.

* Ways to recycle and re-use carbon waste such as hog manure.

* Now working on a sim about hunger in California.

Thomas Jäger

* Spoke about several school violence issues, mostly bullying.

* Ways to combat school bullying.

* Virtual anti-violence campus designed to show people ways to get around bullying.

* Physical bullying and cyber-bullying.

* Discussion of cyber-bullying.

* Guided tours available, just ask Jaeger

Written by: HydraShaftoe